1840 Medical officers
1840 Medical officers

Royal NavyNaval Surgeon

The table below is compiled from three separate tables in the January 1840 Navy List: Medical Officers with the Dates of their Seniority; Alphabetical List of Medical Officers; and List of [the ships of] the Royal Navy, with their Present Positions. There is a (perhaps surprisingly small) number of inconsistencies between these tables; in these cases I have followed the last mentioned.

This list contains

The data here reveals that of the 40 assistant surgeons who joined the Royal Navy in 1839, only 6 were still in service in 1870: one (John Davidson) had the rank of Inspector General, two that of Deputy Inspector General (Robert Pottinger and Henry Jones Domville); and three were Staff Surgeons (Frederick Harvey, David Lyall and William Loney; of which the last had the least seniority!).

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Surname Christian name(s) Seniority Ship Station
Physician General of the Navy
Burnett, Kt., K.C.H. Sir William 09.06.1832   Somerset house
Baird Andrew 08.03.1801   half-pay?
Beaty, Kt. Sir William 25.09.1806   half-pay?
Dickson, Kt. Sir David James Hamilton 03.12.1808   naval hospital, Plymouth
Gillespie Leonard 18.08.1804   half-pay?
Jamison, Kt. Sir John 03.09.1807   half-pay?
M'Arthur Duncan 27.04.1812   half-pay?
Richardson (b) John 05.02.1838   naval hospital, Haslar
Tait William 16.07.1808   half-pay?
Weir John 13.10.1798   half-pay?
Wilton (a), Kt. Sir Isaac 17.08.1805   half-pay?
Acheson Guy Alexander 02.08.1804   retired
Acheson Johnston Hamilton 17.08.1815 Edinburgh Mediterranean
Adamson John 08.09.1795   unfit
Adie John 07.01.1805   unfit
Aitken William 13.01.1807   unfit
Aiton, M.D. William 30.06.1812   unfit
Alison, M.D. Charles 19.05.1837   half-pay
Allan James 13.02.1815   naval hospital, Haslar (senior surgeon)
Allen Andrew 20.04.1809   half-pay
Allen John 19.11.1810   retired (commuted allowance)
Allen John 12.06.1784   unfit
Allen, M.D. Alexander Sewell 03.05.1828 Belleisle Mediterranean
Anderson (a) Alexander 15.10.1790   unfit
Anderson (a) William 04.01.1815   retired (commuted allowance)
Anderson (b), M.D. James 06.07.1809   half-pay
Anderson (b), M.D. John 22.01.1813   half-pay
Anderson, M.D., Kt. Sir James E. 19.08.1811   retired
Armstrong John 17.08.1815 Victory Portsmouth
Armstrong Launcelot 10.06.1807   retired
Armstrong, M.D. Robert 16.09.1816   naval hospital, Plymouth
Arnot James 05.01.1814   retired (commuted allowance)
Austin Robert 13.04.1815   half-pay
Ayres James 18.09.1809   half-pay
Bailey Samuel 10.12.1804   retired (commuted allowance)
Baird John 13.05.1835   half-pay
Baird, M.D. David 12.02.1811   retired (commuted allowance)
Ballantine Walter Thomas 22.12.1836   victualling yard, Ascension
Ballard James Kemp 13.04.1835   naval hospital, Bermuda
Bankier, M.D. James 12.12.1834 Snake North America & West Indies
Banks William Houghton 14.01.1807   unfit
Barland Peter 22.09.1808   unfit
Barnes Henry 08.01.1814   unfit
Barr, M.D. James 22.02.1831   half-pay
Bateman Robert 09.11.1811   retired (commuted allowance)
Bates William Augustus 29.09.1805   retired
Baxter Alexander 22.12.1836   half-pay
Bayne Johm 09.07.1791   unfit
Beall Francis 28.09.1798   unfit
Beaumont Richard Harris 15.01.1795   retired
Bell (a) William 17.08.1815 Implacable Mediterranean
Bell (c) Thomas 06.07.1827   half-pay
Bellamy, M.D. George 19.05.1795   retired
Bernard, M.D. John 08.11.1810   retired (commuted allowance)
Birch George 25.12.1809   unfit
Birnie George 26.05.1819   half-pay
Birtwhistle Richard L. 25.05.1836 Rhadamanthus Mediterranean
Bishop Thomas 15.10.1808   unfit
Black, M.D. James 10.09.1810   unfit
Blackett Powell C. 24.03.1809   half-pay
Blacklock Ambrose 26.12.1807   unfit
Blake Robert 09.07.1806   unfit
Blake, M.D. Bob 01.04.1809   unfit
Bland William 24.05.1831   half-pay
Blandford Silas 14.03.1805   unfit
Booth James 15.08.1838 Rover North America & West Indies
Borland William Guth. 04.04.1822   half-pay
Bowen John 29.03.1804   unfit
Bowen, M.D. Evan 14.07.1824   half-pay
Bower Robert 07.12.1810   half-pay
Bowler John William 08.11.1837   half-pay
Bowman James 29.10.1807   retired (commuted allowance)
Boyter David 13.06.1810   half-pay
Bradford Abraham Rose 20.07.1838 Hazard Mediterranean
Brenan Thomas 20.07.1838 Romney Havannah
Brien Edward Henry 15.09.1797   unfit
Brien Robert 25.06.1808   unfit
Brigges John 23.07.1795   unfit
Britton Simon Gage 07.03.1806   unfit
Brock, M.D. Henry Gordon 09.03.1821   unfit
Brookes Joshua 12.12.1834 Crescent Sheerness, for Rio (receiving ship)
Broun Robert Henderson 03.12.1832 Blonde Portsmouth, for East Indies
Brown John Main 20.07.1838   half-pay
Brown (a) George 17.03.1795   unfit
Brown (b) George 10.12.1813   unfit
Browne Samuel 20.08.1839   half-pay
Browne (a) James 17.08.1811   half-pay
Browne (b), M.D. James 02.07.1833   half-pay
Browning, M.D. Benjamin 14.04.1828   half-pay
Browning, M.D. Colin Arrott 08.02.1817   half-pay
Brownrigg Thomas 02.03.1824   half-pay
Bruce William 20.01.1816 Hastings Mediterranean
Brydone James Marr 26.08.1806   unfit
Bryson, M.D. Alexander 17.09.1836 Salamander Particular service
Buchan John 05.02.1791   unfit
Bull Henry William 15.02.1809   half-pay
Burnside Matthew 01.07.1813   half-pay
Burrel Henry 28.08.1813   half-pay
Butt George 11.05.1798   unfit
Bynoe Benjamin 22.12.1836   half-pay
Caldwell Edward 08.01.1811   half-pay
Callan John 10.07.1810   unfit
Cameron Donald 25.12.1809   unfit
Campbell Daniel 16.02.1829   half-pay
Campbell Robert Warren 12.10.1833 Pylades Plymouth, for East Indies
Campbell (a) John 04.03.1814   unfit
Campbell (b) John 21.02.1825 Melville (flag) Cape of Good Hope & Coast of Africa
Cannon William 24.08.1827   unfit
Carey William 11.04.1796   unfit
Carlyle William Bell 02.09.1807   half-pay
Carmichael James 06.02.1835 Tyne Mediterranean
Carr, M.D. Charles 14.06.1797   unfit
Carrick Andrew 19.01.1806   retired (commuted allowance)
Carruthers James 14.05.1813   half-pay
Carruthers Robert 14.09.1793   unfit
Carter Richard 10.08.1804   unfit
