Commissioned officers in command - 1840-1880
Commissioned officers in command - 1840-1880

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The table below is intended to include all commissioned officers (that is, with the rank of Lieutenant or above) in command of a Royal Navy vessel between 1840 and 1880. The data are chiefly derived from service records in the National Archives in Kew, contemporary Navy Lists, William R. O'Byrne's "Naval Biographical Dictionary" (1849) and the "Naval Intelligence" column of the Times newspaper.

Follow the links in the first column for available biographic and career data. The 'Rank reached' column shows the highest substantive rank reached (thus not including "retired ..."); as the data are incomplete, however, some officers may have actually reached a higher rank.

For officers not shown here, try Paul Benyon's extensive listExternal link. For persons other than naval sea officers, go here.

 OfficerBornDiedRank reachedEntries
CumberlandHadaway R.N. 1797>1845Lieutenant8
Henry VachellHaggard R.N. 1822 1858Commander6
Henry GeorgeHale R.N. <1855>1855Lieutenant2
Basil Sidmouth De RosHall R.N. 1833 1871Captain11
CharlesHall R.N. <1804>1853Commander9
RobertHall R.N. 1817 1882Captain21
William HutcheonHall R.N. 1797 1878Rear-Admiral21
William KingHall R.N. 1816 1886Admiral30
Edward Knatchbull HughesHallett R.N. 1818 1861Commander10
Frederick WilliamHallowes R.N. 1833 1901Captain14
Edward PellewHalsted R.N. 18071873Vice-Admiral16
Peter SampsonHambly R.N. 1782 1847Captain7
Cospatrick BaillieHamilton R.N. 1817 1892Captain17
Francis TrevorHamilton R.N. <1848>1867Lieutenant3
John Fane CharlesHamilton R.N. 18201864Captain10
Richard VeseyHamilton R.N. 1829 1912Admiral33
William Alexander BaillieHamilton R.N. 1803 1881Captain29
Lacon UsherHammett R.N. 1820 1855Commander7
Andrew SnapeHamond R.N. 1811 1874Captain11
Graham Eden WilliamHamond R.N. 1814 1847Commander13
Richard HoraceHamond R.N. 18431906Rear-Admiral14
Hon. Charles Douglas RichardHanbury-Tracy R.N. 18401922Lieutenant14
GeorgeHancock R.N. 1819 1876Rear-Admiral23
George SumnerHand R.N. 18071883Captain14
HenryHand R.N. 18341889Captain29
Charles EgertonHarcourt-Vernon R.N. 1827 1872Commander9
FrancisHarding R.N. 1779 1875Captain18
JohnHarding R.N. <1805>1860Commander7
EdwardHardinge R.N. 1830 1894Vice-Admiral24
Earl of Hardwicke R.N. 17991873Captain22
Marcus Augustus StanleyHare R.N. 1839 1878Captain14
Hon RichardHare R.N. <1857>1868Commander5
Samuel FieldingHarmer R.N. 1793 1843Commander6
JamesHarper R.N. <1805>1846Lieutenant4
Edward Alfred JohnHarris R.N. 18081888Captain24
RobertHarris R.N. 18091865Captain19
Henry CookeHarston R.N. 18131897Commander15
EdwardHarvey R.N. 1783 1865Admiral17
FrederickHarvey R.N. <1852>1873Commander9
HenryHarvey R.N. 1812 1887Captain26
HenryHarvey R.N. 18231869Captain17
Robert BeazleyHarvey R.N. <1827>1865Commander7
ThomasHarvey R.N. 1810 1868Rear-Admiral23
PhilipHast R.N. <1819>1854Lieutenant17
