Health of the Navy - 1864 
Health of the Navy - 1864 

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Statistical Report of the Health of the Navy - 1864.


N.B.-Where the names of two or more Surgeons appear to one Ship, it is to be understood that these officers were serving in the vessel during different periods of the year; or, in some instances, that a Surgeon was borne in lieu of an Assistant Surgeon.

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Aboukir West Indies, stationary at Port Royal. Year C. D. Shephard, S.; Dr. J. Henry, S.; F. H. Browne, A.S.; Dr. Donovan, A.S.
Achilles Irregular 16 Sept. to 31 Dec. G. F. A. Drew, S.; Dr. G. Pickthorn, A.S.; H. M. Sedgwick, A.S.
Acorn China Year G. Sutherland, A.S. in c.
Active Home (Dock at Sunderland). Year Dr. G. V. Macdonodgh, S.
Adventure Home 1 Jan. to 30 June S. Clift, S.; W. H. Adam, S.
China 1 July to 31 Dec. H. Sterling, A.S.; T. Purcell, A.S.
Ajax Home 1 Jan. to 31 Mar. H. Piers, S.S.; P. M. Roe, A.S.; Dr. Pringle, A.S.
Alecto South East Coast of America Year W. H. Cruice, S.
Alert Pacific Year F. W. Davis, S.; John Shields, A.S.
Algerine China Year J. L. Whitney, A.S. in c.; Dr. T. Redfern. A.S.
Antelope West Coast of Africa Year A. B. Johnson, A.S. in c.; J. Hide, A.S. in c.
Archer West Coast of Africa Year O. J. Llewellyn, S.; C. H. Ward, Act. A.S. in c.; Dr. Wm. Smyth, S.; E. Meade, A.S.
Argus China Year Dr. T. B. Purchas, S.; J. M'Bean, A.S.
Ariadne Irregular 1 Jan. to 19 Mar. J. C. Ingles, S.; G. W. L. Harrison, A.S.
Ariel Cape of Good Hope 1 Jan. to 1 Dec. Dr. R. Borrows, S.
Asia Home Year S. W. Webb, S.; J. W. Meiklejohn, A.S.; Dr. T. D'Arcy Bromlow, A.S.; Dr. H. S. Smart, A.S.; Dr. M. J. Rahilly, A.S.
Assurance Irregular 14 May to 31 Dec. Dr. N. C. Hatherly, S.
Aurora Home Year T. W. Jewell, S.S.; P. Keelan, A.S.; Dr. J. M'Donald, A.S.
Bacchante Pacific 1 Jan. to 31 Mar. C. Sproull, S.
Irregular 1 April to 3 Aug. W. Redmond, A.S.
Barracouta West Indies 1 Jan. to 23 Nov. G. Newton, S.; S. Bamfield, A.S.
Barrosa China Year Dr. Christie, S.; R. L. B. Head, Act. S.
Black Prince Home Year W. Telfer, S.; P. M. Roe, A.S.; Dr. G. E. Wright, A.S.
Blenheim Home Year J. Bernard, S.; J. May, A.S.; Dr. Allan Brown, S.
Bombay Irregular 1 April to 30 June Dr. F. W. Blake, S.; J. K. Smallhorn, A.S.
South East Coast of America 4 months Dr. J. Simpson, A.S.
Boscawen Home Year D. J. Henderson, S.S.; J. Mockridge, A.S.
Bouncer China 1 Jan. to 30 Sept. Medical Officers of the "Tartar."
Brilliant Home Year Dr. John Ternan, S.
Brisk Irregular 27 Aug. to 31 Dec. G. B. Moore, S.; J. Cruickshank, A.S.
Britannia (for Cadets Sick Quarters) Home Year Dr. W. M. Saunders, S.S.; J. Cockin, S.: T. A. O'Flaherty, M.D.; Dr. John Bremner, S.
Bulldog Irregular 14 Mar. to 30 Sep. Dr. John Breakey, S.
West Indies 1 Oct. to 31 Dec. Dr. E. L. Moss, A.S.
Bustard China 1 Oct. to 31 Dec. No Medical Officer borne.
Buzzard West Indies Year J. Rorie, S.; Dr. E. Low, A.S.