Carter, M.D. Charles 27.11.1813   half-pay
Carter, M.D. William Francis 27.01.1809   half-pay
Chambers Charles 09.07.1807   unfit
Charles Hugh 05.09.1809   half-pay
Chevers Forbes M'Bean 10.05.1795   retired
Claperton William 06.11.1804   half-pay
Clark (a) John 12.04.1808   retired (commuted allowance)
Clark (a) Patrick 27.06.1801   unfit
Clark, Bt, M.D. Sir James 10.06.1812   half-pay
Clarke John Cuthbert 25.11.1808   retired (commuted allowance)
Clarke Terence 28.10.1811   unfit
Clarke (a) William 15.03.1820   half-pay
Clarke, M.D. James Leathem 22.01.1834   half-pay
Clause Frederick R. 15.09.1813   half-pay
Clayton William 01.03.1810   unfit
Clifford William 04.08.1810   half-pay
Cockburn Alexander 19.11.1808   half-pay
Cockerill R. Mercer 21.09.1809   unfit
Cocks Thomas 01.03.1811   retired (commuted allowance)
Coley Richard Warren 12.04.1805   unfit
Colvin William 17.11.1804   retired
Comrie Peter 17.08.1815   unfit
Connin Francis 08.08.1793   unfit
Cook (a) James 17.08.1815   unfit
Cornfoot Allan 06.05.1795   unfit
Corsan John 25.03.1813   half-pay
Cosgreave Peter 04.07.1811   unfit
Coulter, M.D. John 07.02.1834 Druid East Indies
Coulthred James 26.11.1807   retired (commuted allowance)
Courtney Abraham 09.05.1825   unfit
Cowan David 14.10.1800   unfit
Cowan, M.D. James 18.09.1813   half-pay
Craig (a) William 28.07.1810   half-pay
Crellin Frederick 03.09.1830 Andromache Portsmouth, for Cape of Good Hope
Crocket John 17.08.1815   naval hospital, Plymouth (senior surgeon)
Cross Alexander 04.05.1838 Columbine Cape of Good Hope & Coast of Africa
Cullen Peter 17.10.1793   unfit
Cumming William 30.04.1805   unfit
Cummins Samuel 17.08.1815   unfit
Cunningham John 23.06.1796   retired
Cunningham Peter 28.01.1814 Asia Mediterranean
Cunningham Thomas 22.10.1778   unfit
Dabbs George Henry 26.03.1831   half-pay
Dallaway Joseph 21.03.1804   retired
Darling Andrew 12.06.1806   half-pay
Davies Evan 26.05.1820   half-pay
Davies Thomas 07.08.1809   half-pay
Davies Wm. St. George 16.11.1808   half-pay
Davis William 13.05.1808   half-pay
Davis, M.D. John 17.08.1815   unfit
Day Henry 02.07.1808   retired (commuted allowance)
Deas David 02.07.1836 Dido Mediterranean
Dewar (b) Alexander 14.01.1805   unfit
Dickson Benjamin 18.08.1824   half-pay
Dickson Robert 17.08.1815   unfit
Dickson Thomas 31.08.1804   half-pay
Dickson Walter 15.06.1807   unfit
Dickson (a) John 22.10.1804   unfit
Dickson (b) James 21.10.1811   half-pay
Dill, M.D. Marcus 25.04.1812   retired (commuted allowance)
Doak Michael 01.11.1814   unfit
Doak William 28.12.1837 Cruizer East Indies
Dobie John 14.08.1820   half-pay
Dobie Robert 24.10.1814 Vanguard Mediterranean
Dobson, Kt., M.D. Sir Richard 17.02.1797   Greenwich hospital (surgeon)
Dods, M.D. Andrew 29.08.1808   retired (commuted allowance)
Domville James 24.12.1802   Greenwich hospital (1st assistant to surgeon)
Donnelly Felix Arthur 17.08.1815   unfit
Donnelly, M.D. William 13.09.1822   half-pay
Donoghoe Anthony 06.09.1825   half-pay
Donovan, M.D. James 15.04.1835 Tribune Mediterranean
Doolan John Livesey 14.11.1811   unfit
Douglas Richard 15.08.1831 Stag South America
Down, M.D. John Somers 27.04.1807   half-pay
Drew (b) John 16.12.1815   half-pay
Druinmond (a) John 29.11.1814   half-pay
Drysdale George 06.12.1810   retired (commuted allowance)
Duke John 11.01.1810   half-pay
Duke Valentine 11.07.1800   unfit
Dundas James 04.03.1813   half-pay
Dunlop, M.D. John 02.07.1833 Actaeon South America
Dunn John 19.05.1837 Calliope South America
Dunn (a) Robert 15.10.1790   dockyard, Woolwich
Dunn, M.D. Thomas Russel 13.04.1835   half-pay
Dykes William 16.11.1813   unfit
Eden Ralph 30.10.1808   unfit
Edmunds William 15.02.1799   retired
Edwards Evan 20.12.1794   retired
Edwards John 22.02.1809   half-pay
Ekin, M.D. William 08.04.1825 Conway East Indies
Elliot Ralph 13.04.1812   half-pay
Elliott John Wilson 08.05.1838 Zebra Mediterranean
Ellis Henry 18.04.1813   unfit
Ellis James 26.07.1823   half-pay
Elyard William 05.12.1797   unfit
Espie Robert 04.02.1815   half-pay
Evans Oliver 21.11.1829   naval hospital, Jamaica
Evans William 24.07.1808   half-pay
Evans, M.D. John 17.10.1807   retired (commuted allowance)
Evans, M.D. Robert 07.07.1807   retired (commuted allowance)
Fairservis Robert 20.07.1838 Hydra Mediterranean
Farrell James 09.10.1813   unfit
Ferguson Archibald 06.12.1814   retired (commuted allowance)
Finlay David 07.10.1822 Minden Mediterranean
Finlayson, M.D. Robert 24.06.1813   unfit
Fisher Peter 11.09.1823   half-pay
Fisher Thomas 21.12.1808   half-pay
Fitzgerald, M.D. Gerard 17.04.1813   unfit
Fletcher James 04.10.1795   unfit
Folds William 19.01.1830 Pique Portsmouth
Forbes (b), M.D. Jan John 27.01.1809   retired (commuted allowance)
Forman George Ellery 13.09.1828   half-pay
Fox, M.D. Geo. Irwin 11.08.1832 Crocodile North America & West Indies
Foy James 02.11.1809   retired
France Campbell 05.11.1823   half-pay
Frazer Thomas 20.07.1838 Buffalo Particular service
Fuller Charles Henry 12.07.1834   half-pay
Fuller William 30.05.1793   unfit
Galbraith George 16.04.1808   unfit
Galloway (b) Thomas 04.09.1801   half-pay
Gamble, M.D. Harpur 26.12.1809   half-pay
Gannon John 06.07.1827   half-pay
Gardiner John 15.10.1790   retired
Gasquet Joseph 20.12.1806   half-pay
Geddes David 17.05.1831   half-pay
Gibbs, M.D. John 02.10.1800   unfit
Gibson John 15.04.1835 Fly South America
Gibson Thomas 12.04.1833 Satellite North America & West Indies
Gilbert George 07.04.1809   unfit
Gilchrist James 02.04.1818   half-pay
Gilchrist, M.D. Archibald 26.06.1828   half-pay
Gladstone William 05.12.1796   Greenwich hospital (assistant to physician)
Glasson George 21.05.1813   unfit
Goldney Harry 13.09.1828   half-pay
Goodridge James Edward 03.01.1839 Clio South America
Goodson William 16.12.1793   unfit
Gordon Alexander 07.10.1822   half-pay
Gordon James 11.08.1834 Wanderer Sheerness, for Cape of Good Hope & Coast of Africa
Gorrell Isaac 08.11.1805   unfit
Gough John 23.04.1808   unfit
Gough William 27.02.1801   unfit
Gourley Kobert 18.10.1828   half-pay?
