Henry Alexander Story R.N.
Henry Alexander Story R.N.

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Henry Alexander Story R.N.Explanation
Date (from)(Date to)Personal
25 July 1813 Born
1879 Died
December 1826Entered Royal Naval Colle
28 June 1838Lieutenant
9 November 1846Commander
29 September 1855Captain
25 August 1873Retired Rear-Admiral
21 March 1878Retired Vice-Admiral
Date fromDate toService
23 October 184515 October 1846Lieutenant in Retribution, commanded by Stephen Lushington, Channel squadron
16 October 1846 Lieutenant in Vengeance, commanded by Stephen Lushington, Home station, then Mediterranean
16 August 18544 October 1855Commander in Harrier (from commissioning at Portsmouth), the Baltic during the Russian War, then North America and West Indies1)
12 December 18561 February 1858Captain in Eagle, Coast Guard, Falmouth (replaced by Russell)
1 February 185831 December 1858Captain in Russell (from commissioning at Sheerness), Coast Guard, Falmouth (replacing Eagle)
1)On 29 November 1855 Harrier ran aground on the island of Virgin Gorda, West Indies. Story (and the Master, Thomas H. Huss) were sentenced by court-matrial in Plymouth to be severely reprimanded for "not taking sufficient precautions to secure the safety of the ship".

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