Cambridge Home Year T. Seccombe, S.; R. F. Bridgford, A.S.; J. Parker, A.S.; Dr. Charles Forbes, S.; G. H. Maunsell, A.S.
Cameleon Pacific Year Dr. A. Fisher, S.; Dr. A. Turnbull, A.S.
Canopus Home Year W. W. Baynes, S.S.; T. Kipling, A.S.; Dr. T. Stratton, S.S.; B. Browning, A S.
Caradoc Mediterranean Year Dr. P. Mansfield, A.S. in c.; W. F. C. Bartlett, A.S. in c.; J. Bradley, A.S. in c.
Castor Home Year Dr. P. Digan, S.
Centaur China I Jan. to 28 May Dr. H. Arnot, S.; Dr. J. M'Innes, A.S.
Challenger West Indies Year W. N. Brake, S.; W. J. Thomason, A.S.
Chanticleer Mediterranean Year M. P. S. Ward, S.; R. W. Brigstocke, A.S.
Charybdis Pacific Year W. S. Roche, S.; H. Rickard, A.S.
Cockatrice Mediterranean Year M. O. Hurlstone, A.S. in c.
Cockchafer, Hardy, and Starling China - G. W. J. Sutherland, A.S. in c. of "Acorn."
Colossus Home 7 Jan, to 30 June A, J. Little, S.S.; I. S. Dobbyn, A.S. in c.
Columbine Pacific Year J. Hudson, S.; Dr. T. Browne, A.S. in c.
Conqueror China Year D. Saunders, S.; H. Hadlow, A.S.; J. T. Comerford, A.S.
Coquette China Year F. F. Morgan, S.
Cordelia Irregular 23 June to 30 Sept. T. R. Warren, S.
West Indies 1 Oct. to 31 Dec. Dr. A. Mitchell, A.S.
Clio Irregular 20 July to 31 Dec. W. G. Hill, S.; G. Y. Hart, A.S.
Cormorant China Year R. Eustace, S.
Cornwallis Home 1 Jan. to 31 Mar. T. Somerville, S.S.; J. I. Acheson, S.S.; Gordon Jackson, A.S.
Coromandel China Year F. V. Dickins, A.S. in c.; J. M. Hollingsworth, Act. A.S. in c.
Cossack Mediterranean Year Dr. W. J. Baird, S.; W. H. Bell, A.S.
Cumberland Home Year W. Loney, S.S.; L. J. Monteith, S.; F. L. W. Wright, A.S.; J. M'K. Hollingsworth, A.S.; H. N. M. Sedgwick, A.S.; I. Hanbury, A.S.; Dr. Carmichael, A.S.
Curacoa Australia Year Dr. W. B. C. Christy, S.; R. Picken, S.; Joseph Halpin, A.S.
Curlew South East Coast of America Year J. Coogan, S.
Cygnet West Indies Year George Duncan, A.S. in c.; C. C. Mitchinson A.S., in c.
Dauntless Home Year Dr. E. Heath, S.; Samuel Grose, A.S.; J. I. Acheson, S.S.; Dr. H. Fegan, A.S.
Daedalus Home Year W. B. Fegen, S.
Dart West Coast of Africa Year D. Bowen Thomas, A.S.
Dasher Home Year W. P. J. Purcell, A.S. in c.; Charles Morton, A.S. in c.; Robert Purves, A.S. in c.
Dee Home Year A.S. Pratt, A.S. in c.
Defence Irregular 1 Jan. to 30 June C. F. A. Courtney, S.; Dr. J Paterson, A.S.
Devastation Pacific Year B. Gregory, Act. S.; Dr. E. Bogg, A.S.
Donegal Home 1 Sept. to 31 Dec. Arthur Adams, S.; Dr. F. H. Richardson, A.S.
Doterel South East Coast of America Year N. T. Connolly, A.S. in c.
Dromedary Irregular Year J. W. Dobbin, A.S. in c.; W. D. Wodsworth, A.S. in c.
Duke of Wellington Home Year Dr. H. Gimlett, S.; Dr. A. J. Ireland, A.S.; Gordon Jackson, A.S.; Dr. W. R. Bennett, A.S.
Duncan Irregular 12 Jan. to 31 Mar. J. Little, S.; Dr. H. Maxwell, A.S.; J. Milne, A.S.
