Commissioned officers in command - 1840-1880
Commissioned officers in command - 1840-1880

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The table below is intended to include all commissioned officers (that is, with the rank of Lieutenant or above) in command of a Royal Navy vessel between 1840 and 1880. The data are chiefly derived from service records in the National Archives in Kew, contemporary Navy Lists, William R. O'Byrne's "Naval Biographical Dictionary" (1849) and the "Naval Intelligence" column of the Times newspaper.

Follow the links in the first column for available biographic and career data. The 'Rank reached' column shows the highest substantive rank reached (thus not including "retired ..."); as the data are incomplete, however, some officers may have actually reached a higher rank.

For officers not shown here, try Paul Benyon's extensive listExternal link. For persons other than naval sea officers, go here.

 OfficerBornDiedRank reachedEntries
NowellSalmon R.N. 1835 1912Admiral of the Fleet27
JohnSanderson R.N. <18281859Captain12
WilliamsSandom R.N. 1785 1858Rear-Admiral14
Henry StairSandys R.N. 18411912Commander29
George RoseSartorius R.N. 1790 1885Admiral of the Fleet20
Isaac Newton ThomasSaulez R.N. <1841>1865Commander4
PhilipSaumarez R.N. <1847>1871Captain7
ThomasSaumarez R.N. <1848>1862Captain7
Prince Alfred Ernest AlbertSaxe-Coburg-Gotha R.N. 1844 1900Admiral of the Fleet22
Charles FrederickSchomberg R.N. <1829 1874Captain22
HerbertSchomberg R.N. 1803>1867Captain10
Lord Charles Thomas Montague DouglasScott R.N. 1839 1911Admiral25
EdwardScott R.N. <1847>1860Commander5
Edward HintonScott R.N. 1789>1854Captain7
FrancisScott R.N. 1808 1875Vice-Admiral18
JamesScott R.N. 1790 1872Admiral17
John BinneyScott R.N. 1827>1870Commander10
Peter AstleScott R.N. 1816 1900Commander13
Robert Anthony EdwardsScott R.N. 18171903Captain22
Thomas SwainScriven R.N. 1796 1853Lieutenant7
Henry FrowdSeagram R.N. 18021843Commander9
Charles HenrySeale R.N. 1790>1841Captain14
JohnSeccombe R.N. 1812>1881Captain17
William Henry CollingwoodSelby R.N. 18421882Commander5
Frederick Leopold AugustusSelwyn R.N. 1817 1881Captain15
Jasper HenrySelwyn R.N. 1820 1901Captain17
Humphry FlemingSenhouse R.N. 1781 1841Captain23
Frederick Beauchamp PagetSeymour R.N. 1821 1895Admiral35
George AlexanderSeymour R.N. <1835>1855Captain12
George FrancisSeymour R.N. 1787 1870Admiral of the Fleet40
George HenrySeymour R.N. 1818 1869Vice-Admiral17
MichaelSeymour R.N. 1802 1887Admiral31
Charles Frederick AlexanderShadwell R.N. 1814 1886Vice-Admiral24
Alexander RentonSharpe R.N. <1799 1860Vice-Admiral12
Philip RuffleSharpe R.N. <1846>1892Captain13
RobertSharpe R.N. <1807>1865Captain6
Edward WingfieldShaw R.N. 1827 1879Commander8
James Waldegrave LudlowSheils R.N. <1809 1845Lieutenant4
WilliamShepheard R.N. <1804>1865Captain12
JohnShepherd R.N. <1813 1863Rear-Admiral11
JosephSherer R.N. <1811>1875Captain10
William LouisSheringham R.N. <1808>1871Captain13
William HenryShirreff R.N. 1785 1847Rear-Admiral14
Peter FrederickShortland R.N. <1827>1881Captain9
Francis HenryShortt R.N. 1822 1881Captain11
William GreenhillSilverlock R.N. <1855>1856Lieutenant3
Cortland HerbertSimpson R.N. <1842>1889Captain14
JamesSimpson R.N. <1845>1866Commander10
JohnSimpson R.N. <1803 1849Captain13
