Commissioned officers in command - 1840-1880
Commissioned officers in command - 1840-1880

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The table below is intended to include all commissioned officers (that is, with the rank of Lieutenant or above) in command of a Royal Navy vessel between 1840 and 1880. The data are chiefly derived from service records in the National Archives in Kew, contemporary Navy Lists, William R. O'Byrne's "Naval Biographical Dictionary" (1849) and the "Naval Intelligence" column of the Times newspaper.

Follow the links in the first column for available biographic and career data. The 'Rank reached' column shows the highest substantive rank reached (thus not including "retired ..."); as the data are incomplete, however, some officers may have actually reached a higher rank.

For officers not shown here, try Paul Benyon's extensive listExternal link. For persons other than naval sea officers, go here.

 OfficerBornDiedRank reachedEntries
CharlesAdam R.N. 17801853Admiral27
JohnAdams R.N. 17981866Rear-Admiral34
RichardAdams R.N. 18341872Commander16
Edward StanleyAdeane R.N. 18361902Rear-Admiral18
John de Courcy AndrewAgnew R.N. 18191916Commander14
William CornwallisAldham R.N. 18091878Captain22
PelhamAldrich R.N. 18441930Admiral26
Robert DawesAldrich R.N. 1808 1891Captain17
John WilliamsAldridge R.N. 1795 1875Captain16
Henry McClintockAlexander R.N. 18341896Captain20
John Hobhouse InglisAlexander R.N. 18321875Captain15
John RichardAlexander R.N. 1829 1869Lieutenant12
PrinceAlfred R.N. 1844 1900Admiral of the Fleet22
BirdAllen R.N. 1803 1841Commander7
Henry Murray EdwardAllen R.N. 1809 1856Captain11
WilliamAllen R.N. 17921864Captain18
Constantine O'DonnelAllingham R.N. 1835 1865Lieutenant5
JamesAnderson R.N. 1797 1882Captain18
Warren HastingsAnderson R.N. 1825 1880Captain17
Charles WilliamAndrew R.N. 18341892Commander8
William HenryAnnesley R.N. 1830 1875Commander8
Charles VernonAnson R.N. 1846 1905Commander14
Talavera VernonAnson R.N. 1809 1895Captain17
BenjaminAplin R.N. 1791 1860Lieutenant21
Elphinstone D'Oyly D'AuvergneAplin R.N. 18211882Captain25
WilliamArlett R.N. <1825 1838Lieutenant8
WhaleyArmitage R.N. 1811 1901Lieutenant9
WilliamArmytage R.N. 1821 1872Captain11
RichardArthur R.N. 17791854Vice-Admiral17
WilliamArthur R.N. 1830 1886Captain18
Charles JohnAusten R.N. 17791852Rear-Admiral23
Francis WilliamAusten R.N. 1809 1858Captain16
Horatio ThomasAustin R.N. 1800 1865Vice-Admiral22
CharlesAutridge R.N. 1792 1876Lieutenant11
HenryBacon R.N. <1841>1867Commander19
HenryBagot R.N. 1810 1877Captain16
John CrawshayBailey R.N. 1818 1896Commander10
ThomasBaillie R.N. 1811 1889Vice-Admiral24
Joseph AndrewBainbridge R.N. <1812 1846Lieutenant12
John Kennedy ErskineBaird R.N. 1832 1908Admiral22
GeorgeBaker R.N. 1797 1861Captain9
HenryBaker R.N. <1845>1866Commander5
James VashonBaker R.N. 1798 1875Captain14
VashonBaker R.N. 1811 1878Commander13
ThomasBaldock R.N. 1789 1871Commander20
Charles JohnBalfour R.N. 1814 1878Commander12
George MackintoshBalfour R.N. 1823 1896Commander11
CharlesBarker R.N. 1811 1860Captain14
Charles AnstrutherBarlow R.N. 1800 1855Captain16
EdwardBarnard R.N. 1782 1863Captain17
Edward KingBarnard R.N. 18151896Captain28
Frederick LamportBarnard R.N. 18131880Captain22
ThomasBarnardiston R.N. 1833 1907Vice-Admiral13
EdwardBarnett R.N. 1799 1879Captain18
ArthurBarrow R.N. 1815 1866Commander15
ArthurBarrow R.N. 1853 1914Rear-Admiral13
Ralph JohnBarton R.N. 1798 1881Captain14