West Indies 1 Apr. to 31 Dec. W. C. Fairbairn, A.S.
Eagle Home Year Dr. J. Nihill, S.; F. M. Rayner, S.S.
Eclipse Australia Year Dr. S. A. Willis, S.
Edgar Home Year W. H. Sloggett, S.; P. Comrie, A.S.; J. Mockridge, A.S.; G. Y. Wright, A.S.
Edinburgh Home 1 Jan. to 29 Feb. Dr. A. Graham, S.; Dr. F. A. Brice, A.S.
Egmont South East Coast of America Year Dr. G. I. Willes, S.; ft. B. O'Toole, A.S.
Enchantress Irregular 3 Sept. to 15 Nov. W. Carmichael, A.S.
Encounter China 1 Jan. to 2 Aug. A. Irwin, S.; Abraham Hogg, A.S.
Enterprise Home 6 May to 31 Dec. J. Thomson, S.
Esk Australia Year Dr. F. N. Manning, A.S. in c.; Dr. W. B. C. Christy, S.
Espoir Irregular 1 Jan to 25 Apr. C. H. Slaughter, A.S. in c.
Irregular 17 Nov. to 31 Dec. J. Lambert, A.S. in c.
Euryalus China Year D. L. Morgan, S.; J. F. Fitzgerald, A.S.; E. A. Birch, Act. A.S.
Excellent Home Year J. Thomson, S.S.; J. Farrelly, A.S.; Dr. A. Mitchell, Act. A.S.; Dr.M`Innes, A.S.; Stephen Sweetman, A.S.; G: Duncan, A.S.; Dr. Gerald Yeo, S,
Falcon Australia Year P. W. Rolston, S.; Isaac Waugh, .A.S.
Fawn Irregular 18 June to 31 Dec. C. Morton, S.; W. Jones, A.S.
Ferret Home Year Dr. Hague, A.S. in c.; J. N. J. O'Malley, A.S. in c.
Firefly Mediterranean Year J. Flanagan, S.; W. D. Wodsworth, A.S.
Fisgard Home Year M. T. West, S.; T. L. Bickford. A.S.; W. Domville, S.
Foxhound Mediterranean 1 Jan. to 12 Oct. J. Johnstone, S.
Formidable Home Year J. H. Carruthers, S. S; R. Pottinger, S.S.; R. H. Carroll, A.S.; T. W. Hughes, A.S.
Forte South East Coast of America 1 Jan. to 8 Sept. J. J. Crawford, S.,; S. Sweetnam, A.S.; R. J. M,Morris, A.S.
Fox Irregular Year J. J. Ellis, A.S. in c.
Frederick William Home Year Dr. J. Andrews, S.; John S: Dobbyn, A.S.; Dr. E. Heath, A.S.; A. I. Bolton, A.S.
Galatea Irregular Year J. B. Ricards, S.; A. Collins, A.S.; T. T. Riordan, A.S.; W. J. Lewis, S.
Geyser Home Year Dr. C. A. Ducket: A. W. Whitley, Act. A.S.
Gibraltar Mediterranean Year C. M'Shane, S.; Dr. E. Walter, A.S.; Dr. W. Reid, A.S.
Gladiator Irregular 1 Apr. to 31 Dec. W. J. Eames, S.; P. Burgess, A.S.
Gorgon Irregular 1 Jan. to 11 Feb J. Bishop, Act. S.; C. P. Mulvany, A.S.
Griffon West Coast of Africa Year F. F. Flynn, A.S. in c.
Greyhound West Indies 1 Jan. to 23 Nov Dr. Duncan, S.; Dr. M. J. Rahilly, A.S.
Handy West Coast of Africa Year H. Eales, S.
Harrier Australia Year W. G. J. Ayre, S.; Dr. D. Hilston, A.S.
Hastings Home Year J. G. Risk, S.
Havoc China - J. R. Anderson, S.; D. Saunders, S.
Hawke Home Year A. W. W. Babington, S; R. M'Clement, A.S.; J. W. Dobbin, A.S.
Hecate Irregular 1 Jan. to 18 Jan. C. B. Wood, S.; Dr. S. Campbell, A.S.
Hector Home 13 Jan. to 31 Dec. W. Hoggan, S.; W. Anderson, A.S.; J. D. Smith, Act. A.S.
