Commissioned officers in command - 1840-1880
Commissioned officers in command - 1840-1880

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The table below is intended to include all commissioned officers (that is, with the rank of Lieutenant or above) in command of a Royal Navy vessel between 1840 and 1880. The data are chiefly derived from service records in the National Archives in Kew, contemporary Navy Lists, William R. O'Byrne's "Naval Biographical Dictionary" (1849) and the "Naval Intelligence" column of the Times newspaper.

Follow the links in the first column for available biographic and career data. The 'Rank reached' column shows the highest substantive rank reached (thus not including "retired ..."); as the data are incomplete, however, some officers may have actually reached a higher rank.

For officers not shown here, try Paul Benyon's extensive listExternal link. For persons other than naval sea officers, go here.

 OfficerBornDiedRank reachedEntries
James CrawfordCaffin R.N. 18121883Captain38
HenryCaldwell R.N. 18151868Captain23
William AlfredCambier R.N. 18321872Commander15
JosephCammilleri R.N. 1794 1860Commander12
Colin AndrewCampbell R.N. 1831 1869Captain14
Colin YorkeCampbell R.N. <1838 1893Captain10
Frederick ArchibaldCampbell R.N. <1829 1874Rear-Admiral26
HughCampbell R.N. 1837 1877Captain17
James CarterCampbell R.N. 18281913Commander13
John NormanCampbell R.N. 17771849Captain10
HubertCampion R.N. 1826 1900Captain12
Edward St LegerCannon R.N. 1810 1881Captain11
FrederickCannon R.N. <1822>1860Commander11
ThomasCarmichael R.N. <1832>1849Commander4
Hon. JohnCarnegie R.N. 18291883Captain13
Swynfen ThomasCarnegie R.N. 1813 1879Vice-Admiral21
AlfredCarpenter R.N. 18471925Commander12
Edward JohnCarpenter R.N. <1813>1846Captain7
Hon. Walter CecilCarpenter R.N. 18341904Admiral28
Henry JohnCarr R.N. 18391914Captain11
WashingtonCarr R.N. <1811>1846Commander4
Hilary MansellCarré R.N. 18361920Commander19
JamesCarter R.N. <1802>1845Lieutenant5
RichardCarter R.N. 18291887Captain23
Thomas WrenCarter R.N. 1798 1874Vice-Admiral13
Byron Charles Ferdinand PlantagenetCary R.N. 1808 1887Commander9
Ralph PeterCator R.N. <1843 1903Rear-Admiral15
John HallidayCave R.N. <1848>1884Captain8
Lord Edward HenryCecil R.N. 1834 1862Lieutenant6
Charles Thomas William GeorgeCerjat R.N. 18201869Commander16
HenryChads R.N. 1819 1906Admiral23
Henry DucieChads R.N. 1788 1868Admiral27
John HanburyChads R.N. <1851>1870Commander7
Henry JosephChallis R.N. 1833>1873Commander16
ThomasChaloner R.N. 1815 1884Captain18
William CharlesChamberlain R.N. 1818 1878Rear-Admiral22
EnnisChambers R.N. <1850>1856Commander4
SamuelChambers R.N. <1800 1843Captain6
William WyllyChambers R.N. <1823>1854Captain6
William CoxChapman R.N. 18261895Captain22
Edward PhilipsCharlewood R.N. 1814>1861Captain11
Alfred JohnChatfield R.N. 1831 1910Rear-Admiral16
AugustusChetham-Strode R.N. 18251874Captain21
Henry WeylandChetwynd R.N. <1850>1856Lieutenant2
WilliamChimmo R.N. 18261891Commander22
HenryChristian R.N. 1828 1916Captain17
PeterChristie R.N. 1797 1855Captain10
Edmund JohnChurch R.N. 1842>1899Vice-Admiral8
Earl of Clanwilliam R.N. 18321907Admiral of the Fleet33
Bouverie FrancisClark R.N. 18421922Captain23