William ThorntonBate R.N. 1820 1857Commander9
Richard SacheverellBateman R.N. 18311896Commander23
John OldenshawBathurst R.N. 1817 1861Commander13
Albert Henry WilliamBattiscombe R.N. 18311918Captain9
Eugene ChambersBatty R.N. 1830 1862Lieutenant4
Bonham WardBax R.N. 1837 1877Captain13
Robert LambertBaynes R.N. 1796 1869Admiral15
BenjaminBaynton R.N. 1789 1854Commander6
Henry HamiltonBeamish R.N. 1829 1901Captain18
Edward HalheadBeauchamp-Proctor R.N. 1815 1885Commander10
Rt. Hon. Lord Amelius WentworthBeauclerk R.N. 18151879Commander11
GeorgeBeaufoy R.N. 1796 1864Lieutenant10
Charles HenryBeddoes R.N. 1808 1856Commander12
Frederick George DenhamBedford R.N. 18381913Admiral31
Robert TenchBedford R.N. 1812 1868Captain11
Norman BernardBedingfield R.N. 1824 1894Captain21
Frederick WillamBeechey R.N. 1796 1856Rear-Admiral10
EdwardBelcher R.N. 1793 1877Vice-Admiral18
ThomasBelgrave R.N. 1815 1857Commander13
CharlesBell R.N. 1799 1844Commander10
Francis WilliamBennett R.N. 1830>1862Lieutenant10
ThomasBennett R.N. 1785 1870Vice-Admiral15
Lord Charles William de la PoerBeresford R.N. 18461919Admiral43
Henry BarréBeresford R.N. 1816 1871Commander10
HenryBerkeley R.N. <1854>1865Commander12
JoshuaBerkeley R.N. <1849>1855Lieutenant2
Maurice Frederick FitzhardingheBerkeley R.N. 1788 1867Admiral30
HenryBernard R.N. <1820>1847Lieutenant6
Henry ComptonBest R.N. 18371907Commander9
George DacresBevan R.N. 1832 1870Commander10
ThomasBevis R.N. <1797 1868Commander18
James EdwardBickford R.N. c1829 1905Captain13
Joseph GrantBickford R.N. 1816 1886Captain21
Henry HopeBingham R.N. 1801 1867Commander13
Henry MaynardBingham R.N. c183 1880Lieutenant10
John ElliotBingham R.N. 1805 1878Commander8
Thomas FrancisBirch R.N. <1830>1867Captain8
Thomas FrederickBirch R.N. 1805 1887Commander19
Edward JosephBird R.N. 1798 1881Captain15
PhilipBisson R.N. <1826 1842Lieutenant9
Francis RichardBlackburne R.N. 1835 1902Captain20
Francis PriceBlackwood R.N. 18091854Captain11
Henry MartinBlackwood R.N. 1801 1851Captain13
Patrick JohnBlake R.N. 1798 1884Captain16
William HansBlake R.N. 1832 1874Captain15
Arthur RodneyBlane R.N. 1834 1890Commander13
GeorgeBlane R.N. 1813 1879Commander12
Henry JohnBlomfield R.N. 1825 1900Captain16
Clavell William SimpsonBlount R.N. 18391888Lieutenant20
William SimpsonBlount R.N. 1800 1843Commander10
Archibald GeorgeBogle R.N. 18321908Captain25
Edward AlverneBolitho R.N. 18421908Commander33
Francis GodolphinBond R.N. <1827>1838Lieutenant4
Charles WrightBonham R.N. 18171910Captain35
Augustus St. ClairBooth R.N. 18101906Captain22
James RichardBooth R.N. 17981853Captain11
JohnBorlase R.N. <1826 1895Captain13
Charles JohnBosanquet R.N. 1807 1871Captain15
Day HortBosanquet R.N. 1843 1923Rear-Admiral11
George StanleyBosanquet R.N. 1836 1914Vice-Admiral23
Charles Fenton FletcherBoughey R.N. 18281894Captain23
Frederick MooreBoultbee R.N. 1798 1876Captain9
William RaymondBoulton R.N. <1846>1881Commander6
ThomasBourchier R.N. 17911849Captain26
Frederick William PleydellBouverie R.N. 1816 1898Captain14
WilliamBowden R.N. <1847>1865Captain6
NathanielBowden-Smith R.N. 1838 1921Admiral42
James PatersonBower R.N. 18061889Captain17
John HarrisonBowker R.N. <1803 1848Commander5
WilliamBowles R.N. 1780 1869Admiral of the Fleet21
George Le GeytBowyear R.N. 18151903Captain24
Charles Richard FoxBoxer R.N. <1808>1884Captain10
EdwardBoxer R.N. 1784 1855Rear-Admiral15
James MichaelBoxer R.N. <1827>1843Lieutenant3
John NcNeillBoyd R.N. <18251861Captain13