Francis DecimusHastings R.N. <1807 1869Captain11
George FowlerHastings R.N. 1813 1876Vice-Admiral23
ThomasHastings R.N. 1790 1870Vice-Admiral15
William HenryHaswell R.N. <1800 1900Captain19
GeorgeHathorn R.N. 1803>1865Captain14
Henry SamuelHawker R.N. <1838 1889Captain16
CharlesHawkins R.N. <1779 1854Lieutenant4
EdwardHay R.N. 1835 1864Commander8
George JamesHay R.N. <1806 1862Captain7
James Beckford LewisHay R.N. 1797 1892Captain13
Lord JohnHay R.N. 17931851Rear-Admiral32
JohnHay R.N. 1804>1878Captain9
Lord JohnHay R.N. 1827 1916Admiral of the Fleet39
John Baker PorterHay R.N. 1800 1886Captain17
John Charles DalrympleHay R.N. 1821 1912Rear-Admiral32
CharlesHaydon R.N. 1793 1866Lieutenant19
Courtenay OsburnHayes R.N. 18111892Captain17
John MontaguHayes R.N. 18161882Captain18
Philip GeorgeHaymes R.N. 1793>1893Captain7
ThomasHeard R.N. <1826>1863Commander12
Leopold GeorgeHeath R.N. 1817 1907Rear-Admiral32
William Andrew JamesHeath R.N. <1832 1903Captain13
EdmundHeathcote R.N. 18141881Vice-Admiral24
William HennikerHeaton R.N. 1836 1898Lieutenant6
Alfred Prowse HaslerHelby R.N. <1849>1890Commander6
William GlassfordHemsworth R.N. <1800>1858Lieutenant4
AlexanderHenderson R.N. <1855>1860Lieutenant2
Reginald Friend HannamHenderson R.N. 18461932Admiral17
Samuel HoodHenderson R.N. 1822 1882Captain11
ThomasHenderson R.N. 1795 1865Rear-Admiral11
William HoneymanHenderson R.N. 17941855Captain24
William WillmottHenderson R.N. <1799 1854Rear-Admiral9
Algernon Charles FieschiHeneage R.N. 1833 1915Admiral19
Arthur RobertHenry R.N. <1842>1861Commander5
Hastings ReginaldHenry R.N. 1808 1878Admiral33
WilliamHenry R.N. <1807>1860Lieutenant5
Frederick AnstrutherHerbert R.N. 1827 1911Rear-Admiral20
Frederick CharlesHerbert R.N. 1819 1868Lieutenant10
George FlowerHerbert R.N. <1811>1867Commander21
ThomasHerbert R.N. 1793 1861Vice-Admiral16
Edward WilliamHereford R.N. <1858>1874Commander5
EdwardHerrick R.N. 1793 1862Captain16
AlbertHeseltine R.N. 1809 1885Captain15
WilliamHewett R.N. <1826 1840Captain5
William Nathan WrighteHewett R.N. <1819 1888Vice-Admiral27
Richard StrodeHewlett R.N. <1837 1875Rear-Admiral21
FrancisHewson R.N. <1853>1860Lieutenant2
JohnHext R.N. <1854>1889Captain13
Charles Augustus JohnHeysham R.N. 1832>1870Commander6
Henry DennisHickley R.N. 18261903Vice-Admiral20
Victor GrantHickley R.N. 18231888Captain12
William HenryHiggs R.N. <1796 1863Captain7
EdwardHill R.N. <1833>1848Lieutenant7
Henry WorsleyHill R.N. <1810>1860Captain14
JohnHill R.N. <1798>1842Lieutenant7
JohnHill R.N. 1773 1855Rear-Admiral11
Charles FarrellHillyar R.N. 1817 1888Admiral22
Henry ShankHillyar R.N. 1819 1893Rear-Admiral13
WilliamHillyar R.N. 1788 1867Captain11
Henry WilliamHire R.N. 1815 1883Captain24
William O'BryenHoare R.N. 1807>1848Commander10
Hon Augustus CharlesHobart R.N. 1822>1887Captain22
William RobertHobson R.N. 1831 1880Captain10
Charles LuxmoreHockin R.N. 1817>1884Captain13
Austin BissellHodgkinson R.N. 18271868Lieutenant6
Prince Victor F F E G A C FHohenlohe-Langenberg R.N. 18331891Captain23