Graham John 02.07.1798   unfit
Grant John 08.08.1793   unfit
Grant (b) James 12.11.1812   unfit
Grant, M.D. George 27.12.1813   retired (commuted allowance)
Gray (a) Thomas 12.06.1811   half-pay
Gray (b) John 25.08.1801   unfit
Gray (d) John 15.02.1828   unfit
Greenish John 05.10.1822 Royal George Portsmouth
Greer Robert 30.05.1793   unfit
Greig Alexander B. 01.08.1808   unfit
Greig John 23.12.1813   half-pay
Grey, Kt., M.D. Sir Thomas 04.03.1793   unfit
Guland, M.D. William 01.01.1824 Bellerophon Mediterranean
Gunn, M.D. William 28.01.1835 Curacoa South America
Guthrie James 30.11.1800   half-pay
Guthrie Robert 09.09.1819 President (flag) South America
Hall Henry 03.11.1813   half-pay
Hall James 28.08.1809   retired
Hallion John William 01.11.1810   retired (commuted allowance)
Hamett, Kt., M.D. Sir John 18.01.1822   half-pay
Hamilton Alexander 15.10.1790   unfit
Hamilton James 29.01.1811   half-pay
Hamilton Miller 20.07.1838 Nimrod Plymouth, for East Indies
Hampton John Stephen 12.12.1834   half-pay
Hanna James 17.08.1815   retired (commuted allowance)
Harrison John George 07.06.1832 Thunder North America & West Indies
Hartshorne William 20.12.1782   retired
Hasted John Septimus 30.10.1793   retired
Hately John 24.11.1810 Ganges Mediterranean
Hatton John Bowen 08.06.1833   half-pay
Heastie Alexander 17.08.1815 Benbow Mediterranean
Henderson James 14.10.1805   dockyard, Portsmouth
Henderson (a) William 22.03.1797   unfit
Henderson, M.D. Andrew 16.09.1816   half-pay
Henning Hamilton Dickson Robert 12.12.1834 Beacon Mediterranean
Henry Peter 01.01.1801   unfit
Hilditch Edward 29.06.1832   half-pay
Hillman William 26.12.1808   retired (commuted allowance)
Hillyar, K.H. Robert Purkis 15.08.1800   retired
Hindman William 26.03.1806   unfit
Hinds Richard 26.08.1800   unfit
Hogan George 04.08.1813   unfit
Hoggan William J. 22.08.1814   retired (commuted allowance)
Holbrook James 02.10.1809   unfit
Holden Robert 23.06.1832   half-pay
Hooper Thomas 08.08.1793   unfit
Hopley Edward 26.07.1804   unfit
Horwood Joshua 02.07.1807   unfit
Houstoun John 14.07.1824   half-pay?
Howe John 16.07.1811   unfit
Huey William 21.10.1813   half-pay
Hughes Joseph Hugh 19.08.1805   retired
Hutchison Alexander Copland 06.09.1802   unfit
Hyde James Cockburn 06.05.1807   unfit
Illingsworth Abraham 16.11.1808   half-pay
Imlay George 20.11.1824   half-pay
Inches John 30.08.1805   half-pay
Inches, M.D. Charles 18.12.1821   half-pay
Irvine (b) John 29.01.1805   half-pay
Irvine, M.D. Samuel 17.08.1815 Impregnable (flag) Plymouth
Jack Andrew Lennox 23.12.1799   unfit
Jackson James 08.07.1835   half-pay
Jackson Thomas 25.11.1812   unfit
Jago Francis R. 27.09.1809   unfit
James John 15.07.1828   half-pay
Jameson David 17.08.1815   half-pay
Jameson Hugh 14.08.1830 Castor Mediterranean
Jamieson William 03.07.1795   unfit
Jeffery Edward 08.07.1825   half-pay
Jewell Thomas William 20.07.1838 Acorn Cape of Good Hope & Coast of Africa
Johnson, M.D. James 27.02.1800   unfit
Johnston Archibald 09.07.1834 North Star Particular service
Johnston Ebenezer 17.04.1818   half-pay
Johnston (b) Thomas 17.10.1829   half-pay
Johnston, M.D. James Wingate 27.06.1832   half-pay
Johnstone George 06.03.1813   dockyard, Chatham
Johnstone Robert 16.09.1816   half-pay
Jones David 09.02.1808   unfit
Jones Jenkin 04.06.1798   unfit
Jones John Taylor 04.09.1809   half-pay
Jones Thomas Cook 18.12.1809   dockyard, Pembroke
Jones William 17.08.1815   unfit
Jones (b) Stephen 20.05.1808   retired
Jones (b) Thomas 03.12.1807   unfit
Jones, M.D. Edwin Godden 01.03.1800   unfit
Jones, M.D. George Haynes 23.01.1812   retired (commuted allowance)
Jones, M.D. William Hutchinson Bulkeley 20.10.1837 Orestes South America
Kay James 07.03.1814   unfit
Kay John 05.11.1823 Princess Charlotte (flag) Mediterranean
Keele Henry William 03.04.1812   half-pay
Keith James 30.07.1804   unfit
Kelly, M.D. William 17.08.1815   half-pay
Kelsall Henry 28.12.1827   half-pay
Kennedy Charles 17.08.1815   half-pay
Kennedy Donald 25.03.1813   unfit
Kennedy John 02.08.1803   naval hospital, Bermuda
Kent Joseph Henry 21.04.1811   retired (commuted allowance)
Kent William 20.07.1838 Serpent North America & West Indies
Kidd John 30.09.1828   half-pay
Kidd (b) Thomas 20.07.1838 Lily Cape of Good Hope & Coast of Africa
Kidd, M.D. William Lodge 20.10.1807   unfit
Kiernan Bernard 23.09.1795   unfit
Kiernan Francis 09.06.1813   unfit
Kilroy Alexander 15.04.1838 Favorite East Indies
King Thomas 13.12.1811   unfit
King, M.D. Daniel 12.06.1829   half-pay
King, M.D. Gilbert 02.10.1813   half-pay
Kittle James 23.01.1836 Wolverine Cape of Good Hope & Coast of Africa
Lake Anthony Proctor 29.01.1806   half-pay
Lambert James 31.12.1838   half-pay
Lancaster John James 02.04.1835 Daphne Mediterranean
Lane, M.D. Alexander 07.01.1831 Herald East Indies
Lanigan Stephen 01.11.1809   unfit
Lara Benjamin 26.03.1798   unfit
Lardner Jason 15.03.1838 Jaseur Mediterranean
Latham John William 12.01.1809   unfit
Laughlin Alexander 10.03.1815   unfit
Lawrence James 28.08.1822 Ocean Sheerness
Leah Edward 27.08.1828   half-pay
LeGrand Frederick William 03.01.1839 Cyclops Woolwich, for Mediterranean
Leitch James 01.03.1808   unfit
Leonard Peter 23.06.1829   half-pay
Lepper James 14.09.1809   retired (commuted allowance)
Leslie Andrew 26.11.1798   unfit
Lewin Henry 01.07.1808   unfit
Lewis Richard 29.12.1807   half-pay
Lewis (a) David 07.01.1808   unfit
Lewis (b) David 05.04.1809   unfit
Leyson William 21.02.1825   half-pay
Liddell, M.D. John 05.07.1817   naval hospital, Haslar (2nd surgeon)
Lillies George 04.02.1805   retired
Lindsay, M.D. James 16.09.1816   retired (commuted allowance)
Lindsay, M.D. William 14.04.1828 Wellesley (flag) East Indies
Linton Alexander 21.02.1825   unfit
Linton Charles 25.12.1807   unfit
Lithgow Andrew 04.03.1807   retired (commuted allowance)
Litle James 28.12.1792   retired
Little Joshua 16.03.1825   half-pay
Llewellyn William 12.03.1796   unfit
Logan Francis 31.05.1811   unfit
London, M.D. John 17.08.1815   retired (commuted allowance)
Long James 07.04.1783   unfit
Low James 14.07.1824 Pembroke Mediterranean
Lowry (a) James 26.11.1804   unfit
Lyon Alexander 20.07.1838 Pilot North America & West Indies
Lyon Primrose 18.07.1812   half-pay
Macansh Andrew 10.11.1813   half-pay
Mackay John 19.06.1802   unfit
Mackay, M.D. William 25.03.1803   unfit
Mackey Samuel 22.07.1825 Winchester (flag) North America & West Indies
Maclaren George David 28.12.1837   half-pay
Macleroy Alexander Crawford 20.07.1838   half-pay?
