HMS Miranda (1851)
HMS Miranda (1851)

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NameMiranda (1851)Explanation
TypeSloop (1862: Corvette)   
Launched18 March 1851 Converted to screwon the stocks
HullWooden Length196 feet
Builders measure1039 tons   
Displacement1523 tons   
Fate1869 Last in commission1865
Ships bookADM 135/311   
18 March 1851Launched at Sheerness Dockyard.
25 February 1854
- 23 June 1855
Commanded (from commissioning at Sheerness) by Captain Edmund Moubray Lyons, White Sea (in Sir Erasmus Ommanney's squadron) then Black Sea during the Russian War (until he died)
24 June 1855
- 21 April 1857
Commanded (until paying off at Sheerness) by Captain Robert Hall, Mediterranean (and Black Sea during the Russian War, senior officer in the Strait of Kertch)
4 October 1860
- 13 February 1862
Commanded (from commissioning at Sheerness) by Commander Hon Henry Carr Glyn, Australia
29 August 1861
- 3 June 1865
Commanded (until paying off at Sheerness) by Captain Robert Jenkins, Australia (during the New Zealand War)
2 December 1869Sold to C. Lewis for breaking up.
Extracts from the Times newspaper
Tu 24 January 1865The ships of war on the Australian station at the date of the last advices were ? the Harrier, 17, Acting-Commander Swan, at New Zealand; the Miranda, 14, Capt. Jenkins, at Sydney; the Eclipse, 4, Commander Fremantle, at New Zealand; the Cura?oa, 23, Commodore Sir W. Wiseman, at New Zealand; the Esk, 21, Capt. Luice, at Sydney; the Falcon, 17, Commander Parkin, at New Zealand; and the Salamander, 4, Commander the Hon. J. Carnegie, at Sydney.
Fr 19 November 1869The Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty have directed the sale of another batch of war vessels, lying at Portsmouth, Sheerness, and Devonport. The list includes Her Majesty's screw frigate Emerald, 2,913 tons, built at Deptford in 1856; the screw sloop Miranda, 1,039 tons, built at Sheerness in 1851: the screw sloop Wasp, 974 tons, built at Deptford in 1850; the screw sloop Sharpshooter, 503 tons, built at Blackwall in 1846; the screw sloop Niger, 1,002 tons, built at Woolwich in 1846; the paddlewheel steam vessel Thais, 302 tons, built at Messrs. Laird's yard, Birkenhead, in 1856; and the hulls of the steamers Coronation and Plym. The sale, which will be the third of war vessels since the Recess, will be held at Lloyd's Captains' room, Royal Exchange, in the early part of the ensuing month. The Wasp and Sharpshooter are now lying at Portsmouth, the Emerald, Miranda, and Niger at Sheerness, and the Thais, Coronation, and Plym at Devonport.

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