HMS Asia (1824)
HMS Asia (1824)

The Royal Navy

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NameAsia (1824)Explanation
TypeSecond rate   
Launched19 January 1824
Builders measure2289 tons
Ships book
Note1858 guard ship
Snippets concerning this vessels career
8 June 1828
- 28 April 1830
Commanded by Captain William James Hope Johnstone, flagship of Vice-Admiral Sir Pulteney Malcolm, Mediterranean
25 December 1831
- 28 July 1834
Commanded by Captain Peter Richards, flagship of Rear-Admiral William Parker, Lisbon
18 March 1836
- May 1841
Commanded by Captain William Fisher, Mediterranean (including operations on the coast of Syria in 1840)
25 August 1847Commanded by Captain Robert Fanshawe Stopford, flagship of Rear-Admiral Phipps Hornby, Pacific
29 April 1859
- 18 May 1861
Commanded by Captain George Thomas Gordon, guard ship of Ordinary, Portsmouth (replacing Hannibal)
18 May 1861Commanded by Captain Henry Broadhead, guard ship of Ordinary, Portsmouth (replacing Hannibal)
26 February 1864
- 7 May 1866
Commanded by Captain Henry Caldwell, guard-ship of Ordinary, Portsmouth
24 April 1866Commanded by Captain William Charles Chamberlain, Portsmouth (flag-ship of Admiral Superintendent) and captain of the Steam Reserve
30 November 1868
- 22 December 1871
Commanded by Captain Edward Bridges Rice, Portsmouth (flag-ship of Admiral Superintendent) and captain of the Steam Reserve
1 April 1876Commanded by Captain Charles Lodowick Darley Waddilove, Guardship of Reserve
21 June 1884Commanded by Captain Henry Frederick Nicholson, flagship of Rear-Admiral Frederick Anstruther Herbert, Guardship of Reserve, Portsmouth
20 July 1885
- 2 January 1888
Commanded by Captain Richard Edward Tracey, captain of the Steam Reserve, Portsmouth

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