Arthur Richard Wright R.N.
Arthur Richard Wright R.N.

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Arthur Richard Wright R.N.Explanation
Son of Rev. Richard Clark Wright (1803-1863)
Date (from)(Date to)Personal
27 June 1831 Born (Cranfield, Bedford, England)
23 December 1862 Maried Mary (1832-1913), daughter of Major General Henry Thomas Palliser (1793-1864)
19 August 1879 Died (in command of Dido)
25 February 1852Mate
8 March 1854Lieutenant
25 July 1864Commander
20 June 1874Captain
Date fromDate toService
25 February 185217 September 1853Mate in Harlequin
14 November 18539 March 1854Mate in Royal George, commanded by Henry John Codrington, the Baltic
18 April 185425 October 1854Lieutenant in Phoenix, commanded by Edward Augustus Inglefield, in the Artic, finding and bringing home part of Sir Edward Belcher's expedition
27 December 18546 February 1855Lieutenant in Calcutta, commanded by James John Stopford
7 February 185518 December 1855Lieutenant in Ariel, commanded by John Proctor Luce, White Sea, during the Russian War
19 December 18553 June 1856Lieutenant in Blenheim, commanded by William Hutcheon Hall, Portsmouth
4 June 185623 April 1858Lieutenant in Merlin, commanded by Cecil William Buckley, west coast of Africa
11 March 185912 May 1859Lieutenant in Edinburgh, commanded by Edwin Claton Tennyson D'Eyncourt, coast guard service, Queensferry
13 May 18593 September 1861Lieutenant in Emerald, commanded by Arthur Cumming, for harbour service
4 September 18617 August 1864Lieutenant in Impregnable, commanded by Charles Vesey, harbour service, for service in Nautilus and Squirel
1 January 1862 Lieutenant and commander in Squirrel, Devonport, tender to Impregnable
17 July 186516 July 1868Coast Guard
13 October 186919 August 1873Commander in Rocket
20 August 187331 December 1873Acting Captain in Pylades (until paying off at Sheerness), returning from the south east coast of America
27 May 187919 August 1879Captain in Dido (from commissioning at Portsmouth), West coast of Africa (until he died)

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