Macmanus, M.D. David 17.08.1815   half-pay
Macmillan John 05.12.1807   unfit
Maconchy John 20.07.1838   half-pay
Madden James M. 05.10.1822   unfit
Magovern Patrick 16.03.1814   half-pay
Magrath Nicholas 23.06.1829   half-pay
Magrath, K.H., M.D. Sir George 06.01.1797   unfit
Mahon Henry Walsh 07.10.1835   half-pay
Malcolm Robert 03.09.1819   half-pay
Marchant Thomas 16.04.1808   unfit
Marpole John 2 .XX.1809   unfit
M'Arthur, M.D. Charles 06.02.1828 Rodney Mediterranean
Martin John Owen 15.07.1807   half-pay
Martin (a) William 12.02.1804   unfit
Martin (b) William 17.08.1815   naval hospital, Malta
Martin (c) William 01.03.1833   half-pay
Martyn Patrick 26.01.1833 Cleopatra North America & West Indies
M'Avoy Benjamin 05.04.1830 Modeste Cape of Good Hope & Coast of Africa
Maxwell Robert 12.03.1830 Talbot Mediterranean
Maybery Charles 03.10.1808   half-pay
M'Beath James 17.03.1814   unfit
M'Callum George 18.11.1782   unfit
M'Carogher, M.D. Jos. 27.01.1809   retired (commuted allowance)
M'Carthy Justin 20.10.1800   unfit
Mcllroy, M.D. John 20.08.1839   half-pay
M'Clure George 24.07.1810   half-pay
M'Coll Duncan 08.12.1800   half-pay
M'Cormick Robert 27.11.1827 Erebus Particular service
M'Crea Joseph 17.02.1819   retired (commuted allowance)
M'Crystal John 23.11.1809   half-pay
M'Diarmid, M.D. George 26.06.1834 Trinculo Lisbon
M'Donald Thomas Wallis 09.11.1830   half-pay
M'Dowall, M.D. Robert 17.08.1815   half-pay
M'Dowell William 17.08.1815   half-pay
Mein John 07.01.1829 Bermuda Bermuda
Mein Thomas 14.05.1814   unfit
M'Ennally Michael 27.06.1823   half-pay
Menzies Archibald 13.12.1790   retired
M'Farlane, M.D. William 25.03.1803   unfit
M'Gee, M.D. William 20.10.1823   half-pay
Michell George 03.03.1812   half-pay
Millar, M.D. Andrew 31.07.1833 Carysfort Mediterranean
Miller David Graham 12.12.1834   half-pay
Miller Thomas 28.08.1809 Britannia (flag) Portsmouth
Miller (a) John 12.03.1804   half-pay
Milne, M.D. Garden 31.05.1810   unfit
M'Ilroy, M.D. John 20.08.1839   half-pay
Mitchell Charles 26.06.1806   half-pay
Mitchell David 28.11.1809   half-pay
Mitchell George 02.07.1807   half-pay
Mitchell James 08.03.1817   unfit
M'Kechnie, M.D. Alexander 21.07.1830   half-pay
M'Laren Allan 17.07.1824   half-pay
M'Laughlan William 26.07.1796   unfit
M'Lean John 08.08.1814   half-pay
M'Manus, M.D. Roger 30.12.1809   half-pay
M'Morris Ninian 17.08.1815   half-pay
M'Namara Daniel 11.02.1812   retired (commuted allowance)
M'Neece John 09.12.1806   half-pay
M'Neece Thomas 26.01.1808   unfit
Monk Hugh 27.11.1800   unfit
Montgomery Alexander 05.05.1812   retired (commuted allowance)
Moody John 20.07.1838 Childers East Indies
Moon George 28.06.1808   unfit
Moore David 08.06.1807   unfit
Morgan (a) John 07.10.1795   unfit
Morison Andrew 12.11.1813   half-pay
Morris Harvey 20.07.1838 Racer North America & West Indies
Morrison Samuel 10.01.1814   unfit
Mortimer John 17.02.1806   naval hospital, Haslar (1st surgeon)
Mosgrove John 30.09.1809   half-pay
Mottley George 15.04.1835   half-pay
Mould John Arnold 20.07.1838 Phoenix Mediterranean
Moxey, M.D. George Todd 20.08.1829   half-pay
M'Rae (a), M.D. John 25.08.1807   unfit
M'Ternan James 18.08.1813 Astraea Falmouth
Muirhead, M.D. Alexander 20.07.1838   half-pay
Munro George Alexander 20.07.1838   half-pay
Munro, M.D. John 15.08.1838 Grecian South America
M'William James Ormiston 23.02.1837   half-pay
Nation Thos. Henry 18.09.1835   half-pay
Naulty John 20.07.1838 Dee North America & West Indies
Neill Alexander 27.10.1830   half-pay
Newman, M.D. Edward 20.08.1839 Niagara Lakes of Canada
Niell John 21.09.1798   retired
Nimmo James 01.06.1801   unfit
Nisbet, M.D. Alexander 17.08.1815   half-pay
Noott Isaac 28.06.1808   half-pay
Nutt James 04.06.1781   retired
Nutt Richard Clarke 19.10.1830 Gorgon Mediterranean
Oastler William 06.11.1800   unfit
O'Brien, M.D. Christopher 08.06.1810   half-pay
Ogilvie John 21.11.1808   unfit
Ormand James 30.08.1809   unfit
Osborne Alick 12.02.1814   half-pay
Osborne Henry 30.01.1795   unfit
Osborne James 08.10.1813 Poictiers Chatham
Osborne John 02.07.1810   half-pay
Outram, M.D. Benjamin Fonseca 07.04.1796   unfit
Park John 20.07.1838 Magnificent Jamaica
Parker Joseph 24.11.1790   unfit
Parkin Henry 23.09.1796   Royal Marines, Woolwich
Parsons George 14.02.1810   unfit
Patchell John 17.08.1815   half-pay
Patterson John 01.04.1816   unfit
Patton John 09.12.1825   half-pay
Peatie William 19.02.1830   half-pay
Pineo Obadiah 12.06.1805   half-pay
Plowman Henry 20.01.1804   unfit
Porter William 02.01.1793   unfit
Porteus (a) William 11.12.1809   unfit
Poulden Nathaniel 14.05.1795   unfit
Priaulx Charles 03.01.1839   half-pay
Price Morgan 09.01.1810   retired
Price (a) William 21.05.1806   retired
Pringle James Reavely 02.10.1795   unfit
Prior James 28.11.1807 Royal Sovereign Pembroke
Procter George 14.01.1809   dockyard, Plymouth
Quarrier Daniel 22.09.1804   Royal Marines, Portsmouth
Queade Charles 15.04.1807   half-pay
Rae Alexander 13.10.1812   unfit
Rae (a) James 05.10.1822   half-pay
Rae, M.D. William 29.03.1808   Royal Marines, Chatham
Ramsay Peter 19.09.1812   retired (commuted allowance)
Rankin James 06.07.1819 Sparrowhawk South America
Ratty William 16.04.1808   unfit
Reid David 08.04.1799   unfit
Reid James 12.11.1808   half-pay
Reid John Robert 04.04.1832 Hyacinth East Indies
Reid John Watt 16.10.1825   half-pay?
