Robert Seppings Moore R.N.
Robert Seppings Moore R.N.

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Robert Seppings Moore R.N.Explanation
Son of John Moore (1779-1866)
Date (from)(Date to)Personal
11 July 1813 Born (Gillingham, kent)
18 January 1893 Died
Entry in O'Byrnes 1849 'Naval Biographical Dictionary'
26 December 1826Entered Navy
23 November 1841Lieutenant
Date fromDate toService
22 November 183328 April 1834Mate in Rolla, commanded by Lieutenant and commander Frederick Henry Hastings Glasse, west coast of Africa
29 April 183423 July 1834Mate in Asia, commanded by Captain Robert Maunsell, Mediterranean
31 July 183416 June 1838Mate in Winchester, commanded by Captain Edward Sparshott, flagship of Sir Thomas Bladen Capel, East Indies
8 September 183822 November 1841Mate in Hastings, commanded by Captain Francis Erskine Loch then John Lawrence, Mediterranean (including operations on the coast of Syria in 1840)
27 February 18438 August 1843Lieutenant and commander in Wilberforce, west coast of Africa
9 August 184315 November 1843Lieutenant in Alert, commanded by Commander Charles John Bosanquet, west coast of Africa
18 December 184418 October 1848Lieutenant in Comus, commanded by Commander Thomas Sparke Thompson, south-east coast of America
10 January 18512 January 1853Lieutenant in Monarch, commanded by Captain Charles Hope, guard ship of Ordinary, Sheerness
3 January 18537 November 1854Lieutenant in Rattlesnake, commanded by Captain Charles Graham, South America
24 November 185410 October 1856Lieutenant in Formidable, commanded by Captain John Jervis Tucker, guard ship of Ordinary, Sheerness
11 October 185617 June 1857Lieutenant in Colossus, commanded by Captain Thomas Sparke Thompson, particular service
5 April 185812 December 1860Devonport dockyard
5 February 18617 July 1861Lieutenant in Impregnable, commanded by Captain Lord Frederick Herbert Kerr then Captain Charles Vesey, Devonport, flagship of the Port Admiral
8 July 18617 October 1865Plymouth Hospital

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