Hibernia Mediterranean Year T. R. Pickthorn, S.; Dr. J. Jefferson, A.S.; E. J. Butler, A.S.
Highflyer Irregular 27 Dec. to 31 Dec. W. H. Cameron, S.; Dr. A. G. Robertson, A.S.
Himalaya Irregular Year W. T. Wilson, S.; H. B. Wynter, A.S.
Hogue Home 1 Jan. to 30 June J. Walsh, S.S.; Dr. A. M’Kenna, A.S.
Hornet East Indies 1 Jan to 12 Sept. W. H. Baxter, S.; G. H. Maunsell, A.S.
Hydra Mediterranean Year J. N. Dick, S.
Icarus Mediterranean 1 Jan. to 24 May J. D. Macdonald, S.
Immortalite West Indies 1 Jan. to 15 July W. Richardson, S.; Dr. W. Carmichael, A.S.; Dr. G. Monteith, A.S.
Implacable Home Year Fysher Negus, S.; John Lambert, A.S.; W. J. Asslin, A.S.
Impregnable Home Year A. Murray, S.S.; Dr. Wm. Johnston, A.S.; C. F. Williams, A.S.
Indus Home Year J. King, S.S.; Dr. E. Dann, A.S.; J. T. More, A.S.; Gerald Molloy, A.S.; J. A. Hatch, A.S.; L. Lucas,A.S.
Industry Irregular Year Dr. W. Yarde, A.S. in c.
Insolent China Year Geo. Clark, A.S. in c.
Investigator West Coast of Africa 6 Months F. A. Curran, A.S. in c.; Dr. J. Whitaker, A.S. in c.; R. J. Sweetnam, A.S. in c.
Irresistible Home 1 Apr. to 30 June Dr. E. Heath, S.; H. S. Lauder, A.S.
Jackal Home Year J. Ligertwood, S.; Dr. T. Milne, A.S.
Jaseur West Coast of Africa Year Dr. T. D. Allison, A.S. in c.
Jason West Indies 1 Jan. to 3 Dec. R. W. Beaumont, S.; C. C. Mitchinson, A.S. in c.
Kestrel China - J. R. Anderson, S. (of Pelorus)
Landrail West Indies 1 Jan. to 15 Mar. J. S. Dobbyn, A.S. in c.
Leander Pacific Year T. S. Burnett, Act. S.; E. Mulcahy, A.S.; W. H. Clarke, S.
Lee West Coast of Africa Year A. G. Colquhoun, A.S.
Leopard China Year J. Lilburne, S.; G. R. Laurenson, A.S.
Leven China 9 Months A. Murphy, A.S. in c.
Liffey Mediterranean Year Dr. R. Hastings, S.; W. F. C. Bartlett, A.S.; J. W. Arnott, A.S.
Lily West Indies Four Months F. L. Leonard, S.; T. Kipling, A.S.
Lion Home 1 July to 31 Dec. Dr. John Bower, S.S.; G. F. Elliott, A.S.
Liverpool West Indies Year H. M. Speer, S.; J. Trimble, A.S.; Dr. F. P. Hains, A.S.
Lizard Home Year J. M. Hunter, A.S. in c.
Lyra Irregular 1 Jan. to 31 Mar. R. Edwardes, S.
Cape 1 Apr. to 31 Dec.
Maeander West Coast of Africa Year Dr. H. H. Smith, S.; J. Buckley, A.S.
Magicienne Mediterranean Year J. G. T. Forbes, S.; Dr. C. A. Lees, A.S.; U. Llewellyn, S.; J. Allen, A.S.
Majestic Home 1 Jan. to 31 Aug. Dr. John Stewart, S.; Dr. F. H. Richardson, A.S.; Arthur Adams, S.
Manilla China Year Dr. W. Inman, A.S. in c.
Marlborough Mediterranean 1 Jan. to 1 Dec. Dr. W. Duirs, S.; Dr. H. N. Maclaurin, A.S.; J. Fraser, Act. A.S.; W. D. Wodsworth, Act. A.S.
Marines (Cape York) Australia 2 Aug. to 31 Dec. T. J. Haran, S.
Marines (Falklands) South East Coast of America Year Dr. F. M'Clinton, S.
