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HMS Research (1863)

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TypeCentral battery ironclad sloop   
Launched15 August 1863
Builders measure1253 tons
Displacement1741 tons
Ships book
NoteLaid down as Trent, Cameleon class wooden screw sloop
Snippets concerning this vessels career
9 March 1864
- 25 September 1865
Commanded by Arthur Wilmshurst, for trials in home waters
(May 1872)
- 16 August 1875
Commanded (until paying off at Malta) by Captain Charles Matthew Buckle, Mediterranean
Extracts from the Times newspaper
Th 19 November 1863When the Chief Constructor of the Navy …
Fr 5 August 1864The first of the 100-pounder 6¼ smooth-bore guns has been received from the Royal gun factory for the ironclad frigates Research, 4, 200-horse power, and the Enterprise, 4, 160-horse power. The armament for the iron frigate Achilles, 1,250-horse power, which is to be furnished exclusively with the same description of gun, is daily expected at Chatham. Notwithstanding the disparaging statements which have been made as to the alleged smallness of the battery in the Research and the Enterprise, both those vessels now carry the largest guns of any ship in Her Majesty's service, with, of course, the single exception of the Royal Sovereign, which is some four times their size. Were the guns on board the Enterprise and the Research worked by other than manual labour not the slightest complaint would be raised as to the smallness of the batteries in each of those vessels. In the opinion of all officers whose views on the subject are worthy of consideration the present mode of working large guns by the old system of tackles and handspikes is a disgrace to the age, and, unless some simple and easily workable mechanical arrangement can be adapted for the monster 12-ton and 15-ton 300-pounder and other guns with which it Is intended to arm our future ironclad vessels of war, it is believed that the working of these guns will prove a practical impossibility.
Sa 12 November 1864The following is the list of the vessels of the Royal navy which will be armed, and are now being armed, with the new description of 300-pounder and other guns in course of issue. The figures after each vessel specify the number of guns of the description mentioned she will carry. To mount the 12-ton 300-pounders:- Bellerophon, 10; Royal Sovereign, 5; Minotaur, 4; Scorpion, 4; Wiveren, 4; Prince Albert, 4; Agincourt, 4; and Northumberland, 4. To be armed with the 6½-ton guns:- The Achilles, 20; Black Prince, 20; Warrior, 20; Lord Warden, 20; Lord Clyde, 20; Royal Oak, 20; Prince Consort, 20; Royal Alfred, 20; Caledonia, 20; Ocean, 20; Minotaur, 18 ; Agincourt, 18; Valiant, 16; Zealous, 16; Hector, 16; Defence, 10; Resistance, 10; Endymion, 6; Mersey, 4; Orlando, 4, Pallas, 4; Favourite, 4; Research, 4; Enterprise, 4; Amazon, 2; Viper, 2; and Vixen, 2. To mount the 64-pounder muzzle-loader:- The Bristol, 12; Melpomene, 12; Liverpool, 12; Severn, 12; Arethusa, 12; Phoebe, 12;. Shannon, 12; Octavia, 12; Constance, 12; Sutlej, 12; Undaunted, 12; Impérieuse, 12; Aurora, 12; Leander, 12; Bacchante, 12; Emerald, 12; Phaeton, 12: Narcissus, 12; Forte, 12; Euryalus, 12; Topaz, 12; Newcastle, 12; Liffey, 12; Immortalité, 12; Glasgow, 12; Clio, 8, North Star, 8 [laid down 1860, cancelled 1865]; Racoon, 8; Challenge[r], 8; and Menai, 8 [laid down 1860, cancelled 1864]. The following will be supplied with the 64-pounder breech-loaders:- The Scout, 8; Rattlesnake, 8; Cadmus, 8; Scylla, 8; Barossa, 8; Jason, 8; Charybdis, 8; Wolverine, 8; Pylades, 8; Orestes, 8; Pearl, 8; Pelorus, 8; Satellite, 8; Acheron, 4 [laid down 1861, cancelled 1863]; Shearwater, 4; Valorous, 4; Furious, 4; Bittern, 4 [laid down 1861, cancelled 1863]; Magicienne, 4; and Columbine, 4. A supply of the 6½-ton smooth-bore 100-pounder wrought iron guns has already been received at Chatham, and it is understood that the first supply of the 300-pounder rifled 12-ton Armstrong gun may shortly be expected at the Ordnance wharf.

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