Charles James Brownrigg R.N.
Charles James Brownrigg R.N.

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Charles James Brownrigg R.N.Explanation
Son of Marcus Freeman Brownrigg R.N. (1801-1884)
Date (from)(Date to)Personal
9 November 1836 Born (Bonbay (currently Mumbai), India)
11 April 1861 Married Charlotte Margaretta Maria (1838-1906), daughter of William Norton Taylor
3 December 1881 Died (killed, together with four other men of the ship, when attempting to intercept a slaving dhow off Pemba, when in command of London)
9 November 1855Mate
17 December 1857Lieutenant
9 April 1866Commander
18 September 1873Captain
Date fromDate toService
9 November 18553 March 1856Mate in Algiers, commanded by Captain Charles Talbot, Black Sea during the Russian War
10 March 18568 July 1857Mate in Pioneer, commanded by Commander George Pechell Mends, North America and West Indies
25 July 18574 March 1858Mate in Chesapeake, commanded by Rundle Burges Watson, East Indies and China
5 March 18599 May 1859Lieutenant in Chesapeake, commanded by Captain George Ommaney Willes, East Indies and China
10 May 185927 April 1861Lieutenant in Inflexible, commanded by Commander George Augustus Cooke Brooker, East Indies and China during the 2nd Anglo-Chinese War
4 June 186114 May 1862Lieutenant in Excellent, commanded by Captain Richard Strode Hewlett, gunnery ship, Portsmouth
15 May 186224 March 1864Lieutenant in Galatea, commanded by Captain Rochfort Maguire, Channel sqadron
25 March 18646 April 1866Lieutenant in Formidable, commanded by Captain John Fulford, flagship of Vice-Admiral Charles Talbot, Sheerness
14 April 186613 April 1867Commander (2ic) in Challenger, commanded by Captain Rochfort Maguire then Commodore Rowley Lambert, Australia
14 April 186712 August 1867Acting Captain in Challenger, Australia
13 August 18674 March 1871Commander (2ic) in Challenger, commanded by Commodore Rowley Lambert, Australia
18 July 187131 March 1873Naval Reserve, Pembroke
1 April 187320 October 1873Naval Barracks
12 October 187722 April 1878Captain in Tamar, troopship
23 April 187810 June 1880Captain in Euphrates, troopship
11 June 18803 December 1881Captain in London, depot ship Zanzibar (until he was killed)

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