Reid Peter 18.02.1825   half-pay
Reynolds Cornwall 24.11.1790   retired
Richardson (a) John 01.04.1796   unfit
Ring Thomas Edward 20.07.1838 Wasp Mediterranean
Riordan Jeremiah 31.03.1830   unfit
Risk John Erskine 03.08.1801   retired
Roberts George 05.11.1823   half-pay
Roberts John R. 15.03.1810   half-pay
Roberts Thomas 12.02.1811   retired (commuted allowance)
Robertson Robert 17.01.1806   unfit
Robertson (a) Archibald 21.11.1809   retired (commuted allowance)
Robertson (a) Thomas 20.06.1794   retired
Robertson (b) John 16.10.1834 Terror Particular service
Robertson (b) Thomas 14.04.1825   half-pay
Robertson (b) M.D. Archibald 10.07.1810   retired (commuted allowance)
Roche, M.D. Nicholas W. 27.02.1813   half-pay
Roe George 29.03.1810   unfit
Rogers William 16.02.1814   half-pay
Rose James 06.04.1776   retired
Ross David 24.05.1810   half-pay
Ross, M.D. William 01.01.1806   unfit
Rowlands David 11.06.1796   unfit
Rowley Edmund Butter 04.07.1831   half-pay
Roy William 20.07.1838 Rose South America
Runciman John 07.10.1818 Powerful Mediterranean
Rutherford, M.D. George Shaw 29.03.1812   half-pay
Rutherford, M.D. James 02.04.1803   retired
Ryall Isaac 13.03.1801   Royal Marines, Plymouth
Sammut Baldassare 17.08.1815   half-pay
Sanderson Alexander 20.10.1837   half-pay
Sankey Francis 17.01.1814   half-pay
Savage Arthur 22.07.1825   half-pay
Schaw James 12.07.1799   unfit
Scott (b), M.D. James 22.06.1805   unfit
Seaton Edward 10.10.1809   half-pay
Sebire John G. 13.05.1825   half-pay
Seeds Thomas 11.10.1777   unfit
Shand Robert 21.12.1807   unfit
Shields Wade 12.09.1795   retired
Shoveller William 26.09.1794   retired
Simpson Adam 23.08.1825   half-pay
Simpson William 07.03.1814   half-pay
Simson William 01.11.1814   unfit
Sinclair (a), M.D. John 01.06.1832 Inconstant North America & West Indies
Sinclair, M.D. Andrew 23.06.1829 Sulphur South America
Sinclair, M.D. Samuel 11.08.1804 San Josef Plymouth
Skeoch Charlres 04.04.1813   unfit
Skirving Archibald 26.09.1811   unfit
Sloan John 20.07.1838   half-pay
Smith Andrew 31.05.1830   half-pay
Smith George 09.02.1810   half-pay
Smith (a) John 31.01.1812   half-pay
Smith (b) James 09.11.1831   half-pay
Smith (c) John 06.11.1830   half-pay
Soden Thomas 28.08.1810   half-pay
Sproule Oliver 16.09.1816   half-pay
Standbridge William 20.03.1799   retired
Steel Thomas 27.02.1801   unfit
Steret Joseph 10.03.1824   half-pay
Stevenson James 25.05.1812   unfit
Stewart Hugh 04.11.1805   half-pay
Stewart John 09.02.1811   half-pay
Stewart John Grant 11.09.1829   half-pay
Stewart (a) James 14.05.1813   half-pay
Stewart (b) Alexander 16.09.1816   half-pay
Stewart (b) James 07.02.1814   half-pay
Stiell James 20.07.1838   half-pay
Stilon Joseph 17.08.1815   half-pay
Stiven John 20.07.1838 Fantome Chatham, for Cape of Good Hope & Coast of Africa
Stormonth Charles 09.12.1806   unfit
StQuintin Edward Hen. 08.01.1810   half-pay
Strang, M.D. John 05.08.1799   unfit
Stuart James 19.12.1811   unfit
Suther Peter 21.09.1805 William and Mary Woolwich
Svme James 19.06.1834   half-pay
Swann John Henry 26.01.1809   half-pay
Swann Robert C. 19.09.1808   half-pay
Swarn George 27.03.1812   half-pay
Swayne Stephen Jennings 22.05.1807 Howe (flag) Sheerness
Swift James 26.04.1799   unfit
Symers George 13.05.1831 Vestal North America & West Indies
Tarn John 08.09.1818 Donegal Lisbon
Taylor Alexander 23.07.1804   half-pay
Taylor James 02.07.1836 Racehorse North America & West Indies
Tegetmeir Godfrey Conrade 27.05.1811   half-pay
Telfer Alexander 28.04.1807   unfit
Thomas, M.D. Charles 10.11.1795   unfit
Thompson (a) William 08.10.1796   retired
Thomson David 19.02.1810   half-pay
Thomson James 18.09.1781   unfit
Thomson Mitchel 18.04.1832 Sappho North America & West Indies
Thomson (b), M.D. John 28.09.1814   half-pay
Tobin Richard 01.03.1803   dockyard, Plymouth
Toms Philip 22.01.1834   half-pay
Towns George 22.07.1799   unfit
Towsey Henry 12.12.1810   half-pay
Trotman William Henry 21.08.1810   half-pay
Tudor Edward 02.02.1798   unfit
Turner (a) William 21.01.1807   unfit
Turner (b) William 02.05.1808   unfit
Tuttiett John 11.04.1812   half-pay
Tweedale John 24.02.1807   unfit
Tweeddale, M.D. James 19.08.1811   half-pay
Urquhart John 19.06.1810 Excellent Portsmouth
Usher Thomas 30.04.1805   unfit
Veitch (a), M.D. James 15.08.1793   unfit
Vellacott William 13.01.1809   unfit
Verling Bartholomew 21.12.1829 Volage East Indies
Wade James 01.12.1808   retired (commuted allowance)
Waldron Philip 03.11.1807   unfit
Walker Ebenezer 07.08.1809   retired (commuted allowance)
Walker George 19.03.1804   half-pay
Wallace, M.D. James 21.01.1834 Alligator Australia
Wallington Thomas 16.07.1812   half-pay
Walsh Patrick 15.10.1808   unfit
Warden, M.D. William 12.12.1798   dockyard, Sheerness
Warner Abraham 24.08.1813   half-pay
Waters Allan 17.08.1815   half-pay
Watson David 31.12.1809   half-pay
Watson John 12.12.1834 Ringdove North America & West Indies
Watson, M.D. William 13.05.1809   half-pay
Watt, M.D. William Conborough 22.02.1819   half-pay
Weatherhead, M.D. George Hume 04.07.1812   retired (commuted allowance)
Webster Richard 01.01.1805   unfit
Webster William H. B. 17.08.1815   retired (commuted allowance)
Wesley Robert 13.12.1780   unfit
West John 28.07.1830 Larne East Indies
West, M.D. William 05.11.1814 Revenge Lisbon
Whitelaw Robert 16.09.1816   unfit
Wilkes James 19.03.1782   retired
Williams David Paulett 30.05.1829 Comus North America & West Indies
Williams Howell Jones 04.05.1807   unfit
Williams John 11.08.1807   retired
Williams Richard P. 10.02.1797   unfit
Williams (a) John Griffiths 30.09.1805   unfit
Williams (a) Robert 21.08.1796   unfit
