Commissioned officers in command - 1840-1880
Commissioned officers in command - 1840-1880

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The table below is intended to include all commissioned officers (that is, with the rank of Lieutenant or above) in command of a Royal Navy vessel between 1840 and 1880. The data are chiefly derived from service records in the National Archives in Kew, contemporary Navy Lists, William R. O'Byrne's "Naval Biographical Dictionary" (1849) and the "Naval Intelligence" column of the Times newspaper.

Follow the links in the first column for available biographic and career data. The 'Rank reached' column shows the highest substantive rank reached (thus not including "retired ..."); as the data are incomplete, however, some officers may have actually reached a higher rank.

For officers not shown here, try Paul Benyon's extensive listExternal link. For persons other than naval sea officers, go here.

 OfficerBornDiedRank reachedEntries
Henry JamesLacon R.N. 1810 1867Captain14
EdwardLacy R.N. 1818 1886Captain18
Charles PybusLadd R.N. 1790 1873Lieutenant10
Edward Henry GageLambert R.N. 1825 1872Captain13
George RobertLambert R.N. 17951869Admiral23
LionelLambert R.N. 1836 1860Lieutenant5
RowleyLambert R.N. 1828 1880Vice-Admiral16
Oliver ThomasLang R.N. <1860>1865Lieutenant4
Joseph MillarLangtry R.N. 1805 1862Commander17
Charles HoraceLapidge R.N. <1824 1868Lieutenant8
William FrederickLapidge R.N. <1803 1860Captain17
Hon. Frederick CanningLascelles R.N. 1848 1928Lieutenant10
GeorgeLavie R.N. 1813>1846Commander7
George BennettLawrance R.N. 1818 1853Lieutenant7
JohnLawrence R.N. <1793 1849Captain7
HenryLayton R.N. 1799 1882Captain10
Thomas PhilipLe Hardy R.N. 1803 1848Commander9
Robert OwenLeach R.N. 1832>1886Captain10
Charles TaylorLeckie R.N. <1834>1862Captain8
William FrederickLee R.N. <1855>1873Commander7
Henry JohnLeeke R.N. 1794 1870Admiral22
NicholasLefebvre R.N. 1793 1881Captain14
Benjamin LangloisLefroy R.N. <1854>1873Commander12
Prince Ernest L.V.C.A.J.ELeiningen R.N. 1830 1904Admiral21
JohnLeith R.N. <1803>1854Rear-Admiral10
WalterLeslie R.N. <1803>1858Lieutenant6
Thomas BridgemanLethbridge R.N. 1829 1892Admiral31
Reginald Thomas JohnLevinge R.N. 1813 1848Commander8
Thomas ArundelLewis R.N. 1794 1874Lieutenant14
Edmund MortimerLeycester R.N. 1810>1866Commander6
FrancisLiardet R.N. 1798 1863Captain19
William HenryLiddell R.N. 1833>1878Captain9
Charles GowanLindsay R.N. <1852>1865Commander7
AlexanderLittle R.N. <1837>1854Commander10
EdwardLittlehales R.N. 1805 1888Captain11
Edward Alexander TyldenLloyd R.N. 18201850Lieutenant12
HenryLloyd R.N. <1828>1858Commander16
John HughesLloyd R.N. 1803>1854Lieutenant4
Rodney MaclaineLloyd R.N. 1841 1911Vice-Admiral22
Francis ErskineLoch R.N. 1788 1868Admiral16
Granville GowerLoch R.N. 18131853Captain10
NicholasLockyer R.N. 1778 1847Captain10
Charles ArthurLodder R.N. 1820 1885Lieutenant5
Edward FrancisLodder R.N. <1854>1868Commander6
LambtonLoraine R.N. 1838 1917Captain11
