Robert Fanshawe Stopford R.N.
Robert Fanshawe Stopford R.N.

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Robert Fanshawe Stopford R.N.Explanation
Date (from)(Date to)Personal
19 December 1811 Born (Cape of Good Hope)
31 August 1843 Married Emily Anna (1819-1862), daughter of William Wilbraham (1781-1824), R.N.
4 January 1891 Died (Richmond, Surrey)
Obituary in the Times newspaper
24 December 1830Lieutenant
28 June 1838Commander
4 November 1840Captain
2 May 1860Rear-Admiral
2 April 1866Vice-Admiral
25 January 1871Retired Vice-Admiral
14 July 1871Retired Admiral
Date fromDate toService
28 January 183123 February 1831Lieutenant in Asia, Portsmouth
17 February 183122 March 1834Lieutenant in St Vincent, commanded by Captain Humphry Fleming Senhouse as flag-captain to Sir Henry Hotham, Commander-in-chief, Mediterranean
23 March 183424 July 1834Lieutenant in Malabar, commanded by Captain Hnry Shovell Marsham, Mediterranean
12 August 183517 August 1837Lieutenant in Cleopatra, commanded by Captain George Grey, transporting Earl of Durham (Ambassador) to St Petersburg, then (December 1835) south-east coast of America
18 August 183725 July 1838Lieutenant in Princess Charlotte, commanded by Captain Arthur Fanshawe, Mediterranean
3 January 183922 February 1840Commander in Zebra, Mediterranean
23 February 18403 March 1840Commander in Hydra, Mediterranean
4 March 18406 January 1841Commander in Phoenix, Mediterranean (including operations on the coast of Syria in 1840)
1 April 184115 April 1842Captain in Talbot, Mediterranean
25 August 184724 May 1851Captain in Asia, flagship of Rear-Admiral Phipps Hornby, Pacific
14 July 185515 August 1856Captain in Queen (until paying off at Portsmouth), Mediterranean
28 June 186024 January 1861Captain of the Fleet and Commander-in-Chief, Channel squadron, flag in Royal Albert

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