Williams (b) John Griffith 20.07.1838   half-pay
Williamson Stephen 30.07.1804   unfit
Wilson Robert 17.08.1815   half-pay
Wilson William 11.09.1802   unfit
Wilson (a) John 22.10.1798   unfit
Wilson (b) James 21.04.1814   half-pay
Wilson (b), M.D. John 05.10.1822   half-pay
Wilson (c) John 09.09.1824   half-pay
Wilson (d) John 01.04.1825 Talavera Plymouth
Wilson, M.D. Thomas Braidwood 17.08.1815   half-pay
Woodthorpe Richard 18.03.1809   half-pay
Wright David 17.08.1815   half-pay
Wylie Robert 04.06.1825   half-pay
Wyse David 23.10.1813 Samarang South America
Yeoman, M.D. Anthony 20.08.1839   half-pay
Assistant Surgeons
Acheson John Inglefield 29.11.1837 Tartarus North America & West Indies
Acton Graham 25.02.1823   unfit
Addison James Alexander Scott 06.04.1837 Sparrowhawk South America
Air Alexander Cummings 28.07.1830 Reindeer Falmouth
Alexander, M.D. Evan 21.06.1837 Seringapatam North America & West Indies
Allan James 21.08.1837 Cruizer East Indies
Allaway R.T. 31.10.1824   unfit
Allen Samuel 17.09.1832 Melville (flag) Cape of Good Hope & Coast of Africa
Anderson Robert 19.06.1838 Princess Charlotte (flag) Mediterranean
Anderson (b) Alexander 13.07.1830   half-pay
Andrews John 25.01.1828 Delight Falmouth
Atchison James 09.09.1829 Jupiter Particular service
Ayling Thomas 15.04.1839 Curacoa South America
Bacon Robert 22.02.1839   half-pay
Baird John 04.05.1812   Royal Marines, Woolwich
Baiston John 17.01.1809   unfit
Baker Henry 28.02.1835 Revenge Lisbon
Baker Herb. Henry 21.01.1808   unfit
Ball George 30.08.1837 President (flag) South America
Ballantine John George Glass 29.05.1835 Algerine East Indies
Bankier Robert Austin 22.03.1836 Herald East Indies
Banks Howard Ralph 14.03.1837 Trinculo Lisbon
Banks, M.D. William Patterson 24.10.1838 Vestal North America & West Indies
Barnard William 01.03.1836 Raven Sheerness
Barr Alexander 06.04.1837 Griffon North America & West Indies
Bassan Joseph 17.12.1811   unfit
Bateman William 04.10.1837 Ganges Mediterranean
Bayne William 05.07.1830   naval hospital, Jamaica
Baynes William Wogan 13.07.1838 Volcano Mediterranean
Belcher, M.D. John 01.08.1833 Pluto North America & West Indies
Bell (a) Thomas 04.11.1805   unfit
Bellott Thomas 23.12.1831 Firefly North America & West Indies
Bernard Robert 09.05.1838 President (flag) South America
Bernard Sidney 10.08.1838 Saracen Cape of Good Hope & Coast of Africa
Beveridge Hugh Tod Spalding 06.06.1839 Hastings Mediterranean
Billings William 04.07.1800   unfit
Bluett John 23.06.1829   unfit
Blyth Alexander 15.12.1823   Royal Marines, Chatham
Booth David 30.12.1837 Andromache Portsmouth, for Cape of Good Hope
Bowen Guernsey St.George 29.03.1838 Hornet West Indies
Bower, M.D. John 15.07.1836 Castor Mediterranean
Bowman John Cornthwaite 10.09.1834 Spey Falmouth
Boyd, M.D. Robert Speir 09.02.1830   half-pay
Breadon Joseph 11.06.1811   unfit
Brenan Patrick 06.10.1829 Talavera Plymouth
Brien, M.D. Charles Robert 17.12.1834 Royal George Portsmouth
Brown Alexander 10.08.1838 Inconstant North America & West Indies
Brown Michael 02.04.1798   unfit
Brown (a) John 15.01.1823   victualling yard, Depford
Brown, M.D. Robert 25.08.1835 Lyra Falmouth
Brown, M.D. William 12.08.1836   unfit
Browne, M.D. William 24.04.1837   half-pay
Browning Alexander 20.01.1824 Express Falmouth
Buchanan James Gregory 01.05.1839   naval hospital, Haslar
Buchanan Leon. Dobbin. 06.05.1835 Harlequin Cape of Good Hope & Coast of Africa
Burn, M.D. George 21.04.1829   Greenwich hospital
Burns J.J.D. 23.09.1835 Carysfort Mediterranean
Burnside James 12.09.1810   unfit
Butler, M.D. Robert 17.11.1837 Calliope South America
Butter James 25.04.1824   unfit
Caldwell John 28.02.1835   victualling yard, Ascension
Caldwell Joseph 31.03.1838 Charybdis North America & West Indies
Campbell Lawrence 10.08.1838 Brisk Cape of Good Hope & Coast of Africa
Campbell (c) M.D. John 18.08.1836 Donegal Lisbon
Campbell (d) John 12.04.1837 Pickle North America & West Indies
Carpenter Richard 17.09.1830 Megaera Mediterranean
Carr Alexander Allan 15.04.1837   half-pay
Carruthers John Hetherington 05.09.1832 Rhadamanthus Mediterranean
Carter William Foster 27.08.1828 Britannia (flag) Portsmouth
Cass William 21.04.1836 Linnet Falmouth
Chambers Robert John Benj. 31.07.1833 Camelion South America
Chandler James H. 08.10.1813   unfit
Chapple Fred. James 25.08.1835 Fairy Woolwich
Charlton, M.D. John Fitzgerald 19.03.1836 Dolphin Chatham, for Cape of Good Hope & Coast of Africa
Chartres William 21.10.1831   half-pay
Christie John 07.02.1828   unfit
Clarke John 11.12.1835 Seagull Falmouth
Clarke Robert Whitmore 21.01.1836 Opossum Falmouth
Coates Andrew 09.03.1827 Seringapatam North America & West Indies
Cockburn William Robertson 13.12.1838 Acorn Cape of Good Hope & Coast of Africa
Cocks John 14.05.1812   unfit
Compton Thomas 06.01.1836 Penguin Falmouth
Conyngham Constantine 20.01.1829   half-pay
Corral Thomas 20.12.1831 Viper Cape of Good Hope & Coast of Africa
Corry Mathewson 16.06.1829 Victory Portsmouth
Coulter, M.D. Daniel 19.12.1839 Fantome Chatham, for Cape of Good Hope & Coast of Africa
Cowling William 06.06.1808   Royal Marines, Plymouth
Craig William 05.02.1839 Melville (flag) Cape of Good Hope & Coast of Africa
Crawford Thomas 12.05.1838 Termagant Cape of Good Hope & Coast of Africa
Crawford, M.D. John Irwin 01.06.1838 Columbine Cape of Good Hope & Coast of Africa
Cree Edward Hodges 08.06.1837 Rattlesnake Particular service
Crofton William 23.04.1838   half-pay
Cumming, M.D. William Price 24.05.1838 Blenheim Portsmouth, for East Indies
Cunningham Lenox Thompson 20.09.1827 Donegal (flag) Lisbon
Curror A. B. 08.07.1835   half-pay?
