George Stanley Bosanquet R.N.
George Stanley Bosanquet R.N.

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George Stanley Bosanquet R.N.Explanation
Third son of Samuel Richard Bosanquet (1800-1882) of Dingestow Court, Monmouthshire
Date (from)(Date to)Personal
18 April 1835 Born (Lewes, Sussex)
15 September 1864 Married to Caroline Susan, the daughter of the Reverend William Courthope, at Ticehurst, Sussex
12 January 1914 Died (living at Bitchet Wood, Sevenoaks)
8 July 1848Entered Navy
22 September 1855Lieutenant
9 November 1863Commander
4 April 1870Captain
1 January 1887Rear-Admiral
25 July 1892Vice-Admiral
10 March 1894Retired Vice-Admiral
19 March 1898Retired Admiral
Date fromDate toService
19 March 185610 September 1856Lieutenant and commander in Spanker (until paying off at Sheerness)
(May 1858) Lieutenant in Calcutta, commanded by William King Hall, flagship of Rear-Admiral Michael Seymour, East Indies and China (at capture of Peiho River forts)
14 November 1858 Lieutenant and commander in Woodcock, East Indies and China (at capture of Peiho River north forts)
18621862Lieutenant in Flamer, East Indies and China (during operations against the Taeping rebels)
7 July 1866 Commander in Enterprise, Mediterranean
13 July 18757 January 1879Captain in Diamond (from commissioning at Sheerness until paying off at Sheerness), East Indies
9 July 1880 Additional Captain in Vernon, for temporary service
31 December 1880 Captain in Northumberland, and during 1882 Egyptian war
15 August 188325 August 1886Captain in Cambridge, gunnery ship, Devonport
October 18841 January 1887Naval aide-de-camp to Queen Victoria
25 August 1886 Additional Captain in Royal Adelaide

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