Henry Frederick McKillop R.N.
Henry Frederick McKillop R.N.

The Royal Navy

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Henry Frederick McKillop R.N.Explanation
Date (from)(Date to)Personal
25 February 1822 Born (Dunkirk, France)
June 1849 Married Mary Maria, daughter of John Murray, in Plympton, Devon
1863 Invented a flexible cofferdam, or canvas machine for cleaning ships' bottoms afloat, tested at Chatham by Admiralty order
November 1875 Led an Egyptian force of two warships (the Muhammad ?li and the Latif) and two two troopships, intended to annex the area around the mouth of the Juba River in Somalia for the Egyptian khedive, Isma'il. However the force was withdrawn when the British objected.
5 June 1879 Died (Ramleh, Egypt)
16 October 1847Lieutenant
24 May 1855Commander
24 November 1862Captain
1 April 1870Retired Captain
9 March 1878Retired Rear-Admiral
Date fromDate toService
14 September 185415 June 1855Lieutenant and commander in Snake, Black Sea during the Russian War
30 November 1855 Commander in Recruit, Mediterranean
14 July 1859 Coast Guard
3 December 186022 July 1862Commander in Bulldog, North America and West Indies
April 1868 In charge of a Naval College and training ships in Egypt

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