Cutfield Alfred Baker 25.03.1836 Edinburgh Mediterranean
Dalton William Ruffell 19.06.1838 Serpent North America & West Indies
Daniell Charles 07.02.1838 Phoenix Mediterranean
Davidson James 19.11.1838 Daphne Mediterranean
Davidson John 29.07.1839 Nimrod Plymouth, for East Indies
Davidson John Scott 13.12.1837   half-pay?
Davies Edward 20.01.1829 Comet Particular service
Davies Richard 12.11.1824   unfit
Deas James Moyes 07.10.1835   half-pay
Denmark Robert 23.12.1834   half-pay
Denny Charles 07.01.1829   unfit
Denvir Thomas 16.08.1839   naval hospital, Haslar
Derriman Edward Harris 13.07.1838 Sheldrake Falmouth
Derriman James Nath. 06.05.1835 Seaflower Portsmouth
Dias Isaac 20.02.1813   Royal Marines, Portsmouth
Dick Robert 22.03.1809   unfit
Dickson (a) William 24.03.1812   unfit
Doak George 28.02.1829   half-pay?
Domville Henry Jones 18.05.1839 Revenge Lisbon
Donnelly Samuel 18.05.1837 Talbot Mediterranean
Douglas, M.D. John 16.07.1835   half-pay?
Drayton Timothy 10.04.1811   Greenwich hospital
Dunbar William 08.05.1811   half-pay
Dunn George 03.05.1833 Hecla West Indies
Dunn John 29.08.1838 Rolla Cape of Good Hope & Coast of Africa
Easton Coryndon Comyns 19.04.1838 Snipe Portsmouth
Easton Robert Tulloh 27.05.1837 Princess Charlotte (flag) Mediterranean
Edmonds Henry 29.08.1838 Prometheus Sheerness, for Mediterranean
Faris Robert 10.04.1837 Minden Mediterranean
Ferguson O'Neill 21.01.1833 North Star Particular service
Ferrier John 25.10.1827 Mutine Falmouth
Findlay John 19.04.1838 Arrow South America
Fletcher Alexander 09.03.1827 Pembroke Mediterranean
Folds John Charles 14.11.1828 Magnet Falmouth
Forbes John 20.04.1836 Rodney Mediterranean
Foster William Henry 03.02.1837 Fanny Portsmouth
Gilchrist John 27.06.1812   Greenwich hospital
Goodridge John Octavius 17.09.1835   half-pay
Gordon John 13.07.1837 Lapwing Falmouth
Gordon Robert 23.02.1801 Ocean Sheerness
Graham Thomas Jackson 26.07.1836 Stag South America
Graham William 04.01.1832 Dee North America & West Indies
Graham, M.D. Andrew 19.11.1838 Confiance Mediterranean
Grahame Robert 17.09.1835   half-pay?
Gray Thomas 18.01.1813   unfit
Grier Charles 07.12.1838 Fly South America
Grigor Robert 29.09.1837 Racehorse North America & West Indies
Groves Edward 08.07.1835 Lark North America & West Indies
Haire John Hillary 04.04.1839 Melville (flag) Cape of Good Hope & Coast of Africa
Hammond Henry Hargood 01.07.1828 Britomart Australia
Hart Thomas 16.08.1839   naval hospital, Haslar
Harvey Frederick 30.03.1839 Princess Charlotte Mediterranean
Harvey James 10.08.1838   half-pay?
Hayward Robert 10.03.1836 Pandora Falmouth
Henderson William 24.01.1839 Cleopatra North America & West Indies
Hinds Richard Brinsley 28.02.1835 Sulphur South America
Hobb Joseph 29.12.1836 Snake North America & West Indies
Hodge John 19.01.1839 Basilisk South America
Hooker Joseph Dalton 18.05.1839 Erebus Particular service
Hopley Richard Rodney Bligh 31.07.1827   Greenwich hospital
Houghton William 30.11.1829   half-pay
Hunter James 21.05.1798   unfit
Hunter William James 14.01.1814   Royal Marines, Woolwich
Hunter (b) Thomas 10.02.1824   unfit
Hyndman Archibald Camp. 13.02.1811   unfit
Incledon George 30.06.1824 Hermes Mediterranean
Irwin William 31.03.1812   unfit
Isbell Richard Moore 07.06.1836   half-pay
Jack Richard Lenox 28.02.1835 Apollo Troop ship
Jardine David 07.04.1823   unfit
Jenkins John Thomas 09.05.1838 Jaseur Mediterranean
Johnson, M.D. Edward 20.06.1838 Rose South America
Keown Thomas Heron 07.02.1838 Powerful Mediterranean
Kerr Joseph 23.07.1810   unfit
Kerr, M.D. William Dulrymple 02.11.1836 Dido Mediterranean
Kevern Charles Thomas Simpson 21.06.1836 Satellite North America & West Indies
Kift Arthur 06.05.1812   Royal Marines, Chatham
Kincaid Thomas 06.06.1839 Peterel Plymouth
Kinnear Charles Ritchie 04.01.1838 Bonetta Cape of Good Hope & Coast of Africa
Krabbe C.F. 12.11.1824   unfit
Laffer John 14.03.1837 Scorpion Mediterranean
Lambert William 26.09.1832   naval hospital, Bermuda
Laneuville Joseph 24.01.1814   unfit
Layton, M.D. Thomas James 19.11.1838 Sapphire Particular service
Leitch William 05.02.1839 Hydra Mediterranean
Liddell Henry 26.10.1829 Implacable Mediterranean
Lillie Andrew 29.07.1839 Melville (flag) Cape of Good Hope & Coast of Africa
Lincoln Johnson 17.11.1801   unfit
Little Archibald J. 21.05.1836 Lynx Cape of Good Hope & Coast of Africa
Livesay, M.D. Salter 22.05.1833 Asia Mediterranean
Lizars John 11.10.1809   unfit
Loney William 18.11.1839 Wanderer Sheerness, for Cape of Good Hope & Coast of Africa
Long Patrick H. 13.05.1812   unfit
Lowry, M.D. Thomas Harvey 16.03.1838   naval hospital, Jamaica
Lyall David 06.06.1839 Terror Particular service
Lyell John G. 14.04.1824   half-pay
Mackarsie Henry Herbert 04.04.1839   half-pay
Mackay, M.D. George 07.10.1835 Samarang South America
Maclear John 03.09.1838 Rover North America & West Indies
Macleod John 13.07.1838 Actaeon South America
Macnish James Johnstone 10.05.1836 Acheron Mediterranean
