HMS Hibernia (1804)
HMS Hibernia (1804)

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NameHibernia (1804)Explanation
TypeFirst rate   
Launched17 November 1804
Builders measure2530 tons
Ships book
Note1855 base ship
Snippets concerning this vessels career
(January 1840)Out of commission at Portsmouth
27 February 1845
- 3 September 1848
Commanded by Captain Peter Richards, flagship of Vice-Admiral William Parker, Mediterranean
20 August 1848
- 21 June 1849
Commanded (until paying off at Plymouth) by Captain Charles Wise, flagship of Vice-Admiral William Parker, Mediterranean
29 October 1855
- 29 October 1858
Commanded by Commander Edward Knatchbull Hughes Hallett, flagship of Admiral Superintendent, Malta (Hibernia replacing Ceylon)
29 November 1858
- 5 August 1861
Commanded by Commander Hon Augustus Charles Hobart, flagship of Admiral Superintendent Malta, Rear-Admiral Henry John Codrington
20 January 1862
- 29 April 1865
Commanded by Commander Robert Beazley Harvey, flagship of the Admiral Superintendent Malta, Rear-Admiral Henry John Codrington
11 May 1865
- 12 July 1868
Commanded by Commander George Lowcay Norcock, flagship of the Admiral Superintendent Malta, Rear-Admiral Henry Kellett
4 July 1868
- 1 May 1870
Commanded by Commander William Luke Partridge, flagship of Rear-Admiral Edward Gennys Fanshawe, Admiral Superintendent of Malta Dockyard
Extracts from the Times newspaper
Th 14 June 1849

PLYMOUTH, June 12.

Early this morning Her Majesty's flag-ship Hibernia, 101, Captain Charles Wise, hove in sight to the westward, under all plain canvass. Inside Penlee she clewed up royals, and entered the Sound under her topgallant sails, at 5 o'clock. Inside the Breakwater she saluted the Port Admiral, and took her mooring ground to the eastward of the Camber. She left Malta on the 26th of April, arrived at Gibraltar on the 17th of May, sailed on the 18th, and experienced light northerly and north-easterly winds during the passage home.
Fr 15 June 1849

PLYMOUTH, June 13.

Her Majesty's ship Hibernia, 104. Captain Charles Wise, shortly after arrival yesterday, discharged her powder, unbent sails, and sent her topgallant masts down in the Sound. She was then taken in tow by two steamers, and while going up Hamoaze sent down topmasts. The Hibernia was inspected by Port Admiral Sir William Hall Gage in person.
Th 21 June 1849

PLYMOUTH. June 18.

Her Majesty's ship Hibernia, 120, is to be paid off on Thursday, the 21st inst.
Fr 28 September 1855The receiving ship Hibernia will go out of Hamoaze, Plymouth, on Tuesday next, preparatory to sailing for Malta.
Th 4 October 1855The steamship Rosamond, from Portsmouth, arrived at Plymouth on Sunday with 200 seamen, appointed to navigate the Hibernia, 104, to Malta. The Hibernia was appointed to go from Hamoaze into the Sound yesterday. The crew of the Dee is to be transferred to the steam sloop Inflexible, which is to accompany the Hibernia.
Sa 6 October 1855The receiving ship Hibernia was towed from Hamoaze into the Sound at Plymouth on Thursday, by the Confiance and Zephyr steamers, and commenced taking powder and shot on board the same day.
The steamvessel Rosamond, having completed coaling in Hamoaze, went into the Sound at Plymouth on Thursday, and will accompany the Hibernia to Malta.
Th 11 October 1855The receiving ship Hibernia, 104, was towed by her pinnaces out of Plymouth Sound on Tuesday, and sailed for Malta, where she is to be stationed.
We 21 November 1855