WilliamLoring R.N. 1811 1895Admiral18
WilliamLory R.N. 1794 1868Commander12
WilliamLouis R.N. 1810 1887Captain11
ArthurLowe R.N. 1814 1882Vice-Admiral13
FrederickLowe R.N. 18111861Commander13
GowerLowe R.N. <1816 1848Commander16
MarcusLowther R.N. 1820>1886Captain12
William GarnhamLuard R.N. 1820 1910Admiral28
Charles DavisLucas R.N. 1834 1914Captain12
John ProctorLuce R.N. <1848>1867Captain7
WilliamLuce R.N. <1807 1876Lieutenant5
AlfredLuckraft R.N. 18171865Lieutenant21
Charles MaxwellLuckraft R.N. 1814 1908Commander13
WilliamLuckraft R.N. <1796 1865Captain13
JohnLunn R.N. <1829>1847Commander8
StephenLushington R.N. 1803 1877Rear-Admiral25
Percy PuttLuxmoore R.N. 18331899Captain12
George William CharlesLydiard R.N. <1815>1862Captain8
Algernon McLennanLyons R.N. 1833 1908Admiral of the Fleet27
Edmund MoubrayLyons R.N. 1819 1855Captain15
Thomas HenryLysaght R.N. <1830>1866Commander9
HenryLyster R.N. 1799 1864Rear-Admiral13
Gordon GallieMacdonald R.N. <1809>1857Captain13
James ArchibaldMacdonald R.N. 1808 1875Commander14
Reginald John James GeorgeMacdonald R.N. 1820 1899Admiral24
JohnMacDonell R.N. <1811>1846Captain13
JohnMacdougall R.N. 1790 1865Vice-Admiral11
JohnMacdougall R.N. <1837>1866Captain9
MalcolmMacgregor R.N. 18341879Captain13
Donald McLeodMackenzie R.N. 18151894Captain22
James GeorgeMackenzie R.N. <1823>1867Captain7
John Francis CampbellMackenzie R.N. <1846 1892Captain13
Thomas KirkpatrickMackenzie R.N. <1857>1868Commander4
WilliamMaclean R.N. <1823 1851Captain9
John Fiot Lee PearseMaclear R.N. 1838 1907Rear-Admiral20
EdwardMadden R.N. 18281876Captain15
RochfortMaguire R.N. <1830 1867Captain21
Edward Reeves PhilipMainwaring R.N. 1788 1865Captain18
Horatio Laurence Arthur LennoxMaitland R.N. 18341904Captain12
ThomasMaitland R.N. 1803 1878Admiral29
WilliamMaitland R.N. <1819 1846Commander8
William HeriotMaitland R.N. 18191890Commander14
Henry CholmeleyMajendie R.N. 18291873Captain14
George JohnMalcolm R.N. <1849>1873Captain6
RobertMann R.N. <1810>1847Commander7
William Frederick StanleyMann R.N. 1846 1924Captain8
GeorgeMansel R.N. 17941854Captain16
RobertMansel R.N. <1852>1867Commander6
Arthur LukisMansell R.N. 1815 1890Captain12
David Robert BunburyMapleton R.N. 1810 1848Commander15
Alfred FrederikMarescaux R.N. <1855>1856Lieutenant2
Albert HastingsMarkham R.N. 18411918Vice-Admiral11
AlfredMarkham R.N. 18391880Captain23
Joseph HenryMarryat R.N. <1852>1870Captain8
John BarlingMarsh R.N. <1830>1862Commander6
EdwardMarshall R.N. <1829 1862Captain7
John William PhillipsMarshall R.N. 17851850Rear-Admiral15
FrancisMarten R.N. 18141891Captain24
Cornwallis WykehamMartin R.N. 1833 1903Lieutenant6
George BohunMartin R.N. 17991854Captain16
Henry ByamMartin R.N. 1803 1865Admiral17
Thomas Hutchinson ManglesMartin R.N. 1829 1895Captain14
William FanshaweMartin R.N. 1801 1895Admiral32
Thomas HenryMason R.N. 1811>1894Rear-Admiral21
Thomas LeckeMassie R.N. 1802 1898Rear-Admiral22
Vincent AmcottsMassingberd R.N. <1822>1884Captain13
ThomasMathias R.N. <1810>1850Commander7
