Prince Ernest L.V.C.A.J.E Leiningen R.N.
Prince Ernest L.V.C.A.J.E Leiningen R.N.

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Prince Ernest L.V.C.A.J.E Leiningen R.N.Explanation
A step-nephew of Queen Victoria; his German title was Ernst Leopold Victor Carl August Joseph Emich, 4. Fürst zu Leiningen
Date (from)(Date to)Personal
9 November 1830 Born (Amorbach, Bavaria)
11 September 1858 Married Princess Marie (1834-1899), daughter of Leopold (1790-1852), Grand Duke of Baden
4 April 1904 Died (Amorbach)
Obituary in the Times newspaper
26 March 1855Mate
2 May 1855Lieutenant
10 August 1857Commander
25 October 1860Captain
31 December 1876Rear-Admiral
1 December 1881Vice-Admiral
7 June 1887Admiral
9 November 1895Retired Admiral
Date fromDate toService
2 April 185513 June 1855Lieutenant in Duke of Wellington, commanded by Captain Henry Caldwell, the Baltic during the Russian War
14 June 185520 December 1855Lieutenant in Cossack, commanded by Captain Edward Gennys Fanshawe then Captain James Horsford Cockburn, the Baltic during the Russian War
21 December 185513 January 1857Lieutenant in Magicienne, commanded by Captain Nicholas Vansittart, Mediterranean
14 January 18578 February 1858Lieutenant in Victoria and Albert, commanded by Captain Joseph Denman, Portsmouth
21 July 185827 October 1860Commander (2ic) in Fairy, commanded by Captain Joseph Denman, Portsmouth, tender to Victoria and Albert, Royal yacht
13 March 18626 April 1863Captain in Magicienne (from commissioning at Plymouth), Mediterranean
7 April 186331 December 1876Captain in Victoria and Albert, Portsmouth
1 July 18851 July 1887Commander-in-Chief, the Nore (flag in Duncan)

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