Henry Shank Hillyar R.N.
Henry Shank Hillyar R.N.

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Henry Shank Hillyar R.N.Explanation
Date (from)(Date to)Personal
1819 Born (Totnes, Devon)
11 June 1855 Married Anna Louisa (1830-1906), daughter of George William Soltau (1802-1884)
3 August 1893 Died (Devon)
Entry in O'Byrnes 1849 'Naval Biographical Dictionary'
24 December 1831Entered Navy
23 December 1842Lieutenant
25 February 1853Commander
13 November 1854Captain
11 February 1872Rear-Admiral
16 September 1877Vice-Admiral
1 April 1884Retired Vice-Admiral
Date fromDate toService
14 May 183810 April 1841Mate in Asia, commanded by Captain William Fisher, Mediterranean (including operations on the coast of Syria in 1840)
11 April 184117 March 1843Mate in Cornwallis, commanded by Captain Peter Richards, East Indies (including the first Anglo-Chinese war)
18 March 184311 May 1847Lieutenant in Wolverene, commanded by Lieutenant and commander Henry Gage Morris then Commander William John Cavendish Clifford then Commander John Charles Dalrymple Hay, East Indies
31 August 184724 May 1851Lieutenant in Asia, commanded by Captain Robert Fanshawe Stopford, Pacific
19 March 18526 February 1853Lieutenant in Winchester, commanded by Captain Granville Gower Loch, East Indies
20 August 185326 November 1854Commander (2ic) in Agamemnon, commanded by William Robert Mends, flagship of Rear-Admiral Edmund Lyons, Mediterranean
27 November 185423 March 1855Commander (2ic) in Agamemnon, commanded by Thomas Sabine Pasley, flagship of Rear-Admiral Edmund Lyons, Mediterranean
6 May 185923 July 1862Captain in Cadmus (from commissioning at Chatham), North America and West Indies
11 May 186613 June 1867Captain in Resistance (until paying off), Mediterranean
14 December 186714 February 1871Captain in Royal Oak (from commissioning at Portsmouth), Channel squadron, then Mediterranean
20 June 18762 October 1878Commander-in-Chief, Queenstown, flag in Revenge

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