Richard Sacheverell Bateman R.N.
Richard Sacheverell Bateman R.N.

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Richard Sacheverell Bateman R.N.Explanation
Son of Rev. John Bateman (1800-1882)
Date (from)(Date to)Personal
16 November 1831 Born (Mickleover, Derbyshire, England)
1880 Married Fanny Mary (1844-1907), daughter of George Scovell (1804-1890)
15 February 1896 Died (South Kensington, London, England)
1844Entered Navy
28 February 1854Lieutenant
11 September 1865Commander
1 October 1873Retired Captain
Date fromDate toService
1 January 185123 June 1851Mate in Victory, commanded by Captain Francis Price Blackwood, Portsmouth
24 June 185119 September 1851Mate in Retribution, commanded by Captain Frederick Warden, particular service
20 September 185122 September 1852Mate in Castor, commanded by Commodore Christopher Wyvill, Cape of Good Hope
23 September 185227 February 1854Mate in Hydra, commanded by Commander Thomas Belgrave, Cape of Good Hope
22 September 185413 March 1857Lieutenant in Dauntless, commanded by Captain Alfred Phillipps Ryder, the Baltic and the Black Sea during the Russian War, then the Mediterranean'
6 February 18584 February 1859Lieutenant in Lyra, commanded by Commander Radulphus Bryce Oldfield, Cape of Good Hope
5 February 185925 March 1859Lieutenant in Boscawen, commanded by Captain Richard Ashmore Powell, Cape of Good Hope
26 March 185929 July 1859Lieutenant in Tortoise, commanded by Captain William Farquharson Burnett, storeship, Ascension
6 October 18608 August 1861Lieutenant in Cumberland, commanded by Captain Charles Frederick Schomberg, guard ship of the steam reserve, Sheerness
9 August 186121 April 1862Lieutenant in James Watt, commanded by Captain Edward Codd, Mediterranean
16 October 186213 April 1863Lieutenant in Sutlej, commanded by Captain Matthew Connolly, Pacific
14 April 186314 June 1865Lieutenant in Charybdis, commanded by Captain Hon. George Disney Keane then Captain Edward Winterton Turnour, Pacific
10 May 18666 May 1869Coast Guard, Sunderland, then Gravesend, then Plymouth
7 May 187015 August 1871Commander in Royalist (until paying off at Sheerness), North America and West Indies
5 March 187224 November 1873Commander in Daphne, east coast of Africa (until invalided)

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