By the Peninsular and Oriental Company's steamship Indus, Captain Soy, with the India and Mediterranean mails, we have dates from Alexandria to November 6, Malta 10, and Gibraltar 15.
The Indus brings 52 passengers, and on freight one package of specie, value 100l., and a cargo, consisting of 84 boxes of almonds, 230 boxes of raisins, 47 barrels and six boxes of dates, 10 cases of musk, one case of pictures, two cases of cigars, 718 bales of silk, eight bales of wool, two hogsheads of wine, 50 cases of silk, 30 packages of samples, 21 cases of shawls, 17 packages of effects, nine packages of elephants' teeth, one case of tortoiseshell, and 80 packages of general merchandise.
Her Majesty's ships Hibernia, London, Rodney, Wasp, Niger, Vulcan, Shearwater, and Ceylon, were at Malta.
Tu 25 December 1855Her Majesty's ship Albion, 90, Captain the Hon. James R. Drummond, which arrived at Plymouth on Saturday afternoon, left Gibraltar on the 20th of November. She encountered strong easterly winds all the passage, and was within a short distance of the port for five days previous to entering. All the supernumerary officers and men who assisted to navigate the Hibernia from Plymouth to Malta have returned by her. The Albion has a full complement of seamen, but no marines, they having landed on the Crimea and formed part of the marine battalion against Sebastopol. She is in a tolerably effective state, and after discharging her ammunition will go into Hamoaze. The Albion was put in commission in May, 1850. Her present captain has been five months in command.
Fr 28 August 1863The following are Her Majesty's ships at present in Malta harbour:- The Hibernia, receiving ship (bearing the flag of Rear-Admiral H.T. Austin, C.B.), the Phoebe, 35, the Malacca, 17, the Cossack, 20, the Medina, surveying vessel, the Foxhound, 4, the Psyche, 2, and the Growler and the Boxer, tenders. The 4th battalion Rifle Brigade, 2d battalion 15th Regiment, and 1st battalion 23d Royal Welsh Fusiliers, are under orders to leave for Gibraltar, and will be replaced here by the 2d battalion 7th, 2d battalion 8th, and 100th Regiments. Her Majesty's iron troopship Orontes, Capt. Hire, will effect these changes of troops. She is expected about the 25th or 26th inst. with the 7d Regiment and will return to Gibraltar with the Rifles. She will then embark the 8th and 100th successively, returning-to Gibraltar with the 15th and 23d, in their numerical order.
Fr 16 October 1863We have received the following letter from our Malta correspondent, dated Valetta, October 10:-
"Letters from the fleet in Greek waters give the following news:- The latest date is the 3d inst. The country continues in a tranquil state, the arrival of the new King being looked forward to with feelings of pleasing expectation and deep interest. Her Majesty's ship Revenge, 73 (bearing the flag of Rear-Admiral Yelverton, C.B.), which is to escort the young King from a port in France to his new dominions, does not leave Malta for Toulon until Monday next, the 12th inst. Her orders are to be at Toulon by the 15th, and the King is not expected there till the 22d or 23d. It is reported that the Orlando, 46, Capt. G.G. Randolph, which left the Piraeus on the 25th ult. for Corfu, and the West Coast of Greece, will form part of the escort squadron. The following ships of war are at present at the Piraeus:- English.- Marlborough, 121, Capt. C. Fellowes (bearing the flag of Vice-Admiral Smart, K.H.); Trafalgar, 70, Capt. T. Mason; the Queen, 74, Capt. F. Hillyar; the St. George, 84, Capt. the Hon. F. Egerton (in Salamis Bay); and the Boxer, 2, gunboat, Lieut.-Commander F.S.D. Broughton, tender to the Marlborough. French.- The Magicienne, 23, screw frigate, bearing the flag of the Rear-Admiral commanding; the Tangier, 4, and the Mouette, 4, paddlewheel steamers. Austrian.- The Dandolo, 22, screw corvette; and the Wall, 4, screw gunboat. Italian.- The Tancrede, 4, paddlewheel steamer. Turkish.- The Broussa, 22, screw corvette. Greek.