HenryBoyes R.N. <1796 1852Captain6
AlexanderBoyle R.N. 1810 1884Captain17
DavidBoyle R.N. <1855>1878Commander5
Robert FrancisBoyle R.N. 1818 1883Lieutenant10
George SayerBoys R.N. <1845 1859Lieutenant3
HenryBoys R.N. 1820 1904Admiral22
AlexanderBoyter R.N. 1792 1858Lieutenant6
FrancisBrace R.N. <1805 1848Captain9
John WilliamBrackenbury R.N. 1842 1918Vice-Admiral10
RichardBradshaw R.N. 18291899Captain21
John PowellBranch R.N. 1814 1850Lieutenant8
ThomasBrandreth R.N. 18251894Admiral32
James John GordonBremer R.N. 17861850Rear-Admiral22
Harry WoodfallBrent R.N. 1834 1911Captain18
Spencer PhippsBrett R.N. <1854>1868Commander6
Samuel JamesBrickwell R.N. <1841>1854Lieutenant3
William Wilson SomersetBridges R.N. <1852>1872Commander4
George AugustusBrine R.N. 1828>1876Commander8
LindesayBrine R.N. 1834>1897Vice-Admiral14
John William DouglasBrisbane R.N. 1806 1848Captain8
George DohertyBroad R.N. 18291903Captain21
HenryBroadhead R.N. 1806 1878Captain21
PhilipBrock R.N. <1854>1863Commander5
Thomas SaumarezBrock R.N. 1800 1875Captain14
George NathanielBroke R.N. 18121887Captain21
CharlesBromley R.N. 1820 1892Captain13
Arthur ThomasBrooke R.N. 18381893Captain11
Edward WolfeBrooker R.N. 1828>1866Commander8
George Augustus CookeBrooker R.N. <1852>1868Captain6
Francis Sullivan DelvesBroughton R.N. 18381878Commander29
WilliamBroughton R.N. 1804 1849Captain14
GeorgeBroun R.N. <1815>1846Commander6
Charles ForemanBrown R.N. <1819>1845Commander12
Francis ThomasBrown R.N. 1806>1846Commander14
Ralph Abercrombie OthoBrown R.N. <1849>1886Captain11
Thomas BourmasterBrown R.N. 1806 1849Commander7
William SamuelBrown R.N. <1854>1878Captain10
Charles JamesBrownrigg R.N. 18361881Captain24
Henry WilliamBruce R.N. 1792 1863Admiral23
James Andrew ThomasBruce R.N. 18461921Rear-Admiral9
James MinchinBruce R.N. <1852>1877Captain8
JohnBruce R.N. <1859>1871Commander6
JamesBuchanan R.N. 1840 1901Lieutenant9
Charles MatthewBuckle R.N. <1847>1881Captain8
Claude EdwardBuckle R.N. 1839 1930Rear-Admiral25
Claude Henry MasonBuckle R.N. 1803 1894Rear-Admiral18
Cecil WilliamBuckley R.N. 1830 1872Captain14
AlexanderBuller R.N. 18341903Admiral36
Augustus Thomas JohnBullock R.N. <1852>1855Lieutenant3
Charles JamesBullock R.N. 1826>1865Commander8
FrederickBullock R.N. <1812 1871Vice-Admiral12
Thomas ThelwallBullock R.N. <1854>1865Commander4
Archibald GibsonBulman R.N. <1828 1851Commander8
Benjamin HollandBunce R.N. 18121854Commander13
George FosterBurgess R.N. <1849>1857Commander5
JohnBurgess R.N. 1828>1872Lieutenant16
Frederick WilliamBurgoyne R.N. 1778 1848Captain16
Hugh TalbotBurgoyne R.N. 1833 1870Captain24
John CokeBurnell R.N. 1843>1895Captain9
William FarquharsonBurnett R.N. <1838 1863Captain9
JamesBurney R.N. <1807>1835Captain8
RichardBurridge R.N. <1808>1864Captain10
Godolphin JamesBurslem R.N. 1808 1889Lieutenant10
George GuyBurton R.N. 1782>1864Captain9
Robert HeronBurton R.N. <1849 1863Commander5
William KemptownBush R.N. <1850>1870Commander7
ThomasBushby R.N. <1804>1840Captain6
AugustusButler R.N. <1846>1870Captain5
Charles GeorgeButler R.N. 1793 1867Lieutenant11
William OrmondeButler R.N. <1855>1859Lieutenant3
Edward HarrisButterfield R.N. 1807>1841Captain10
GeorgeButtler R.N. 1791 1850Commander8
GeorgeByng R.N. <1829>1838Commander3
HenryByng R.N. <1827>1864Commander8
Henry DilkesByng R.N. 1781 1860Captain13
John ClarkeByng R.N. <1846>1865Captain6
RichardByron R.N. <1817 1843Commander7
JohnBythesea R.N. 1827 1906Captain23

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