Marines (Japan) China Year Dr. C. K. Ord, S.; A. Robertson, A.S.; G. M. Egles, A.S.
Marines (St. Juan) Pacific Year Dr. A. M'Bride, A.S. in c.
Martin Home 7 July to 31 Dec. W. J. Asslin, A.S. in c.
Medea West Indies Year J. M. C. E. Wallace, S.; John Brown, A.S.
Medusa Home Year G. V. Hart, A.S. in c.; A. Hogg, A.S. in c.
Meeanee Mediterranean Year Dr. W. Ross, S.; Dr. G. B. Beale, A.S.; Dr. A. Robertson, A.S.
Megaera Irregular 1 Jan. to 3 Mar. Dr. F. H. Blaxall, S.;. J. Lambert, A.S.
Miranda Australia Year Henry Slade, S.; R. Harding, A.S.
Mullet West Coast of Africa Year Dr. D. MacIver, A.S.
Naiad Pacific Year L. Lucas, A.S. in. c.; H. A. Close, A.S. in c.
Narcissus Cape of Good Hope. 1 Jan. to 6 Aug. Dr. G. Duncan, S.; Dr. J. S. Levis, A. C. in C.
Nereus Pacific Year W. E. Dillon, A.S. in c.
Nile West Indies 1 Jan. to 23 April Dr. J. W. Reid, S.; G. Molloy, A.S.; I. Hanbury, A.S.
Nimble West Indies - J. Bradley, A.S. in c.; Dr. D. Donovan, A.S. in c.
Orlando Mediterranean Year Dr. W. G. Goldin, S.S.; W. Roche, A.S.; W. F. Ryall, A.S.
Orontes Irregular Year H. Sabben, S.; W. Graham, A.S.
Orestes Cape of GoodHope. Year C.E. PIayfair, S.; W. B. FIetcher, A.S.; E. Olive, A.S.
Osborne Home Year G. B. Hill, S
Osprey China Year J. Caldwell, S.
Pandora West Coast of Africa Year G. E. Farr, A.S.
Pantaloon Cape Year C. Atchison, S.; G. Maclean, A.S.
Pearl China 1 Jan. to 18 June W. G. Hill, S.; Dr. H. S. Smart, A.S.
Pelorus China Year J. R. Anderson, S.; Dr. R. Hay, A.S.; Dr. W. M'Mahon. A.S.
Pembroke Home Year J. C. Walsh, S.; J. F. Kynsey, A.S.
Pelican Mediterranean Year Dr. J. C. Messer, S.; A. C. Johnston, A.S.
Penguin D. Cape of Good Hope. Year Dr. W. Stables, A.S. in c.; Dr. Geo. Maclean, A.S. in c.
Perseus China Year J. S. Adams, S.; W. M'Mahon, A.S. in c.
Peterel West Indies Year Dr. W. H. Lloyd; G. Curtis, A.S.
Philomel P. West Coast of Africa 1 Jan. to 11 Aug. J. A. Hatch, A.S.
Phaeton West Indies Year Dr. J. T. Caddy, S.; T. Roche, A.S.; A. I. Bolton, A.S.
Phoebe Mediterranean Year R. D. Pritchard, S.; J. Noble, A.S.; H. D. Stanistreet, A.S.
Plover West Indies Year W. H. Cox, A.S. in c.; C. H. Rason, A. S: in c.
President Home Year Dr. M. Walling, S.
Prince Consort Home Year Dr. S. Bowden, S.; Dr. A.M'Kenna, A.S.; M. Trevan, A.S.; Dr, M. Magill, A.S.
Princess Charlotte China Year J. V. N. Blake, A.S. in c.
Princess Royal Irregular 21 Feb. to 30 June F. Y. Toms, S.; Dr. R. Hague, A.S.
Cape of Good Hope. 1 July to 31 Dec. Dr. A. Goodall, Act. A.S.
Psyche Mediterranean Year Dr. T. Warden, A.S. in c.
Pylades West Indies Year H. Harkan, S.; Dr. J. Horrocks, A.S.
Racer Irregular 1 July to 30 Sep. A. M'Clure, S.; Dr. T. D. A. Bromlow, A.S.
Mediterranean 1 Oct. to 31 Dec.
Racehorse China - J. E. Fawcett, S.
Racoon Irregular Year Dr. J. Young, S.; W. L. Powell, A.S.
