Commissioned officers in command - 1840-1880
Commissioned officers in command - 1840-1880

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The table below is intended to include all commissioned officers (that is, with the rank of Lieutenant or above) in command of a Royal Navy vessel between 1840 and 1880. The data are chiefly derived from service records in the National Archives in Kew, contemporary Navy Lists, William R. O'Byrne's "Naval Biographical Dictionary" (1849) and the "Naval Intelligence" column of the Times newspaper.

Follow the links in the first column for available biographic and career data. The 'Rank reached' column shows the highest substantive rank reached (thus not including "retired ..."); as the data are incomplete, however, some officers may have actually reached a higher rank.

For officers not shown here, try Paul Benyon's extensive listExternal link. For persons other than naval sea officers, go here.

 OfficerBornDiedRank reachedEntries
Thomas NourseUnderwood R.N. 18281899Commander11
William BrabazonUrmston R.N. 18281869Captain16
Sidney HenryUssher R.N. <18221863Captain12
Frederick SamuelVander-Meulen R.N. 18391913Vice-Admiral13
Edward WestbyVansittart R.N. 1818 1904Captain18
NicholasVansittart R.N. 1820 1859Captain11
James WilliamVaughan R.N. <1848>1870Captain8
James RichardVeitch R.N. 1827 1909Captain13
Foley Charles PrendergastVereker R.N. 18501900Captain13
Edmund HopeVerney R.N. 1838 1910Captain33
Louis HuttonVersturme R.N. <1853>1868Commander5
CharlesVesey R.N. <1846>1868Captain8
WilliamVicary R.N. <1855>1870Lieutenant4
Alexander Thomas EmericVidal R.N. 17921863Vice-Admiral25
Arthur JulianVilliers R.N. <1855>1856Lieutenant3
Edward Pelham BrentonVon Donop R.N. 1811 1890Captain11
Charles Lodowick DarleyWaddilove R.N. 1828 1896Admiral17
James Francis BallardWainwright R.N. 18201872Rear-Admiral22
CharlesWake R.N. 1824 1890Vice-Admiral15
ArthurWakefield R.N. <1821 1844Commander4
WilliamWaldegrave R.N. 1788 1859Captain20
Baldwin WakeWalker R.N. 1802 1876Admiral23
Provo William ParryWallis R.N. 1791 1892Admiral of the Fleet19
WilliamWalpole R.N. 1789 1875Vice-Admiral14
James HamiltonWard R.N. 1802 1875Captain11
JohnWard R.N. <1849>1858Lieutenant3
JohnWard R.N. <1850>1873Commander4
Thomas Le HunteWard R.N. 1830 1907Rear-Admiral15
Hon. William JohnWard R.N. 18291900Vice-Admiral14
FrederickWarden R.N. 18071869Rear-Admiral23
Frederick PelhamWarren R.N. 18221891Unknown!20
Richard LairdWarren R.N. 1809 1875Admiral26
WilliamWarren R.N. 17981871Captain18
Henry HolfordWashington R.N. 18391907Commander27
JohnWashington R.N. 1800 1863Captain17
Thomas VernonWatkins R.N. <1815>1865Captain10
George WillesWatson R.N. 1827 1897Vice-Admiral20
Rundle BurgesWatson R.N. 1809 1860Captain15
John MiddletonWaugh R.N. <1814 1842Commander4
John WhitmarshWebb R.N. <1849>1867Captain5
Joseph Richard RaggettWebb R.N. 1788 1865Captain7
EdmundWebber R.N. <1847 1860Lieutenant4
Godfrey VassalWebster R.N. 1815 1854Lieutenant12
DavidWelch R.N. <1812>1836Lieutenant2
Edmund FrancisWeld R.N. 1828 1870Lieutenant6
George GrevilleWellesley R.N. 1814 1901Admiral29
John CampionWells R.N. <1855>1873Commander8
RichardWells R.N. 1833 1896Admiral29
HenryWest R.N. <1846>1860Commander3
James BanksWest R.N. <1821>1848Commander9
JosephWest R.N. <1807>1847Commander8
GeorgeWestern R.N. <1837>1848Lieutenant11
Frederick AugustusWetherall R.N. <1854>1888Commander6
John Anthony LawrenceWharton R.N. <1844>1880Commander7
William James LloydWharton R.N. 1843 1905Captain15
EdwardWhite R.N. 18351882Captain9
George Henry ParlbyWhite R.N. 1802 1881Captain10