- The Athens, 6, paddlewheel steamer, and a screw gunboat. The English paddlewheel frigate Magicienne, 16, Capt. W. Armytage, sailed from the Piraeus on the 1st inst. for Nauplia and Patras. The Pelican, 17, screw corvette, Acting-Commander Bogle, was expected at Athens about the 10th inst. from Beyrout. She was to return and winter on the coast of Syria. The Liffey, 35, screw frigate, Capt. G. Parker, was also to winter on some part of that station. The Cossack, 22, Capt. W.R. Rolland, and the Icarus, 11, Commander N. Salmon, V. C.. are at present there. Report says that the Marlborough will shortly return to Malta. The Admiral intends, however, to remain at the Piraeus, and hoist his flag on board the Queen. The three men who perpetrated the cowardly murder of a marine belonging to Her Majesty's gunboat Foxhound some months since are about to be brought to trial before the Criminal Court of Athens, the decision of which will be final. The Trident, 3, iron paddlewheel sloop, Commander C.J. Balfour, arrived at the Piraeus on the 25th ult. from Malta with a mail and despatches, and returned on the 6th inst., bringing despatches and letters from the squadron; also three naval cadets and an assistant-clerk for the Meeanee, and two naval cadets for the Phoebe. She steamed from the Piraeus to Kalamata, where she communicated with the Wanderer, 4, gunboat, Commander M.C. Seymour, and performed the remaining portion of the voyage to Malta, with the exception of the last 12 hours, under sail, acquitting herself better than was expected. The Liffey was expected at Kalamata on the 11th inst. The Foxhound, 4, gunboat, Commander W.H. Anderson, left Malta on the 1st inst. for the Piraeus, and the Meeanee, 60, Capt. G. Wodehouse, quitted port on the 8th for the same destination, both taking mails and despatches for the squadron. The following mail will probably be conveyed by the Trident. The Caradoc, despatch-vessel, Lieut.-Commander E. Wilkinson, is at Constantinople; the Weser, 6, Commander A.H.J. Johnstone, and the Cockatrice, 2, Lieut.- Commander Gillson, are on the Danube station; and the Procris, gunboat. Lieut.-Commander the Hon. J.B. Vivian, is at Gibraltar. There are at present in Malta harbour the receiving ship Hibernia (bearing the flag of Rear-Admiral H.T. Austen, C.B.), Commander R.B. Harvey; the Revenge, 73 (bearing the flag of Rear-Admiral H. R. Yelverton, C.B). Capt. the Hon. F.A. Foley; the Chanticleer, 17, Commander C. Sterling (lately arrived from Syria); the Medina, surveying vessel, Capt. T.A.B. Spratt, C.B. (awaiting her relief the Hydra, 6, paddle-sloop, from England); the Trident, 3, Commander C.J. Balfour; the Psyche, despatch-vessel, Lieut.-Commander Sterne, and the Growler, tender to the Medina (arrived on the 2d inst. from Sicily). The Revenge, having got ashore on the mud at Navarino, was on arrival here admitted into dock for examination. No damage was discovered but what a few sheets of copper will make good. The Phoebe has also been into dock to have her bottom cleaned and examined. Her broken engine is being repaired here, and it will he necessary to cast a new cylinder. It is not expected she will be ready for sea again in much less than three months. Her Majesty's iron screw transport Orontes, 2, Capt. W.H. Hire, which brought here on Wednesday evening, the 30th ult., the 2d Battalion 8th Regiment, under the command of Lieut.-Colonel Woods, from Gibraltar, left on return to Gibraltar on Monday, the 5th inst., with the 2d battalion 15th Regiment, under the command of Major Fulton, from this garrison, to replace the former regiment at Gibraltar. She will return with the 100th (Royal Canadian) Regiment, and take away from this the 23d (Royal Welsh) Fusiliers. which have been for some time under order to proceed to Gibraltar in exchange for the 100th. The 8th Regiment is now quartered in Verdala Barracks, on the other aide of the harbour. ... A Prussian steam corvette, the Preussischer Adler, Commodore G. Klatt, and two gunboats, the Basilisk, Lieut. H. Schan, and the Blitz, Lieut. M'Lean, have lately arrived in the Mediterranean from the Baltic, and touched here on their way to the Levant. They left on Sunday and Monday last for Athens, where the Blitz is to remain until further orders. The Preussischer Adler and the Basilisk will go on, the former to be stationed at Constantinople, and the latter on the Danube. They are likely to remain in these waters for two or three years. The Malacca, 17, screw corvette, Capt. G J. Napier, came in this morning in five days from Missolonghi. She is on her way home, having been ordered to England in consequence of legal proceedings having been taken by one of her former officers (Lieut. Armitage) who was dismissed the service by court-martial, and who has brought a charge of conspiracy against certain persons belonging to this ship, who gave evidence in the case. Deputy-Commissary-General Horne arrived to-night by the Euxine from China on his way home. He remains a week at Malta."

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