Hon. Francis Egerton R.N.
Hon. Francis Egerton R.N.

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Hon. Francis Egerton R.N.Explanation
Son of Francis Egerton, 1st Earl of Ellesmere
Date (from)(Date to)Personal
15 September 1824 Born
26 September 1865 Married Louisa Caroline, daughter of William Cavendish, 7th Duke of Devonshire
15 December 1895 Died
1840Entered Navy
7 June 1845Mate
4 May 1846Lieutenant
30 January 1850Commander
1 February 1855Captain
8 February 1873Rear-Admiral
4 November 1875Retired Rear-Admiral
9 March 1878Retired Vice-Admiral
27 October 1884Retired Admiral
Date fromDate toService
7 June 184510 March 1846Mate in Excellent, commanded by Captain Thomas Hastings then Captain Henry Ducie Chads, gunnery ship, Portsmouth
11 March 18463 May 1846Mate in Raleigh, commanded by Captain Thomas Herbert, Squadron of Evolution
18 May 184612 August 1849Lieutenant in Raleigh, commanded by Captain Thomas Herbert then Captain Stephen Grenville Fremantle then Captain Hon. George Hope, Squadron of Evolution and then South-east coast of America
13 August 184910 October 1849Lieutenant in Harpy, commanded by Lieutenant and commander James Ward Tomlinson, south-east coast of America
11 October 184928 January 1850Lieutenant in Raleigh, commanded by Captain Hon. George Hope, south-east coast of America
25 May 185214 February 1855Commander in Basilisk (Portsmouth), particular service, then (1854) the Baltic during the Russian War
9 April 185720 August 1858Captain in Royal Albert, Mediterranean
6 June 18609 February 1864Captain in St George (from commissioning at Plymouth until paying off at Plymouth), flagship of Rear-Admiral Edmund Lyons, Plymouth, then (May 1861) North America and West Indies, then (May 1862) Channel squadron, then (November 1862) Mediterranean
2 March 18665 August 1867Captain in Victory, flag-ship, Commander-in-chief Portsmouth

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