Reginald TrebyClark R.N. <1856>1856Lieutenant2
WilliamClark R.N. 1796>1865Captain10
Thomas JordaineClarke R.N. 1813>1841Commander9
JohnClavell R.N. 17761846Captain18
Henry AugustusClavering R.N. 1824 1893Commander11
Francis StarkieClayton R.N. 1839 1919Rear-Admiral13
William John CavendishClifford R.N. 1814 1882Vice-Admiral19
Francis ArdenClose R.N. 18291918Captain15
Charles HenryClutterbuck R.N. 1833 1859Lieutenant7
William RobertClutterbuck R.N. 1844 1923Captain40
ThomasCochran R.N. 1819 1889Captain20
Arthur Auckland Leopold PedroCochrane R.N. 1824 1905Admiral19
Ernest Grey LambtonCochrane R.N. <1854>1870Commander4
James HorsfordCockburn R.N. 1817 1872Rear-Admiral12
McLeod BaynesCockcraft R.N. 1819 1886Captain12
EdwardCodd R.N. 1804 1887Captain21
WilliamCodrington R.N. 1832 1888Rear-Admiral25
Henry JohnCodrington R.N. 1808 1877Admiral of the Fleet28
Henry EdwardCoffin R.N. <1805>1875Captain9
Francis RogersCoghlan R.N. <1807>1843Commander12
Cowper PhippsColes R.N. 18191870Captain18
EdwardCollier R.N. 1783 1872Vice-Admiral15
EdwardCollier R.N. 17931859Captain19
Francis AugustusCollier R.N. 1788 1849Rear-Admiral26
RichardCollinson R.N. 1811 1883Vice-Admiral16
Tathwell BenjaminCollinson R.N. 1829>1858Lieutenant5
Philip HowardColomb R.N. 1831 1899Captain35
George TwisletonColville R.N. <1847 1860Commander4
Henry WandesfordComber R.N. <1848>1870Captain8
John EdmundCommerell R.N. 1829 1901Admiral of the Fleet35
WilliamCompton R.N. 1818>1866Captain7
MatthewConnolly R.N. 18161901Captain28
Trevenen PenroseCoode R.N. <1845>1875Captain8
John MurrayCooke R.N. <18411861Commander4
William Edgar De CrackenthorpeCookson R.N. <1857>1884Commander6
RobertCoote R.N. 1820 1898Admiral15
JohnCorbett R.N. 1822 1893Admiral25
JosephCorbyn R.N. <1786 1850Commander7
Henry WarringtonCorneck R.N. <1848>1860Commander4
Armar LowryCorry R.N. 1793 1855Rear-Admiral15
Hon. Armar LowryCorry R.N. 1836 1919Captain11
NicholasCory R.N. 1796 1864Captain14
HenryCoryton R.N. 1810 1879Commander14
George FredericCottam R.N. 18361906Lieutenant8
George William ConwayCourtenay R.N. 1793 1863Captain12
Richard WilliamCourtenay R.N. <1833>1875Captain13
PeterCracroft R.N. 18161865Captain17
John BettinsonCragg R.N. <1809>1856Commander12
Robert GeorgeCraigie R.N. <1848 1862Captain8
John HayCrang R.N. 1811 1887Commander10
Frederick Augustus BuchananCraufurd R.N. 1822 1875Captain11
Richard BoroughCrawford R.N. 18011865Captain18
John ZellCreasy R.N. <1854>1863Lieutenant4
ThomasCreser R.N. 1797>1863Lieutenant8
Samuel GurneyCresswell R.N. 1827 1867Captain11
Offley MalcolmCrewe-Read R.N. <1846>1860Commander4
WilliamCrispin R.N. 1803 1875Captain12
HenryCrocker R.N. <1812>1853Lieutenant3
HenryCroft R.N. <1828 1892Captain10
Hon. Francis GeorgeCrofton R.N. 18381900Commander17
Stephen Smith LowtherCrofton R.N. <1831>1879Captain14
James NiasCroke R.N. <1858>1863Lieutenant2
Wentworth ParsonsCroke R.N. 1787 1857Lieutenant5
WalterCroker R.N. <1814 1840Commander4
WilliamCrooke R.N. <1809>1846Commander7
EdwardCrouch R.N. 1816 1847Commander10
Francis Rawdon MoiraCrozier R.N. 1796 1850Captain14
Henry EdwardCrozier R.N. <1845>1884Commander6
William PearsonCrozier R.N. <1823>1857Commander12
MichaelCulme-Seymour R.N. 1836 1920Admiral28