Ranger Irregular 1 Mar. to 31 Mar. Dr. D. McN. Johnston, A.S. in c.
West Coast of Africa 1 Apr. to 31 Dec.
Rapid Cape of Good Hope. Year D. G. Pendrith, S.; W. Harvey, A.S.
Rattler China Year E. M'Sorley, S.; B. H. M'Curdy, A.S.
Rattlesnake West Coast of Africa Year G. F. A. Drew, S.; G. F. Banks, S.; E. Meade, Act. A.S.; J. Buckley, Act. A.S.
Research Home 10 Mar. to 31 Dec. Dr. T. Coghlan, S.; Dr. A. M'Donald, A.S.
Resistance Mediterranean Year R. C. Scott, S.; D. R. Alcock, A.S.
Revenge Mediterranean Year Dr. J. Davidson, S.; R. R. Siccama, A.S.; T. N. W. Colahan, A.S.
Rifleman China Year G. Maclean, A.S. in c.; D. M'Carthy, A.S. in c.
Rinaldo West Indies Year Dr. A. L. Archer, S.; R. Nelson, A.S.; W. C. Fairbairn, Act. S.; T. H. Taylor, S.
Ringdove China 1 Jan. to 10 Nov. J. C. Eastcott, A.S. in c.
Rosario West Indies Year J. Mulvany, A.S. in c.; R. Evans, S.
Royalist West Indies Year J. Fisher, S.; J. P. Way, Act. A.S.
Royal Adelaide Home Year Dr. J. H. Patterson, S.S.; H. A. Close, A.S.; E. J. Butler, A.S.; C. H. Slaughter, A.S.; W. Redmond,A.S.
Royal George Irregular 1 Jan. to 9 Feb. H. Trevan, S.S.; Dr. John Pringle, A.S.; Dr. A. J. Ireland, A.S.
Home 10 Feb. to 31 Dec.
Royal Oak Mediterranean Year John Jack, S.; Dr. E. J. Sharood, A.S.; Dr. H. C. Woods, A.S.
Royal Sovereign Home 9 July to 31 Dec. J. Elliott, S.; F. Piercy, A.S.
Russell Irregular 1 Jan. to 9 Feb. W. Macleod, S.; Dr. M. Magill, A.S.
Salamander Irregular 1 Jan. to 30 June Dr. A. Rattray, S.; R. Cannon, A.S.
Australia 1 July to 31 Dec.
Salamis Home 5 May to 31 Dec. R. H. Carroll, A.S. in c.
Sapphire Cafe of Good Hope. Year Dr. W. J. Hamilton, S.
Satellite South East Coast of America Year R. Creighton, S.; Dr. M. A. Harte, A.S.
Saturn Home Year R. W. Clarke, S.S.
Scout Irregular 1 Jan. to 22 Apr. Seaton Wade, S.; H. S. Lauder, A.S.
Scylla China Year W. Edney, S.; W. Carleton, A.S.
Sealark Home Year T. H. Taylor, A.S. in c.; Dr. J. Martin, A.S. in c.
Seringapatam Cape of Good Hope. 10 May to 31 Dec. E. Olive, A.S.
Severn Cape of Good Hope. Year H. Loney, A.S.; Dr. J. R. Burke, A.S.
Shannon West Indies Year D. O'Connor, S. (Act.); Dr.G. Robertson, A.S.; W. H. Cox, A.S.; W. Lawrance, S.
Shearwater Pacific Year E. H. Evans, S.; Dr. A. Yule, A.S.
Sheerness Barracks Home Year R. Lawrenson, A.S. in c.
Sheldrake South East Coast of America Year Thomas Hamilton, A.S. in c.
Slaney China Year F. Egan, A.S. in c.; W. M. Power, A.S. in c.
Snipe West Coast of Africa Year Dr. E. W. Coleman, A.S. in c.
Sparrow West Coast of Africa Year G. A. Campbell, A.S. in c.
Speedwell West Coast of Africa Year Dr. T. Cann, A.S. in c.; M. Hannagan, A.S. in c.
Spider South East Coast of America Year Dr. W. L. MacDermott, A.S. in c.
Squirrel Home Year H. G. Ruby, A.S. in c.; A. Scott, A.S. in c.
