Wallace Houston R.N.
Wallace Houston R.N.

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Wallace Houston R.N.Explanation
Date (from)(Date to)Personal
1811 Born
17 May 1891 Died (at Eaton Square, London)
2 December 1824Entered Navy
3 March 1832Lieutenant
7 May 1842Commander
23 July 1847Captain
5 May 1865Rear-Admiral
1 April 1870Retired Rear-Admiral
1 October 1871Retired Vice-Admiral
1 August 1877Retired Admiral
Date fromDate toService
8 December 1832 Lieutenant in Childers, commanded by Robert Deans
10 January 1833 Lieutenant in Spartiate, flagship of Michael Seymour, South America
10 March 1834October 1835Lieutenant in Conway, commanded by Henry Eden
9 June 183614 April 1838Lieutenant in Madagascar, commanded by John Strutt Peyton, North America and West Indies
14 April 18381839Lieutenant in Madagascar, commanded by Provo William Parry Wallis, North America and West Indies
23 July 1840 Lieutenant in Impregnable, flagship of Graham Moore, Plymouth
27 October 1840 Lieutenant in Caledonia, flagship of Graham Moore, Plymouth
17 August 1841 Lieutenant in Illustrious, flagship of Vice-Admiral Charles Adam, North America and West Indies
3 August 1842 Commander in Pilot, North America and West Indies
4 March 1843June 1844Commander (2ic) in Imaum, commanded by Commodore Alexander Renton Sharpe, receiving ship, Jamaica
19 June 1852 Captain in Trincomalee, Pacific (including 1854 Anglo-French squadron during the Russian War)
27 January 185922 June 1859Captain in Orion, Mediterranean

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