MorganSinger R.N. <1853>1878Captain8
John MacDowallSkene R.N. <1825>1853Commander4
Arthur McGregorSkinner R.N. 1799 1886Commander7
Sidmouth StowellSkipwich R.N. 1825 1872Commander10
GreySkipwith R.N. 1811>1866Commander8
William GeorgeSkyring R.N. <1823 1833Commander4
AdolphusSlade R.N. 18041877Rear-Admiral17
Julian FoulstonSlight R.N. <1842 1890Captain8
JamesSmail R.N. <1825>1860Lieutenant4
RobertSmart R.N. 1796 1874Admiral23
CharlesSmith R.N. <1806 1879Captain21
Charles HarcourtSmith R.N. <1854 1864Lieutenant4
ChristopherSmith R.N. <1821>1836Lieutenant2
Frederick HarrisonSmith R.N. 1827 1897Captain10
George Thomas CleatherSmith R.N. 1815>1857Lieutenant11
George WoodberrySmith R.N. <1812>1848Commander11
HenrySmith R.N. 18031887Admiral22
HenrySmith R.N. <18101854Captain17
Seymour SpencerSmith R.N. <1861>1875Commander5
ThomasSmith R.N. <1816>1850Commander8
Thomas EdwardSmith R.N. <1852>1885Captain9
WilliamSmith R.N. <1806>1856Captain8
Marcus EdmistonSmithett R.N. <1852>1870Commander8
FrancisSmyth R.N. 1803 1879Lieutenant8
WilliamSmyth R.N. 18001877Captain12
GeorgeSnell R.N. <1825>1853Commander4
John ClarkSoady R.N. 18281889Captain21
Leveson Eliot HenrySomerset R.N. 1829 1900Admiral21
Philip HodgeSomerville R.N. <1826>1879Captain10
Edward SouthwellSotheby R.N. 1813 1902Rear-Admiral19
DavidSpain R.N. 18271905Captain16
ThomasSpark R.N. <1805 1856Commander7
Hon. John Welbore SunderlandSpencer R.N. 1816 1888Rear-Admiral18
Henry JohnSpencer-Churchill R.N. 1797 1840Captain8
GeorgeSpong R.N. 1796>1860Commander7
Thomas Abel BrimageSpratt R.N. 18111888Captain13
WilliamSpratt R.N. 1831>1878Commander7
GeorgeSprigg R.N. <1825 1867Commander9
Henry CravenSt John R.N. 1837 1909Vice-Admiral14
James AldworthSt Leger R.N. 1814 1877Commander6
Chandos Scudamore ScudamoreStanhope R.N. 1823 1871Captain10
Cecil George SloaneStanley R.N. <1858>1873Commander5
EdwardStanley R.N. 1798 1878Captain12
OwenStanley R.N. 18111850Captain17
William PearseStanley R.N. <1798>1857Captain6
CharlesStarmer R.N. <1818>1879Captain10
JohnStephen R.N. <1805>1846Commander4
Prescot WilliamStephens R.N. 18351882Captain17
William KnightonStephens R.N. <1829>1877Captain8
Henry FrederickStephenson R.N. <1819 1919Admiral31
RobertSterne R.N. 1833 1927Commander11
Charles EdwardStevens R.N. <1853>1869Commander5
Frederick HildebrandStevens R.N. <1823>1854Commander5
James AgnewStevens R.N. <1803>1860Captain8
HoustonStewart R.N. 1791 1875Admiral of the Fleet32
KeithStewart R.N. 1814 1879Captain15
Hon KeithStewart R.N. <1855>1855Lieutenant3
Thomas DilnotStewart R.N. 1796 1866Commander11
William HoustonStewart R.N. 1822 1901Admiral33
CharlesStirling R.N. <1851>1869Captain7
Frederick HenryStirling R.N. 1828 1885Vice-Admiral17
JamesStirling R.N. 1791 1865Admiral18
JamesStoddart R.N. 18131892Unknown!16
John EdwardStokes R.N. <1858>1879Commander7
John LortStokes R.N. 1812 1885Rear-Admiral22
John Luke RichardStoll R.N. <1824>1858Commander11
EdwardStopford R.N. 1809>1857Captain10
James JohnStopford R.N. 1817 1868Rear-Admiral13
MontaguStopford R.N. 1798 1864Admiral19
Richard HenryStopford R.N. 1803>1876Captain9
Robert FanshaweStopford R.N. 18111891Vice-Admiral23
Henry AlexanderStory R.N. 1813 1879Captain13
Robert JohnStotherd R.N. <1847>1873Lieutenant4
George CharlesStovin R.N. <1810>1834Lieutenant2