Henry LoweHolder R.N. 1832 1924Captain14
EdwardHolland R.N. <1818>1856Captain13
FrederickHolland R.N. <1836 1860Commander5
James EverardHome R.N. 17981853Captain13
Arthur William AclandHood R.N. 1824 1901Admiral28
William John ThompsonHood R.N. 1794 1857Captain12
CharlesHope R.N. 1798 1854Rear-Admiral15
Charles WebleyHope R.N. 1829 1880Rear-Admiral14
Hon. GeorgeHope R.N. 18111854Captain11
JamesHope R.N. 1808 1881Admiral27
SackettHope R.N. <1800>1866Captain13
ThomasHope R.N. 1810 1867Rear-Admiral10
John OmmanneyHopkins R.N. 1834 1916Admiral33
Edward GeorgeHore R.N. <1846>1860Captain7
Geoffrey Thomas PhippsHornby R.N. 1825 1895Admiral of the Fleet32
PhippsHornby R.N. 1785 1867Admiral14
William WindhamHornby R.N. 1812>1877Captain9
Frederick WilmotHorton R.N. <1832 1855Commander6
WilliamHorton R.N. 1820 1883Captain11
John CochraneHoseason R.N. 1809 1884Commander10
WilliamHoseason R.N. 1801 1877Captain17
JamesHosken R.N. <1808 1885Commander11
Anthony HileyHoskins R.N. 1828 1901Admiral28
Richard FrazerHoskyn R.N. <1870 1892Commander6
William Legge GeorgeHoste R.N. 1818 1868Rear-Admiral16
CharlesHotham R.N. 1806 1855Captain22
Charles FrederickHotham R.N. 1843 1925Admiral of the Fleet19
WallaceHouston R.N. 1811 1891Rear-Admiral22
Edward HenryHoward R.N. 1832 1890Vice-Admiral16
WilliamHowat R.N. <1826>1857Commander11
WilliamHoworth R.N. <1856>1864Lieutenant4
Joseph SamuelHudson R.N. <1854>1874Captain11
Edward GreyHulton R.N. 18451923Captain20
Francis AlexanderHume R.N. <1854>1877Captain11
Henry SamuelHunt R.N. 18091880Commander11
JamesHunt R.N. 18171860Commander15
Walter JamesHunt-Grubbe R.N. 1833 1922Admiral28
George MartinHunter R.N. 18041852Commander11
James EdwardHunter R.N. 1834 1932Commander16
WilliamHutchinson R.N. <1790>1843Commander7
FrederickHutton R.N. 1801 1866Rear-Admiral14
HenryHuxham R.N. 1828 1863Commander6
John Matthew RobertInce R.N. <1828>1849Commander4
Edward AugustusInglefield R.N. 1820 1894Admiral40
Frederick WarrenInglefield R.N. <1857>1864Lieutenant5
Valentine OtwayInglefield R.N. <1846>1887Captain6
Augustus HenryIngram R.N. <1821 1888Captain13
Herbert Frederick WinningtonIngram R.N. 1820 1889Captain14
Arthur JohnInnes R.N. <1853>1867Captain6
Robert WintleInnes R.N. <1807>1836Lieutenant3
Charles KeatsJackson R.N. <1832>1867Commander5
George MelvilleJackson R.N. <1831>1862Captain9
John MilbourneJackson R.N. 1819 1883Commander7
SamuelJackson R.N. 1775 1845Rear-Admiral12
Thomas SturgesJackson R.N. 18421934Admiral16
William Travers ForbesJackson R.N. <1846>1870Commander4
Charles TrelawneyJago R.N. <1849 1891Rear-Admiral10
John WilliamJames R.N. <1852>1858Lieutenant2
Robert BastardJames R.N. <1815>1838Lieutenant2
ThomasJames R.N. <1821>1848Lieutenant4
JohnJeayes R.N. 1799>1860Lieutenant5
CharlesJenkin R.N. <1814>1861Commander10
JohnJenkins R.N. <1853>1858Lieutenant2
RobertJenkins R.N. 1825 1894Rear-Admiral14
RobertJenner R.N. <1826 1873Commander14
EdwardJennings R.N. 1793 1852Lieutenant10
