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Philip Howard Colomb R.N.

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Philip Howard Colomb R.N.Explanation
Third son of Col. George T. Columb, Commandant of the Royal Hibernian Military
Date (from)(Date to)Personal
29 May 1831 Born (Knockbrex, near Gatehouse of Fleet, Dumfries and Galloway)
13 August 1857 Married Ellen Bourne, daughter of Captain Hooke, and niece of the late Richard Carmichael of Rutland Square, Dublin
1866 Wrote (with Harry Woodwall Brent) "The Law of Port Helm. An examination into its history and dangerous action; with suggestions for its abolition" (his idesa were finally adopted by the 1889 International Conference in Washington)
1874 Wrote a new "Manual of Fleet Evolutions"
1891 Wrote "Naval Warfare, Its Ruling Principles and Practice Historically Treated".
13 October 1899 Died (living at Botley, Hampshire)
Wrote "Slave catching in the Indian Ocean: A record of naval experiences".
Wrote "The Dangers of the Modern Rule of the Road at Sea : And the manoeuvring powers of ships as affecting collision".
Wrote "The Great War of 189-. A Forecast", together with John Frederick Maurice, Frederic Natusch Maude and Archibald Forbes
1846Entered Navy
6 February 1855Lieutenant
12 December 1863Commander
4 April 1870Captain
1 June 1886Retired Captain
6 April 1887Retired Rear-Admiral
9 August 1892Retired Vice-Admiral
Date fromDate toService
6 February 1855 Lieutenant in Hastings, commanded by James Crawford Caffin, the Baltic during the Russian War
15 December 18571863Flag-lieutenant to Rear-Admiral Sir Thomas Pasley, Admiral-superintendent of Devonport dockyard
7 December 1865 Additional Commander in Victory, commanded by Francis Egerton, Portsmouth, for temporary service
1867 His night-signaling apparatus, on which he started working in 1858, was adapted by the Royal Navy
6 July 186811 April 1870Commander in Dryad, East Indies
31 August 187431 August 1877Captain in Audacious, flagship of Vice-Admiral Alfred Phillipps Ryder, China
18801881Captain in Thunderer, Mediterranean
21 May 18811884Captain in Asia, and captain of the steam reserve, Portsmouth
24 October 18841886Captain in Duke of Wellington, flagship of the commander-in-chief, Portsmouth

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