James NewburghStrange R.N. 1812 1894Rear-Admiral20
Frederick Thomas ChethamStrode R.N. <1830 1895Captain13
HenryStroud R.N. <1808>1875Captain9
Ernest Augustus TraversStubbs R.N. 18331891Commander11
William BelfordStubbs R.N. <1855>1867Lieutenant3
RichardStuddert R.N. 18111900Commander12
Henry RichardSturt R.N. <1813>1844Captain5
Bartholomew JamesSulivan R.N. 1810 1890Captain23
George LydiardSulivan R.N. 1832 1904Vice-Admiral15
Thomas Baker MartinSulivan R.N. <1842>1885Captain9
Thomas BallSulivan R.N. 1781 1857Captain11
Thomas RossSulivan R.N. <1811>1854Captain6
CharlesSullivan R.N. 1789 1862Admiral14
Francis WilliamSullivan R.N. 1834>1892Admiral20
Francis GrantSuttie R.N. 1832 1884Captain10
WilliamSwainson R.N. <1807>1848Lieutenant4
John ThomlinsonSwann R.N. <1858 1868Commander6
WilliamSwinburn R.N. <1848>1870Commander7
Thomas AnthonySwinburne R.N. 18201893Commander9
Aaron StarkSymes R.N. 1792>1848Lieutenant8
Thomas EdwardSymonds R.N. 1817 1887Lieutenant12
Thomas Matthew CharlesSymonds R.N. 18131894Admiral of the Fleet31
Edwin CharlesSymons R.N. <1840>1890Commander12
CharlesTalbot R.N. 18011876Admiral22
Walter CecilTalbot R.N. 18341904Admiral28
Dashwood GoldieTandy R.N. 1841 1883Commander13
John WalterTarleton R.N. <1835 1880Vice-Admiral14
EdwardTatham R.N. 18111880Captain32
Joseph NeedhamTayler R.N. 1785 1864Captain12
Grenville MarshallTemple R.N. <1853>1856Lieutenant2
HenryTemple R.N. <1828>1853Commander5
Frederick William LeopoldThomas R.N. <1841>1860Commander4
Francis StaffordThompson R.N. <1856>1856Lieutenant2
JosiahThompson R.N. <1798>1856Commander5
Thomas PickeringThompson R.N. 1810 1892Rear-Admiral14
Thomas Raikes TriggeThompson R.N. 1804 1865Captain12
Thomas SparkeThompson R.N. 1797 1873Captain10
Frank TourleThomson R.N. 1829 1884Captain13
WilliamThorp R.N. <1826>1869Commander10
Arthur ThomasThrupp R.N. 1828 1889Rear-Admiral27
James PtolemyThurburn R.N. 18161908Commander21
Louis SymondsTindal R.N. <1825>1874Captain8
Edward BurnabyTinling R.N. <1814>1863Captain13
James WardTomlinson R.N. 1801 1882Lieutenant14
ArthurTower R.N. <1842>1869Commander4
Charles H.Townley R.N. <1806>1839Lieutenant2
Samuel PhilipTownsend R.N. <1852>1879Captain7
JohnTownshend R.N. 1798 1863Captain11
George WilliamTowsey R.N. <1846>1870Captain7
Richard EdwardTracey R.N. 1837 1907Admiral21
Francisco Sangro Robert DawsonTremlett R.N. 1815 1897Captain18
JohnTrevenen R.N. <1850>1860Lieutenant2
HenryTrollope R.N. 1815 1879Captain20
Henry AnthonyTrollope R.N. <1859>1887Captain7
Henry DundasTrotter R.N. 18021859Captain27
Edward NorwichTroubridge R.N. 18161850Captain15
Edward ThomasTroubridge R.N. 17901852Rear-Admiral31
William HendersonTruscott R.N. <1853 1859Commander7
GeorgeTryon R.N. 18321893Vice-Admiral31
RobertTryon R.N. <1824 1890Captain17
John CollierTucker R.N. <1855>1872Commander5
John JervisTucker R.N. 1802 1886Vice-Admiral15
WilliamTucker R.N. <1826>1842Commander7
JohnTudor R.N. <18131865Captain13
James HowardTurner R.N. <1825>1848Lieutenant3
Edmond EdwardTurnour R.N. 1813>1863Lieutenant9
Edward WintertonTurnour R.N. 1821 1901Vice-Admiral14
Nicolas Edward BrookTurnour R.N. <1849>1868Captain4
Ralph LancelotTurton R.N. 18391879Commander12
Henry ManbyTylden R.N. <1836>1845Lieutenant2
JohnTyssen R.N. <1832>1850Commander7

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