Arthur WilliamJerningham R.N. 1807 1889Captain17
William HenryJervis R.N. 18031874Captain12
Charles RichardsonJohnson R.N. <1826 1882Captain21
John OrmsbyJohnson R.N. 1822 1881Captain14
John Samuel WillesJohnson R.N. 1793 1863Captain12
William FrederickJohnson R.N. <1846>1870Commander6
William Ward PercivalJohnson R.N. <1803>1875Captain16
Frederick ErskineJohnston R.N. <1828>1854Commander11
Arthur Henry JohnJohnstone R.N. <1855>1861Commander5
CharlesJohnstone R.N. 18431927Captain24
Henry BoysJohnstone R.N. 1828 1908Commander15
William George HopeJohnstone R.N. 1830 1870Captain8
William James HopeJohnstone R.N. 1798 1878Admiral21
Hon Walter HyltonJoliffe R.N. <1867>1884Lieutenant5
William KynastonJolliffe R.N. <1845>1867Captain6
Archibald DouglasJolly R.N. <1829 1854Commander12
Henry PagetJones R.N. 1792 1854Lieutenant11
JenkinJones R.N. <1813>1813Captain6
Lewis TobiasJones R.N. 1797 1895Vice-Admiral27
Loftus FrancisJones R.N. 1836 1912Admiral10
Oliver JohnJones R.N. 1813 1878Captain12
Theodore MortonJones R.N. 1828 1895Rear-Admiral15
WilliamJones R.N. <1805 1846Captain9
William HenryJones(-Byrom) R.N. 18301867Commander9
John ParryJones-Parry R.N. 18291920Captain17
John James StevenJosling R.N. 1825 1863Captain15
Humphrey JohnJulian R.N. <1824 1848Commander9
PhilipJustice R.N. <1807>1846Captain5
Colin Campbell AbercrombieKane R.N. <1841>1858Commander12
Wollaston ComynsKarslake R.N. <1863>1889Captain6
James EdwardKaton R.N. 1810>1861Captain11
EdwardKeane R.N. <1806>1858Lieutenant8
Hon. George DisneyKeane R.N. 1817 1891Rear-Admiral13
John SmithKeats R.N. <1855>1870Commander6
CharlesKeele R.N. 1795 1865Captain7
ArthurKellett R.N. <1811>1846Commander7
HenryKellett R.N. 1806 1875Vice-Admiral21
EdwardKelly R.N. 1836 1892Rear-Admiral20
WilliamKelly R.N. 1794 1869Captain11
AndrewKennedy R.N. 1787 1854Commander10
Andrew JamesKennedy R.N. <1855>1884Captain7
John JamesKennedy R.N. 1821>1868Captain15
William RobertKennedy R.N. 1838>1997Admiral16
Edward HoileKennett R.N. <1826>1842Lieutenant5
GeorgeKenyon R.N. 1811>1847Commander13
HenryKeppel R.N. 1809 1904Admiral of the Fleet31
Edward FrancisKerby R.N. <1854>1873Commander4
Lord Frederick HerbertKerr R.N. 1818 1896Rear-Admiral18
Henry AshburtonKerr R.N. 1821 1856Commander5
Lord Walter TalbotKerr R.N. 18391927Admiral of the Fleet48
Astley CooperKey R.N. 1821 1888Admiral33
Gilbert TrowardKey R.N. <1855>1870Commander4
Richard GeorgeKinahan R.N. <1859>1889Captain8
George St VincentKing R.N. 1809 1891Admiral18
JohnKingcome R.N. <1808 1871Vice-Admiral19
Augustus JohnKingston R.N. <1848>1864Captain6
William HewgillKitchen R.N. 1787 1865Captain11
Herbert PriceKnevitt R.N. 18331896Commander20
Hugh HoratioKnocker R.N. <1853 1869Commander6
Charles George FrederickKnowles R.N. 1832 1918Captain17
Henry NeedhamKnox R.N. 1831 1916Lieutenant10
Thomas OwenKnox R.N. 18031851Captain18
Augustus LeopoldKuper R.N. 1809 1885Admiral25
Augustus FrederickKynaston R.N. 1814 1860Captain12

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