Alfred Markham R.N.
Alfred Markham R.N.

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Alfred Markham R.N.Explanation
Son of William Markham (1796-1852)
Date (from)(Date to)Personal
26 June 1839 Born (Becca Hall, Aberford, Yorkshire, England)
7 July 1880 Died (Melcombe Regis, Weymouth, Dorset, England)
11 November 1854Midshipman
23 November 1858Mate
26 November 1859Lieutenant
18 February 1867Commander
31 December 1875Captain
Date fromDate toService
11 November 185210 November 1854Naval cadet in Agamemnon
11 November 185414 February 1855Midshipman in Agamemnon, flagship of Rear-Admiral Edmund Lyons when the Anglo-French fleet first entered the Black Sea on 3 January 1854, just before the formal declaration of war against Russia. During the first bomrbardment of Sevastopol, on 17 October 1854, the ship suffered 4 dead and 25 wounded, was twice on fire and was hit 240 times.
15 February 18555 May 1855Midshipman in Miranda, in the Black Sea fleet (Miranda took part in the Sea of Azof expedition in May 1855, apparently just after Markham had left her)
14 June 185513 July 1855Midshipman in Victory
26 July 185512 January 1856Midshipman in Sans Pareil1)
13 January 185625 June 1858Mate in Royal Albert
26 June 185830 September 1858Mate (acting) in Royal Albert
1 October 185822 November 1858Midshipman in Royal Albert
23 November 185825 November 1859Mate in Royal Albert
24 January 186015 November 1860Lieutenant in Emerald, commanded by Arthur Cumming, Channel squadron
16 November 18608 September 1864Lieutenant in Forte, commanded by Edward Winterton Turnour, flagship of Rear-Admiral Henry Keppel, Cape of Good Hope, then South America, then of Richard Laird Warren on the latter station (later - October 1862 - Captain Thomas Saumarez, then - November 1862 - Captain Arthur Mellersh)
22 September 186417 February 1867Lieutenant in Achilles, commanded by Edward Westby Vansittart. Markham was in charge of gunboat Highlander: 14 Oct - 10 Nov 1865, 2 Dec 1865 to 21 Mar 1866 and 2 May - 5 May 1866 (probably in home waters as tender for coast guard, fishery protection, or suchlike).
9 July 187017 September 1871Commander (2ic) in Warrior, commanded by Henry Carr Glyn, Channel squadron2)
16 September 18711 January 1872Commander (2ic) in Hercules, commanded by W Montagu Dowell3)
25 February 187311 January 1876Commander in Boscawen, harbour service, boys training ship
1)In one of the better known cases of official bungling in the Russian ('Crimean War'), Sans Pareil was - in August 1855 - belatedly dispatched to the Baltic with replacement mortars for the mortar boats on that station, after these had been withdrawn because most of their mortars were no longer in servicable condition; they arrived too late in the season to allow action to be resumed.
2)Warrior, launched 29 December 1860, was a revolutionary ship, the first effective combination of an iron hull, a screw propellor and armour. By 1870 she was approaching the end of her sea service, and was soon to be relegated to harbour duty. In the periode 1979-1987 she was restored to her former glory and can now be visited in Portsmouth.
3)v[ituals] o[nly] Sultan to 11 May 1871. m[erchant] s[hip] on passage from 2 Jan 1872

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