James Dirom R.N.
James Dirom R.N.

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James Dirom R.N.Explanation
Youngest son of General Alexander Dirom (1757-1830)
Date (from)(Date to)Personal
15 July 1815 Born
10 October 1856 Married, firstly, Jane Catherine (died 10 March 1858), only daughter of Alexander Pearson, in Edinburgh
9 January 1874 Married, secondly, Isabella Anna Samuells (died 7th December 1928), in Edinburgh
8 August 1878 Died (Dunfries)
21 March 1829Entered Navy
15 March 1841Lieutenant
6 February 1852Commander
10 May 1856Captain
11 June 1874Retired Rear-Admiral
Date fromDate toService
16 March 184122 October 1841Lieutenant in Iris, commanded by Hugh Nurse, west coast of Africa
22 October 18417 September 1842Lieutenant in Persian, commanded by Thomas Rodney Eden, west coast of Africa
7 September 184215 August 1843Lieutenant in Iris, commanded by George Rodney Mundy, west coast of Africa
9 November 1843 Lieutenant in Albion, commanded by Nicholas Lockyer, Devonport, then Lisbon, then Channel squadron (until Lockyer died), (also 1844 experimental squadron and 1845 experimental squadron)
1 June 18502 July 1852Lieutenant in Albion, commanded by William James Hope Johnstone, Mediterranean
2 July 1852 Commander (2ic) in Maeander, commanded by Charles Talbot, Cape of Good Hope
30 May 1854 Commander (2ic) in Algiers, commanded by Charles Talbot, Mediterranean

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