Bartholomew James Sulivan R.N.
Bartholomew James Sulivan R.N.

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Bartholomew James Sulivan R.N.Explanation
Eldest son of Rear-Admiral Thomas Ball Sulivan (1780-1857)
Date (from)(Date to)Personal
18 November 1810 Born (Tregew, near Falmouth)
January 1837 Married Sophia, third daughter of Vice-Admiral James Young
5 July 1855 C.B. (Companion of the Bath)
2 June 1869 K.C.B. (Knight Commander of the Bath)
1 January 1890 Died (at Bournemouth)
4 September 1823Entered Royal Naval Colle
3 April 1830Lieutenant
14 May 1841Commander
18 November 1845Captain
3 December 1863Retired Rear-Admiral
1 February 1870Retired Vice-Admiral
22 January 1877Retired Admiral
Date fromDate toService
25 June 18311836Lieutenant in Beagle, commanded by Robert Fitzroy, South America (the famous voyage with Charles Darwin)
30 November 1837 Lieutenant and commander in Pincher, schooner, Chatham
12 April 18381839Lieutenant and commander in Arrow, South America (surveying the Falkland Islands, where hiss eldest son, James Young Falkland Sulivan, was born)
2 April 18421846Commander in Philomel, surveying on the south-east coast of America (and participating in the Anglo-French action in Uruguay)
10 December 1847 Additional Captain in Victory, for surveying service
1848 Colonel and Chief-of-Staff of the Dockyard Volunteers
December 18481851On leave with with his whole family in the Falkland Islands
25 February 185412 March 1855Captain in Lightning, as fleet surveying officer in the Baltic during the Russian War
6 January 1855 Captain in Merlin, the Baltic during the Russian War
December 1856April 1865Naval officer of the Marine Department, Board of Trade, responsible for navigation and harbour design

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