St. George Home Year Dr. J. Stirling. S.S.; J. N. J. O'Malley, A.S.; J. Halpin, A.S.; `V. Macleod, S.; Dr. M. Magill, A.S.; S. Bamfield, A.S.
St. Vincent Home Year F. M. Rayner, S.S.; Dr. G. R. Pickthorn, A.S.; G. D. M'Laren, S.S.; R. J. McMorris, A.S.
Steady West Indies Year Dr. T. Milne, A.S. in c.; W. H. Cox, A.S. in c.
Stromboli South East Coast of America Year E. T. Mortimer, S.; A. A. Mullin, A.S.
Styx West Indies Year D. M. Shaw, S.; W. D. Longfield, A.S.
Supply Irregular Year J. K. Smallhorn, A.S. in c.; C. Strickland, A.S. in c.
Surprise Mediterranean Year J. E. DyaS.S.
Sutlej Pacific Year W. Patrick, S.; Dr. T. A. Roe, A.S.; T. H. Atkinson, A.S.; Dr. J. W Walsh, A.S.
Swallow and Dove China Year Dr. J. B. Nicoll, A.S. in c.
Tamar Irregular Year Dr. J. Long, S.; T. E. Gorges, A.S.
Tartar China Year Dr. G. Mason, S.; W. J. Inman, A.S.
Terror West Indies Year Dr. A. Crosbie, A.S. in c.
Torch Irregular 1 Jan. to 9 Mar. C. J. Fennell, A.S. in c.
Trafalgar Irregular 1 Jan. to 29 Feb. Dr. R. Bernard, S.S.; Dr. J. Simpson, A.S.; Dr. G. R. Pickthorn Act. A.S.
Home 1 Mar. to 31 Dec. Dr. A. Graham, S.; Dr. F. A. Brice, A.S.; Dr. G. Monteath, A.S.
Tribune Pacific Year Dr. R. Irvine, S.; W. P. Clapp, A.S.
Trident Mediterranean 1 Jan. to 20 Dec. B. Crabbe, S.
Trincomalee Home Year J. Ward, S.
Triton South East Coast of America Year G. Bolster, A.S. in c.
Urgent Irregular 27 July to 31 Dec. Dr. F. H. Blaxall, S.; G. Kell, A.S.
Victory Home Year Dr. H. Edmonds, S.S.; Dr. W. D. Smyth, S.; Edward Fenn, A.S.; G. W. Harrison, A.S.; J. C. Grigg, A.S.; Dr. J. W. Reid, S.
Valorous Cape Year J. Murphy, S.; J. Clarke, A.S.
Vesuvius West Indies Year T. M'Carthy, S.; J. C. Grigg, A.S.
Victoria and Albert Home Year Dr. J. M. Minter, D. I. G.
Victoria Irregular. 1 Nov. to 31 Dec. J. G. Forbes, S.; W. Roche (B.), A.S.; Dr. J. Pringle Act. A.S.
Vigilant East Indies 1 Jan. to 30 Sept. C. D. McCarthy, S.
Vindictive West Coast of Africa Year A. Mullan, A.S. in c.
Virago West Indies Year J. T. Gabriel, S.; H. Macdonnell, A.S.
Vulcan Irregular 1 Jan to 3 Nov. C. R. Godfrey, S.; G. Mair, A.S.
Wanderer Mediterranean Year Dr. L. H. J. Hayne, S.
Warrior Home Year S.S. D. Wells, S; W. J. Asslin, A.S.; Dr. F. B. Hurley, A.S.
Wasp East Indies Year P. W. Govett, S.; Dr. J. Allan, A.S. (Act. S.); W. E. O'Brien, S.
Wellesley Home Year C. Kevern, S.S.; C. Fennell, A.S.
Weser Mediterranean Year Dr. J. Middleton, A.S.
Winchester Home Year Dr. W. B. Dalby, S
Wolverine Irregular 7 May to 30 Dec. D. Wilson, S.; S. Terry, A.S.
Wye West Coast of Africa Year C. Cunningham, A.S. in c.; Dr. J. Whitaker, A.S. in c.; R. Humphrys, A.S. in c.; Dr. E. Dann, A.S. in c.
Zebra West Coast of Africa Year T. Craig, S.; J. O'Brien, A.S.

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