Lindesay Brine R.N.
Lindesay Brine R.N.

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Lindesay Brine R.N.Explanation
Date (from)(Date to)Personal
5 November 1834 Born
27 November 1854Lieutenant
24 June 1862Commander
16 October 1868Captain
1 January 1886Rear-Admiral
28 December 1891Vice-Admiral
5 November 1894Retired Vice-Admiral
23 August 1897Retired Admiral
Date fromDate toService
1 May 1860 Lieutenant and commander in Opossum, East Indies and China
27 May 186517 June 1868Commander in Racer (until paying off at Woolwich), Mediterranean
24 October 187312 April 1876Captain in Briton (until paying off at Plymouth), East Indes
August 1876January 1877Captain in Wolverene (from commissioning at Sheerness), bring the ship out to Australia (to become commodores' flagship)
18775 June 1877Captain in Pearl (until paying off at Portsmouth), bringing the ship back from Australia
25 March 1878 Captain in Invincible, Channel squadron

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