George Ommaney Willes R.N.
George Ommaney Willes R.N.

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George Ommaney Willes R.N.Explanation
Date (from)(Date to)Personal
19 June 1823 Born (Southampton, Hampshire)
16 May 1855 Married Georgina Matilda Josephine (1825-1912), daughter of William Joseph Lockwood (1790-1854, Captain in the Coldstream Guards)
21 May 1884 K.C.B. (Knight Commander of the Bath)
1892 G.C.B. (Knight Grand Cross of the Bath)
18 February 1901 Died (73 Cadogan Square, Chelsea, London)
Obituary in the Times newspaper
12 September 1842Mate
11 December 1844Lieutenant
17 April 1854Commander
10 May 1856Captain
11 June 1874Rear-Admiral
1 February 1879Vice-Admiral
27 March 1885Admiral
19 June 1888Retired Admiral
Date fromDate toService
24 December 18441 February 1845Lieutenant in Rolla, commanded by Commander John Simpson, west coast of Africa
4 March 184530 April 1848Lieutenant in Hibernia, commanded by Captain Peter Richards, Mediterranean
1 May 18485 October 1849Lieutenant and commander in Spitfire, commanded by Peter Richards, flagship of James Hope, Mediterranean
8 August 18501 May 1854Lieutenant in Retribution, commanded by Captain Frederick Warden, particular service
1 June 1854 Commander (2ic) in Britannia, commanded by Thomas Wren Carter, flagship of James Whitley Deans Dundas, Mediterranean
7 June 185413 March 1855Commander (2ic) in Britannia, commanded by Captain Thomas Wren Carter, Mediterranean (and Black Sea during the Russian War)
16 October 185522 May 1856Commander (2ic) in Duke of Wellington, commanded by Captain Henry Caldwell, flagship of Richard Saunders Dundas, the Baltic during the Russian War
15 February 185918 May 1861Captain in Chesapeake, flagship of James Hope, East Indies and China (including later part of 2nd Anglo-Chinese War)
19 May 186127 September 1862Captain in Impérieuse, flagship of James Hope, China (including British involvement in Taiping rebellion) (until Willes invalided)
14 November 186311 January 1864Additional captain in Royal Adelaide, commanded by Captain Henry Caldwell, for service in Prince Consort
12 June 186417 April 1866Captain in Prince Consort, Channel squadron
18 April 186627 January 1869Captain in Indus, flagship of Rear-Admiral James Robert Drummond, guard ship of reserve, and flagship of the Admiral Superintendant, Devonport dockyard
28 January 186912 July 1870At the Admiralty, assisting the First Naval Lord in conducting the duties of the Coastguard and the Royal Naval Reserve, as well as giving general assistance in other matters; carried on the books of Fisgard at Woolwich
October 1870 "Chief of the Staff" at the Admiralty: superintending the Coastguard, the first reserve ships, tenders, and drill-ships of the Royal Naval Reserve, and supervising the Royal Naval Reserve, the Royal Naval Volunteers, and the Seamen and Marine Pensioners' Reserve
1 August 187129 August 1871Commodore (1st class) in Achilles, commanded by Captain Richard Vesey Hamilton, Reserve Squadron
3 January 18813 January 1884Commander-in-chief, China
28 November 188520 June 1888Commander-in-chief, Portsmouth

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