Charles MitchellMathison R.N. <1819>1854Commander13
Henry JamesMatson R.N. 1810 1852Captain12
Edward EyreMaunsell R.N. 1818 1889Captain13
RobertMaunsell R.N. 1786 1845Captain15
Frederick AugustusMaxse R.N. 1833 1900Captain16
John BalfourMaxwell R.N. 1799 1874Captain13
Charles HenryMay R.N. <1829>1881Captain13
Richard CharlesMayne R.N. 1835 1892Captain13
James JohnstoneMcCleverty R.N. 1810 1863Captain17
Francis LeopoldMcClintock R.N. 1819 1907Admiral22
Robert John le MesurierMcClure R.N. 1807 1873Captain14
ShephardMcCormick R.N. 1794 1852Commander6
John DobreeMcCrea R.N. 18291883Rear-Admiral28
John Wallace DouglasMcDonald R.N. 1830>1888Captain13
John JuliusMcDonnell R.N. <1816>1846Commander4
Patrick Charles CampbellMcDougall R.N. <1849>1857Commander3
John George GrahamMcHardy R.N. 18351865Lieutenant9
Henry FrederickMcKillop R.N. 1822 1879Captain27
ArchibaldMcMurdo R.N. 1812>1873Captain13
PeterMcQuhae R.N. 17881853Captain13
PeterMcQuhae R.N. <1803>1851Captain0
James GeorgeMead R.N. 1834>1894Rear-Admiral9
Richard JamesMeade R.N. 1832 1907Admiral of the Fleet33
Edward SpencerMeara R.N. <1854>1870Commander4
George FrederickMecham R.N. 1828 1858Commander9
Thomas CharlesMeheux R.N. <1836>1847Lieutenant8
ArthurMellersh R.N. 1812 1894Captain13
George PechellMends R.N. <1824>1866Captain15
William BowenMends R.N. 1781 1864Vice-Admiral12
William RobertMends R.N. 1812 1897Captain32
WilliamMenzies R.N. <1854>1873Commander6
Gover RoseMiall R.N. 18311875Commander8
Frederick ThomasMichell R.N. 1788 1873Vice-Admiral15
Reynell CharlesMichell R.N. <1822>1849Commander12
George Nathaniel BrokeMiddleton R.N. 18121887Captain21
DavidMiller R.N. 18191884Captain16
Henry MatthewMiller R.N. 1830 1902Captain13
Robert BoyleMiller R.N. <1837 1873Commander6
ThomasMiller R.N. 18191899Vice-Admiral30
Thomas EdwardMiller R.N. 18431924Lieutenant29
William StewartMiller R.N. <1841>1848Lieutenant3
AlexanderMilne R.N. 18061896Admiral41
Anthony WilliamMilward R.N. 18011840Commander6
Henry WentworthMist R.N. 18331895Commander7
AlfredMitchell R.N. <1851>1860Commander4
ThomasMitchell R.N. <1811>1851Commander4
John WilliamMontagu R.N. 1790 1882Captain14
Hon Victor AlexanderMontagu R.N. 1841 1915Captain12
John EglintonMontgomerie R.N. 18251902Rear-Admiral23
Alexander LeslieMontgomery R.N. 1807 1888Captain13
Frederick ByngMontresor R.N. 1811 1887Rear-Admiral16
William BackhouseMonypenny R.N. 1808 1859Commander11
Arthur WilliamMoore R.N. 18471934Rear-Admiral23
JohnMoore R.N. <1834 1866Captain14
Lewis JamesMoore R.N. <1848>1873Captain6
Robert SeppingsMoore R.N. 1813 1893Lieutenant20
Thomas Edward LawsMoore R.N. 1819 1872Captain13
RichardMoorman R.N. 1810 1908Captain16
WilliamMoorsom R.N. 1816 1860Captain13
George DigbyMorant R.N. 18371921Admiral30
FairfaxMoresby R.N. 1786 1877Admiral of the Fleet24
FairfaxMoresby R.N. 18261858Commander7
JohnMoresby R.N. 1830 1922Vice-Admiral35
James WilliamMorgan R.N. 1802>1848Captain7
ArthurMorrell R.N. 1788 1880Commander14
GeorgeMorris R.N. <1808>1846Lieutenant4
