HMS Rapid (1860)
HMS Rapid (1860)

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NameRapid (1860)Explanation
Launched29 November 1860   
HullWooden Length160 feet
PropulsionScrew Men140
Builders measure672 tons   
Displacement896 tons   
Fate1881 Last in commission1881
Ships book   
29 November 1860Launched at Deptford Dockyard.
12 June 1862
- 10 June 1866
Commanded (from commissioning at Woolwich) by Commander Charles Trelawney Jago, Cape of Good Hope
10 June 1866
- 24 January 1867
Commanded (until paying off at Woolwich) by Acting Commander William Belford Stubbs, Cape of Good Hope
14 May 1868Commanded (from commissioning at Woolwich) by Commander Francis Lindley Wood, Mediterranean
(9 August 1871)
- 20 September 1874
Commanded (from commissioning at Malta) by Commander Hon Victor Alexander Montagu, Mediterranean.
20 September 1874
- 4 September 1875
Commanded by Commander Seymour Spencer Smith, Mediterranean (until Smith invalided)
4 September 1875Commanded by Commander Adolphus Agustus Frederick Fitzgeorge, Mediterranean
17 January 1878
- 6 May 1880
Commanded by Commander Charles Cooper Penrose-Fitzgerald, Mediterranean
3 April 1880
- 14 January 1881
Commanded (until paying off at Malta) by Commander William Frederick Stanley Mann, Mediterranean
September 1881Broken up at Malta.
Extracts from the Times newspaper
Tu 25 July 1871The following vessels of war are now on their passage home for the purpose of being put out of commission and their crew paid off: - The Forte, 24, 2,364 tons, 400-horse power, Capt. H. Fairfax, flagship of Rear-Admiral J.H. Cockburn, commanding the East India squadron, and the Nymph, 4, 1,084 tons, 300-horse power, Commander R. Adams, from the East Indies; the Charybdis, 17, 1,506 tons, 400-horse power, Capt. A.M'L. Lyons, from the Pacific; the Virago, 6, 1,053 tons, 200-horse power, paddlewheel steamer, Commander H.S. Sandys, from Australia; the Jaseur, 5, 427 tons, 80-horse power, Commander C.F. Hotham, and the Lee, 5, 431 tons, 80-horse power, Commander C. S. Fitton, from the Mediterranean; and the Vestal, 4, 1,081 tons, 300-horse power, Commander W.R. Kennedy, and the Myrmidon, 4, 695 tons, 200-horse power, Commander H.L. Holder, for North America and the West Indies. The Dryad, 4, 1,086 tons, 300-horse power, Commander G. Parsons, is to be paid off and re-commissioned at Bombay, and the Rapid, 3, 672 tons, 150-horse power, Commander the Hon. F.L. Wood, at Malta.

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