OctaviusCumberland R.N. 1813 1877Captain16
William HenryCuming R.N. <1855>1892Rear-Admiral11
ArthurCumming R.N. 1817 1893Admiral36
Charles ThomasCurme R.N. 1827 1892Vice-Admiral22
DouglasCurry R.N. <1823 1869Rear-Admiral13
Alfred JohnCurtis R.N. <1831>1857Captain7
Arthur CecilCurtis R.N. 18361895Captain29
RogerCurtis R.N. 1812>1846Commander5
Roger LuciusCurtis R.N. 1816>1850Lieutenant5
Assheton GoreCurzon-Howe R.N. 18501911Admiral45
JohnD'Arcy R.N. 1830>1882Captain16
St George CaulfieldD'Arcy-Irvine R.N. 18331916Admiral26
Edwin Clayton TennysonD'Eyncourt R.N. 18131903Rear-Admiral26
John GoochD'Urban R.N. <1812 1845Commander11
James RichardDacres R.N. <1824 1848Commander9
Sidney ColpoysDacres R.N. 1804 1884Admiral28
Alfred TaylorDale R.N. 1840 1925Admiral18
John WindhamDalling R.N. <1803>1844Captain9
Richard HenryDalton R.N. <1832>1857Lieutenant4
WilliamDaniell R.N. <1808 1845Commander8
AbrahamDarby R.N. <1810>1848Lieutenant9
ArthurDarley R.N. <1806>1846Captain5
Duncan GeorgeDavidson R.N. <1855 1882Captain8
HenryDavies R.N. <1854>1857Lieutenant3
LewisDavies R.N. <1808>1836Captain4
William ReesDavies R.N. <1808>1848Lieutenant7
George EvanDavis R.N. 1795 1850Commander8
RichardDawkins R.N. 1828 1896Captain14
Hon. Edward StanleyDawson R.N. 18431919Captain13
Llewellyn StylesDawson R.N. <1861>1895Commander13
WilliamDawson R.N. <1809>1841Captain5
WilliamDawson R.N. <1854>1862Commander5
George FiottDay R.N. <1845 1876Captain12
JosephDayman R.N. <1843>1863Captain12
Hon William BarnardDe Blaquiere R.N. 1818 1889Commander8
MichaelDe Courcy R.N. <1824>1866Captain14
Claude Augustus ChampionDe Crespigny R.N. <1854>1854Lieutenant2
Algernon Frederick RousDe Horsey R.N. 1827 1922Admiral25
Herbert PhilipDe Kantzow R.N. <1849>1888Captain10
Walter SidneyDe Kantzow R.N. <1854>1873Commander4
PhilipDe Saumarez R.N. <1823>1866Commander10
William CecilDe Vere R.N. <1846>1861Commander5
Thomas AlexisDe Wahl R.N. <1858>1867Captain6
CharlesDeare R.N. <1824>1839Commander3
Annesley TurnerDenham R.N. 1835 Lieutenant7
Henry ManglesDenham R.N. 18001887Rear-Admiral29
Albert Denison SomervilleDenison R.N. <1857>1879Captain7
JosephDenman R.N. 18101874Vice-Admiral20
James Samuel AkedDennis R.N. <1822>1879Captain10
Robert PeelDennistoun R.N. 18361915Captain10
D'Arcy AnthonyDenny R.N. 18361883Commander7
Charles Bayley CalmadyDent R.N. 1832 1894Captain15
Samuel HoskinsDerriman R.N. 1813 1897Captain13
Walter BourchierDevereux R.N. 1810 1868Captain11
RoderickDew R.N. 1823 1869Captain18
Henry PercyDicken R.N. 1804>1858Lieutenant7
John BourmasterDickson R.N. 1815 1876Captain16
WilliamDickson R.N. 1798 1898Captain13
Noel Stephen FoxDigby R.N. 18391920Captain35
JamesDirom R.N. 1815 1878Captain17
EdwardDixon R.N. 1804>1847Commander5
Manley HallDixon R.N. 1786 1864Vice-Admiral19
William HughDobbie R.N. <1837>1857Captain4
Samuel BrookingDolling R.N. 18141877Captain16
Compton EdwardDomvile R.N. 18421924Admiral35
William DerenzyDonaldson-Selby R.N. 18341892Commander8
MalachiDonellan R.N. 17871865Lieutenant11
John WilliamDorville R.N. 18161894Captain18
Frederic ProbyDoughty R.N. <1855>1889Captain8
Archibald LuciusDouglas R.N. 1842 1913Admiral32
George AmeliusDouglas R.N. 1832 1900Commander7
George HenryDouglas R.N. <1844>1866Captain5
