Leopold George Heath R.N.
Leopold George Heath R.N.

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Leopold George Heath R.N.Explanation
Son of George Heath (1778-1852)
Date (from)(Date to)Personal
18 November 1817 Born (London)
1854 Married, at Malta, Mary Emma (died 1902), daughter of Cuthbert Marsh, of Eastbury, Herts
25 July 1855 C.B. (Companion of the Bath)
14 August 1868 K.C.B. (Knight Commander of the Bath)
1897 Published 'Letters from the Black Sea during the Crimean War, 1854-55'.
7 May 1907 Died (at Holmwood, Dorking)
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September 1830Entered Royal Naval Colle
23 December 1840Lieutenant
3 August 1847Commander
13 November 1854Captain
20 December 1871Rear-Admiral
12 February 1873Retired Rear-Admiral
16 September 1877Retired Vice-Admiral
Date fromDate toService
24 December 1840 Lieutenant in Impregnable, commanded by Thomas Forrest, Mediterranean
19 October 1843 Lieutenant in Iris, commanded by George Rodney Mundy, East Indies
1 January 184716 February 1847Act. Lieutenant commander in Wolf, East Indies
16 February 18473 August 1847Lieutenant in Iris, commanded by George Rodney Mundy, East Indies
9 July 1850November 1854Commander in Niger (from commissioning at Portsmouth), west coast of Africa, then (end of 1852) Mediterranean (and in 1854 the Black Sea during the Russian War, Heath being beach-master at Eupatoria during the landing)1)
22 November 1854February 1855Acting Captain in Sans Pareil, Black Sea during the Russian War
December 1854November 1855Captain of the port of Balaclava
January 1855 Principal Agent of Transports in the Crimea
1 November 185527 September 1856Captain in Seahorse (from commissioning at Plymouth until paying off at Plymouth), fitting at Devonport, then (June 1956) troop transport from Constantinople
17 December 185628 February 1857Captain in Melampus, Coast guard service, Southampton water (ship's log)
1 March 185821 August 1859Captain in Arrogant (from commissioning at Portsmouth until paying off at Portsmouth), Coast guard service, Southampton water (ship's log)
23 August 1859January 1861Captain in Dauntless, Coast Guard, Southampton water (ship's log) Tenders: Argus, Active and Mermaid
1 April 186220 April 1863Captain in Cambridge, gunnery ship, Devonport
April 1863June 1867Vice-President of the Ordnance Select Committee at Woolwich
29 July 186716 September 1867Commodore in Octavia, Commander-in-chief, East Indies
16 September 18676 September 1870Commander-in-chief, East Indies (flag in Octavia, and from 26 January 1869 in Forte)
187020 December 1871Served on a Committee for torpedo defence
1)In the early part of the Russian War Niger was employed in the blocade of the Russian Black Sea coast, but then accompanied the expeditionary force to the Crimea, where Heath acted as beach master at Eupatoria during the landing on 14 September and subsequent days. At the bombardment of Sevastopol on 17 October, Niger towed London into action, being lashed to her off-shore side; her men worked London's upper-deck geuns, 200 of that ship's crew having been landed with the naval brigade.

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