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Edward Tatham R.N.

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Edward Tatham R.N.Explanation
Date (from)(Date to)Personal
No personal data.
12 January 1838Lieutenant
6 June 1846Commander
20 August 1854Captain
1 April 1870Retired Rear-Admiral
12 November 1876Retired Vice-Admiral
Date fromDate toService
2 August 1838 Additional Lieutenant in Melville, commanded by Richard Saunders Dundas, flagship of George Elliot, Cape of Good Hope
15 November 1838 Lieutenant in Columbine, commanded by George Elliot, North America and West Indies
18 November 1839 Lieutenant in Columbine, commanded by Thomas Jordaine Clarke, East Indies
30 August 1841 Lieutenant in Belvidera, commanded by George Grey, Mediterranean
9 October 18411845Lieutenant in Spartan, commanded by Charles Gilbert John Brydone Elliot, North America and West Indies
15 February 18466 June 1846Lieutenant in Raleigh, commanded by Thomas Herbert
24 June 1846 Commander (2ic) in Raleigh, commanded by Thomas Herbert, south east coast of America
9 October 1850 Commander in Geyser, south-east coast of America
4 December 1851 Commander in Fury, particular service (and, 1854, the Black Sea during the Russian War)
1 February 1858 Captain in Eagle, Coast Guard, Pembroke
12 June 18602 April 1861Captain in Blenheim, Coast Guard, Pembroke
1 November 186124 August 1863Captain in Phaeton (from commissioning at Chatham), North America and West Indies
22 March 18661 June 1867Captain in Bellerophon, Channel squadron

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