Henry JohnDouglas R.N. <1833>1867Captain11
Hugh Donald CameronDouglas R.N. <1814 1843Commander4
JohnDouglas R.N. <1812>1858Lieutenant6
Peter JohnDouglas R.N. 17871858Vice-Admiral15
RichardDouglas R.N. 1788 1867Commander8
Robert GordonDouglas R.N. 1829>1894Vice-Admiral13
SholtoDouglas R.N. <1855>1878Captain11
William MontaguDowell R.N. 1825 1912Admiral33
George Arthur TyrhittDrake R.N. 18321864Lieutenant8
JohnDrake R.N. 17881864Captain13
Thomas GeorgeDrake R.N. 1816>1864Commander10
AndrewDrew R.N. 1792 1878Captain12
Charles RamsayDrinkwater-Bethune R.N. 1802 1884Admiral24
Edmund CharlesDrummond R.N. 1841 1911Admiral13
James RobertDrummond R.N. 1812 1895Admiral24
ByronDrury R.N. 1815 1888Captain19
George GrahamDuff R.N. <1857>1870Commander5
JohnDuffill R.N. <1812 1855Captain17
HenryDumaresq R.N. <1838>1875Captain7
Richard SaundersDundas R.N. 1802 1861Vice-Admiral23
Andrew RobertDunlap R.N. 1816 1852Lieutenant13
HughDunlop R.N. <1821 1888Rear-Admiral17
James Andrew RobertDunlop R.N. 1832 1892Captain12
Robert John WallaceDunlop R.N. <1823 1846Commander9
DavidDunn R.N. <1800 1859Rear-Admiral16
Montagu BuccleuchDunn R.N. <1846>1870Captain8
Nicholas James CuthbertDunn R.N. 1785 1858Commander11
John AlexanderDuntze R.N. 1806 1882Admiral17
Arthur EdwardDupuis R.N. 1838 1897Captain18
JohnDurnford R.N. 18491914Admiral14
FrancisDurrant R.N. 18371896Captain33
Hugh McNeileDyer R.N. 1832 1875Commander26
Peché HartDyke R.N. 1805 1892Commander16
Arthur ParryEardley-Wilmot R.N. 1805 1886Rear-Admiral26
Edward CharlesEarle R.N. 1796 1845Commander14
Hamilton Edward GeorgeEarle R.N. <1854>1878Commander7
AlfredEaton R.N. 1832 Commander6
CharlesEden R.N. 1808 1878Vice-Admiral22
Charles DaversEden R.N. 18451895Lieutenant28
HenryEden R.N. 1798 1888Admiral19
HenryEden R.N. 18121880Commander15
Thomas RodneyEden R.N. 1812 1850Captain13
Harry EdmondEdgell R.N. 1809 1876Rear-Admiral16
Duke ofEdinburgh R.N. 1844 1900Admiral of the Fleet22
WilliamEdmonstone R.N. 18101888Rear-Admiral23
CharlesEdmunds R.N. <1813 1879Captain7
Herbert HoldenEdwards R.N. 18401896Captain23
JosephEdye R.N. <1849 1868Captain12
William HenryEdye R.N. 1830 1910Vice-Admiral20
Hon. FrancisEgerton R.N. 18241895Rear-Admiral22
Francis PhilipEgerton R.N. 1812 1893Commander11
Frederick ArthurEgerton R.N. 18161857Commander11
George AugustusEliott R.N. 1799 1881Captain10
AlexanderEllice R.N. 17911853Captain18
Hugh MyddeltonEllicombe R.N. 1807>1854Captain10
Charles Gilbert John BrydoneElliot R.N. 1818 1895Admiral of the Fleet31
George AugustusElliot R.N. 1813 1901Admiral26
WilliamEllis R.N. <1819>1885Captain10
John SpencerEllman R.N. 1811>1854Commander5
William Buller FullertonElphinstone R.N. 1828 1893Commander18
ArthurElwes R.N. 18441912Lieutenant19
James ElphinstoneErskine R.N. 1838 1911Admiral of the Fleet24
John ElphinstoneErskine R.N. 1806 1887Admiral19
Walter Grimston BucknallEstcourt R.N. 1807 1845Commander7
ThomasEtheridge R.N. <1824>1855Captain5
George BruceEvans R.N. 18391886Commander22
JohnEvans R.N. 1799 1842Lieutenant5
Henry BryanEverest R.N. <1844>1857Commander3
Charles Joseph FrederickEwart R.N. 1816 1884Captain13
HarryEyres R.N. <1818>1858Captain13

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