HMS Acorn (1838)
HMS Acorn (1838)

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NameAcorn (1838)Explanation
Type2nd class brig   
Launched15 November 1838
Builders measure485 tons
Ships book
Note1861 c.h.
Snippets concerning this vessels career
19 January 1839
- 5 October 1843
Commanded by Commander John Adams, west coast of Africa, some of the time in charge of the station
14 December 1844Commanded by Commander John Elliot Bingham, south-east coast of America
6 May 1856Commanded by Commander Arthur William Acland Hood, East Indies and China during the 2nd Anglo-Chinese War)
1 March 1858Commanded by Commander Richard Bulkeley Pearse, East Indies and China
21 February 1863Commanded by Master Commander Henry Hutchings, hospital ship, Shanghai
Extracts from the Times newspaper
Fr 28 July 1848

Portsmouth, Thursday.

The Fox, 42, Commodore Sir Henry Blackwood, Bart., late second in command on the East India and China station, arrived this morning from that station, bringing home the Marquis of Tweeddale, late Governor of Madras, the Marchioness, and the staff, official and domestic. The Fox left Madras on the 20th of March, and the Cape of Good Hope on the 25th of May. At the latter place all was quiet inland, and the Admiral had gone to Madagascar on a diplomatic mission with his squadron. The Eurydice, Nimrod, Acorn, Acheron, and Devastation, lay in Simon's Bay, Captain Anson, of the first-named, being senior officer. The Fox brought Mr. Cockcraft, Lieutenant of the Brilliant, on the Cape station, home on leave, the only naval officer passenger. She arrived at St. Helena on the 8th of June, and sailed on the 10th. No men-of-war were there then. She arrived at Ascension on the 14th, and sailed same day; the only men-of-war there being the Tortoise store and guard ship, and her tender, the Snap. She passed the Rifleman in Yarmouth roads this morning. The Fox brought several passengers and mails from the Cape, St. Helena, and Ascension. She was to be paid off here immediately according to Admiralty orders; she was ordered this evening, however, to re-store for sea, — supposed for Cork.

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