Richard DunningWhite R.N. 1819 1899Captain17
James HawkinsWhitshed R.N. <1854>1858Lieutenant4
John WilliamWhyte R.N. <1843 1895Captain10
William HenryWhyte R.N. 1829 1912Admiral22
John ClementsWickham R.N. 1798 1864Commander12
LevesonWildman R.N. <1854>1860Commander4
Edward HenryWilkinson R.N. <1848>1882Commander5
George RobinsonWilkinson R.N. <1854>1863Lieutenant2
JamesWilkinson R.N. <1803>1840Captain6
JamesWillcox R.N. 18161877Rear-Admiral22
RobertWillcox R.N. <1795>1846Commander6
George OmmaneyWilles R.N. 18231901Admiral31
George WickensWilles R.N. 1783 1847Captain14
Charles HamlynWilliams R.N. <1803>1855Captain9
George BellWilliams R.N. <1840>1857Commander3
Richard NichollsWilliams R.N. 17921869Lieutenant10
Woodford JohnWilliams R.N. <1822>1859Captain20
William AlexanderWillis R.N. 1799 1862Captain10
JohnWillson R.N. 1782>1858Commander6
Charles EdwardWilmot R.N. <1808>1846Commander11
EdwardWilmot R.N. 1828 1863Commander14
ArthurWilmshurst R.N. 1817 1891Captain27
Arthur KnyvetWilson R.N. 1842 1921Admiral of the Fleet54
EdmundWilson R.N. <1816>1862Commander10
Frederick WilliamWilson R.N. <1853>1871Captain8
George KnyvettWilson R.N. 17981866Captain19
John CrawfordWilson R.N. <18551885Rear-Admiral18
Joseph Edward MaitlandWilson R.N. 18331920Captain14
ThomasWilson R.N. 1811 1894Rear-Admiral20
William Charles FahieWilson R.N. 1831 1887Captain10
William LeylandWilson R.N. 1833 1856Lieutenant6
Edward JohnWingfield R.N. 1846 1888Commander8
Henry EdwardWingrove R.N. <1812>1847Commander8
William Robert WolseleyWinniett R.N. 1793 1850Commander14
George Teal SaborWinthorp R.N. <1846>1855Lieutenant2
CharlesWise R.N. 18101877Rear-Admiral21
Charles ArthurWise R.N. <1847>1856Commander5
WilliamWiseman R.N. 18451893Captain33
William SaltonstallWiseman R.N. 18141874Rear-Admiral28
ArmineWodehouse R.N. <1845>1858Commander6
GeorgeWodehouse R.N. 18101900Captain25
JamesWolfe R.N. <1814>1843Commander4
George RhodesWolrige R.N. <1828>1852Commander4
Charles OctaviusWood R.N. <1828>1857Lieutenant8
Hon Francis LindleyWood R.N. <1860>1868Commander3
FrederickWood R.N. 1799 1847Captain16
Granville HamiltonWood R.N. 18181856Commander8
JamesWood R.N. <1825>1858Commander7
WilliamWood R.N. <1845>1882Captain9
William CotterellWood R.N. 1810>1847Commander9
Charles Sheldon PearceWoodruffe R.N. <1853>1887Commander9
DanielWoodruffe R.N. <1811 1845Lieutenant4
John BoltonWoodthorpe R.N. 1796 1846Captain14
Samuel OtwayWooldridge R.N. 1814>1845Lieutenant5
FrederickWoollcombe R.N. <1846>1864Commander8
Henry BedfordWoollcombe R.N. 1831 1904Captain19
WilliamWorsfold R.N. 1798>1856Commander11
Henry JohnWorth R.N. 18031852Captain21
Henry RushworthWratislaw R.N. 1832>1892Vice-Admiral13
Charles JosephWrey R.N. 1828 1891Commander9
SamuelWriford R.N. <1797>1845Commander5
Arthur RichardWright R.N. 18311879Captain23
Charles Mayson MoncrieffeWright R.N. <1808>1846Captain5
HenryWright R.N. 1812>1841Lieutenant8
John AllanWright R.N. <1813 1844Lieutenant4
EdwardWylde R.N. <1806>1849Lieutenant5
Robert JamesWynniatt R.N. <1850>1859Commander4
ChristopherWyvill R.N. 1793 1863Rear-Admiral15
Richard AugustusYates R.N. 17831876Captain14
Hastings ReginaldYelverton R.N. 1808 1878Admiral35
BernardYeoman R.N. 1791 1836Captain6
Charles PhilipYorke R.N. 1799 1873Captain22
Henry Francis RedheadYorke R.N. 1842 1914Lieutenant21
ReginaldYorke R.N. 1803>1864Captain15
Charles HenryYoung R.N. <1830>1852Lieutenant3
Horatio BeaumanYoung R.N. 1806>1877Captain9
Thomas JamesYoung R.N. 1827 1869Captain12
Charles BampfieldYule R.N. <1830 1878Commander7

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