HMS Hawke (1820)
HMS Hawke (1820)

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NameHawke (1820)Explanation
TypeThird rate TypeBlockship
Launched (Sail)16 March 1820 Converted to screw20 May 1855
HullWooden Length176 feet
PropulsionSail Men600
Builders measure1754 tons Builders measure (as screw)1754 tons
Displacement  Displacement (as screw)2808 tons
Guns74 Guns (as screw)60
Fate1865 Last in commission1865
Class  Class (as screw)Cornwallis
Ships book   
Snippets concerning career prior to conversion
16 March 1820Launched as 3rd rate sailing ship at Woolwich Dockyard.
January 1840Out of commission at Sheerness
3 February 1855
- 19 May 1856
Commanded (from commissioning at Sheerness until paying off at Sheerness) by Captain Erasmus Ommanney, the Baltic, as senior officer in the Gulf of Riga during the Russian War, and then at Falmouth
Career as unarmoured wooden screw vessel
20 May 1855Completed as screw at Chatham Dockyard.
12 December 1856
- 4 August 1858
Commanded (from commissioning at Sheerness) by Captain James Willcox, Coast Guard, Queenstown
19 July 1858
- 5 August 1861
Commanded by Captain William Crispin, Coast Guard, Queenstown
12 August 1861
- 11 February 1862
Commanded by Captain Thomas Harvey, Coast Guard, Queenstown
11 February 1863
- 4 January 1864
Commanded by Captain Edward Codd, Coast Guard, Queenstown
4 January 1864
- 24 March 1864
Commanded (until paying off at Plymouth) by Captain Edmund Heathcote, Coast Guard, Queenstown
1865Broken up at Devonport
Extracts from the Times newspaper
We 31 December 1856The following ships and vessels are now in port at Sheerness, in harbour, fitting-basin, and in docks, viz.:- The Edinburgh, 60 guns, Captain Edward P. Halsted; the Waterloo, 120 guns, Captain Lord Frederick Kerr, flagship; the Formidable, 84 guns, Captain-Superintendent John Jervis Tucker; the Royal George, 102 guns; the Terrible, 21 guns; the new screw steam corvette Scylla. 21 guns; the Argus, 6 guns; the Eurotas, 12 guns, screw mortar-ship; the Hydra, 6 guns; the Terror, 14 guns, floating battery; the Horatio, 12 guns; the Russell, 60 guns; the Hawke, 60 guns, Captain James Willcox, C.B., &c.; the Phoenix, 6 guns.; the Renard, 6 guns; the Foxhound, 6 guns; the Pylades, 21 guns; the Trusty, 14 guns, floating battery; the new screw steam frigate Emerald, 51 guns; the Hermes, 6 guns, Commander William E.A. Gordon; the Lizard steamvessel, Lieutenant-Commander Thomas B. Christopher; the Myrtle steamvessel, Master-Commander William S. Bourchier; the African steamvessel, Second Master-Commander R. Harvey; the Fearless steamvessel; the Wildfire steam tender to Waterloo, Master-Commander George Brockman; the Melampus, 42 guns, Captain L. Heath, C. B., &c. The gunboats Louisa, Magnet, Erne, Mayflower, Ruby, Sandfly, Carnation, Spanker, Pelter, Fly, Hasty, Cochin, Julia, Dwarf, Fidget, Griper, Mastiff, Mistletoe, Traveller, Spey, Surly, Herring, Sepoy, Bullfrog, Tickler, Manly, Thistle, and the new screw steam despatch gunboat Nimrod. The new ship Meeanee, 80 guns, is in No. 2 dry dock, being altered to receive screw steam machinery.
We 24 August 1859At half-past 6 o'clock on Saturday evening Her Majesty's ship Nile steamed out of Cork harbour with the intention of joining the Channel squadron at Spithead. It is thought likely that she will henceforth form portion of the squadron, and that the Hawke will continue for some time longer to hold the post of guardship in Queenstown.
The screw steam despatch vessel Flying Fish, 6, Commander C. Hope, arrived at Plymouth on Monday, from the Channel fleet. The screw steamship Caesar, 90, Capt. T.H. Mason, got up steam on Monday morning, and in the afternoon left Plymouth Sound to join the Channel fleet, which, it is said, will cruise as far west as Ushant.
The scrow steamships Aboukir, 91, the Topaz, 51, and the Melpomene, 51, left Portland harbour on Sunday, to join the Channel fleet, which was cruising a few miles from the harbour. The Edgar, 91, the Impérieuse, 51, and the Blenheim, 60, remain in port.

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