Henry GageMorris R.N. <1837>1853Captain17
WilliamMorris R.N. 1792>1875Commander8
WilliamMorris R.N. <1823 1869Captain12
SamuelMorrish R.N. <1828>1860Captain6
William Henry AndersonMorshead R.N. 1811 1886Vice-Admiral20
GeorgeMoubray R.N. 1773 1856Captain7
WilliamMould R.N. <1828>1866Commander13
RobertMudge R.N. <1806>1862Lieutenant9
George RodneyMundy R.N. 1805 1884Admiral41
AlexanderMurray R.N. <1819>1866Captain8
Augustus George ErnestMurray R.N. 1823 1872Lieutenant9
Elibank HarleyMurray R.N. 1833 1901Captain13
JohnMurray R.N. <1848>1857Lieutenant2
CharlesMurray-Aynsley R.N. 18211901Captain20
CharlesNapier R.N. 1786 1860Admiral30
Charles George ElersNapier R.N. 1812 1847Captain11
Gerard JohnNapier R.N. 1818 1901Captain13
Richard HenryNapier R.N. 18361903Rear-Admiral13
EdwardNares R.N. <1848>1871Commander3
George StrongNares R.N. 1831 1915Captain27
HenryNeed R.N. <1833 1875Captain7
Charles GudgeonNelson R.N. 1828 1892Commander13
Hon. Maurice HoratioNelson R.N. 1832 1914Captain12
EvanNepean R.N. 1785 1864Captain10
WilliamNevill R.N. <1816>1870Captain7
Charles FranklandNewland R.N. 18001900Commander19
Charles James FranklinNewton R.N. 17991855Commander6
JosephNias R.N. <1820 1879Vice-Admiral13
Iltid Thomas ManselNicholl R.N. <1850>1856Lieutenant2
Henry FrederickNicholson R.N. 1835>1914Admiral37
Beville Granville WyndhamNicolas R.N. <1849>1862Commander6
Granville ToupNicolas R.N. 1833 1894Commander9
John ToupNicolas R.N. 1788 1851Rear-Admiral14
EdwardNicolls R.N. 18171844Lieutenant6
Frederick William ErskineNicolson R.N. 1815 1899Vice-Admiral18
Jeffrey WheelockNoble R.N. <1816>1846Captain8
Gerard Henry UctredNoel R.N. 18451918Admiral of the Fleet36
Mathew StaintonNolloth R.N. <1824>1870Captain13
George LowcayNorcock R.N. 18161869Commander20
Edward ThomasNott R.N. <1854 1874Captain8
John NealeNott R.N. 18001849Captain15
John ThomasNott R.N. 17871862Commander9
JosephNourse R.N. <1825>1847Lieutenant7
William CalmadyNowell R.N. <1813>1847Lieutenant12
HughNurse R.N. <1822 1841Captain7
George William DouglasO'Callaghan R.N. 1811 1900Rear-Admiral14
JohnO'Reilly R.N. 1794 1873Lieutenant10
Montagu FredericO'Reilly R.N. 1822>1862Captain10
JosiahOake R.N. 17971864Captain10
GrahamOgle R.N. 1814 1871Captain12
William WalterOke R.N. <1808>1859Lieutenant4
Radulphus BryceOldfield R.N. 18271877Captain20
GeorgeOldmixon R.N. <18081880Commander10
Richard AldworthOliver R.N. 1811 1889Captain18
William BrowneOliver R.N. 1802>1867Captain12
Thomas WilliamOlivier R.N. <1854>1872Lieutenant3
ErasmusOmmanney R.N. 1814 1904Vice-Admiral32
John JamesOnslow R.N. <1810 1856Captain9
JohnOrlebar R.N. 1810 1891Captain16
NoelOsborn R.N. <1856>1862Lieutenant3
SherardOsborn R.N. 1822 1875Rear-Admiral35
Henry CharlesOtter R.N. <1822>1870Captain12
Charles CookeOtway R.N. 1815 1842Commander6
George GrahamOtway R.N. 1816 1881Captain16
Robert JocelynOtway R.N. 1808 1884Captain16
Arthur RodneyOwen R.N. 1829 1876Commander11
JustusOxenham R.N. <1812>1841Lieutenant3

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