Macpherson Alexander Berriedale 21.03.1837   half-pay
M'Alaster James 23.09.1811   unfit
Malloch John 06.08.1800   unfit
Mansell, M.D. Fitzwilliam 05.12.1832 Blenheim Portsmouth, for East Indies
Marshall William Barrett 10.06.1824   half-pay
Martin Gilbert Thrift Meldrum 03.05.1838 Hastings Mediterranean
Martin Robert Watson 12.04.1838 Belleisle Mediterranean
Martin, M.D. Lawrence 01.05.1839 Niagara Lakes of Canada
Mason Richard Denton 25.11.1837 Electra South America
Mason Stephen 27.01.1808   dockyard, Portsmouth
M'Auley William 18.01.1813   unfit
M'Bain James 13.08.1827 Mastiff Orkney Islands
McClure, M.D. Geo.Moffat 22.08.1835 Meteor Falmouth
M'Crae Robert 23.06.1830 Winchester (flag) North America & West Indies
M'Craith, M.D. James 28.06.1836 Magpie Mediterranean
M'Crea William 18.08.1835 Winchester (flag) North America & West Indies
Methven, M.D. William Lambert 19.04.1836 Wizard South America
M'Ewen William 04.04.1808   unfit
M'Farlane Henry 20.09.1836 Hazard Mediterranean
M'Gowan Joseph 09.03.1812   unfit
Miller James Armit 08.08.1835 Partridge South America
Milne Arthur Duft 19.01.1839 Pique Portsmouth
Minchin William 20.03.1837 Alecto Plymouth, for Mediterranean
Minter John Moolenburgh 30.12.1837   half-pay?
Mitchell Robert Durno 11.11.1828   half-pay
Mitchell, M.D. Alexander 20.11.1839   naval hospital, Haslar
Mitchell, M.D. James 16.03.1838 Columbia Woolwich, for North America & West Indies
M'Kinlay William 13.07.1838 Grecian South America
M'Lean (b) Robert 10.09.1830 Poictiers Chatham
Moffatt James William 10.11.1835 Spider South America
Moffit Andrew 06.06.1839 Clio South America
Molesworth, M.D. Thomas Edward 07.12.1838 Seringapatam North America & West Indies
Monk Hugh Henry 06.06.1839 Wellesley (flag) East Indies
Moody Andrew 04.01.1839 Zebra Mediterranean
Mortimer Charles 18.01.1808   unfit
Mottley James Charles 23.06.1830 Nautilus Cape of Good Hope & Coast of Africa
Munro George Ferguson 19.07.1837 Favorite East Indies
Murdoch Michael 16.03.1813   unfit
Murray Andrew 17.11.1837 Tyne Mediterranean
Mustard James Mackay 10.08.1838 Princess Charlotte (flag) Mediterranean
M'Whinnie John 19.11.1838 Curlew Cape of Good Hope & Coast of Africa
Newman Charles 17.06.1799   unfit
Newman Charles Duncan Amyett 22.09.1829 Pigeon Falmouth
Niddrie, M.D. Peter 20.07.1830 Princess Charlotte (flag) Mediterranean
Nolloth Edward 18.08.1835   naval hospital, Malta
Nutt Charles Kevern 08.05.1827 Bellerophon Mediterranean
O'Callaghan Daniel 04.03.1839 Spitfire North America & West Indies
O'Hagan, M.D. Hugh 04.05.1839 Gorgon Mediterranean
Oman George 06.08.1836 Wellesley (flag) East Indies
Orr William 12.01.1837 Kite West Indies
Osborne Francis 08.09.1824   unfit
Osman Henry Forfar 01.07.1830 Espoir Lisbon
Page Hugh Guion Rheinfelt 29.06.1830   half-pay
Pascoe Francis Polkinghorne 19.03.1836 Flamer Woolwich, for North America & West Indies
Paterson Alexander 11.06.1811 African Coast of Ireland
Patterson John Herbert 18.07.1838 Salamander Particular service
Paul James Johnston 23.04.1839 Lily Cape of Good Hope & Coast of Africa
Peacock Henry 18.05.1839 Crocodile North America & West Indies
Peddie John Smart 20.12.1836 Sparrow South America
Pennycook William 11.05.1824 Hope Falmouth
Peters James 16.07.1838 Skylark Falmouth
Philips James 21.10.1831 Savage Particular service
Pilmor Alexander James 31.12.1834 Minden Mediterranean
Pinkerton Ebenezer 17.08.1824   unfit
Plimsoll Joseph 12.07.1832 Edinburgh Mediterranean
Pottinger Robert 03.05.1839 Druid East Indies
Pritchard Francis Bowen 06.06.1839 Winchester (flag) North America & West Indies
Pritchett George Watson 18.03.1828 Atholl Troop ship
Pritchett Morris 03.02.1836   Greenwich hospital
Prittchard Richard Davis 23.11.1833   half-pay?
Read John 16.01.1824   half-pay
Rees John 29.11.1831 President (flag) South America
Rees John Rumney 04.08.1810   unfit
Reid John 09.05.1838 Orestes South America
Reilly Patrick 16.01.1837 Pelorus South America
Risk James George 10.08.1838 Vanguard Mediterranean
Risk Keats Robinson 29.05.1835   half-pay
Ritchie Daniel 19.05.1838 Weazle Mediterranean
Roberts John Isbell Warden 27.07.1835 Buzzard Coast of Africa
Roberts William 20.03.1838 Crane Falmouth
Robertson Ebenezer 29.10.1838 Benbow Mediterranean
Robertson William 19.07.1837 Hyacinth East Indies
Robinson David John Raymond 18.05.1839 Beacon Mediterranean
Robinson Neal 24.02.1812   unfit
Rogers William 20.11.1839 Melville (flag) Cape of Good Hope & Coast of Africa
Rogers William Thomas 28.02.1835   half-pay
Rowe George F. 26.11.1824 Aetna Woolwich
Russell Andrew 08.09.1823   dockyard, Chatham
Russell David 03.05.1839 Buffalo Particular service
Ruxton Henry 23.08.1808   unfit
Sabben John Cushen 06.11.1833 San Josef Plymouth
Salmon James 01.08.1833 North Star Particular service
Sandys Stephen Edward 30.03.1839 Belleisle Mediterranean
Schumacher C.R. 03.12.1814   unfit
Scotland, M.D. Wilson 19.05.1838   naval hospital, Bermuda
Scott Alexander 21.06.1837 Romney Havannah
Scott Robert John 28.02.1835 Ganges Mediterranean
Scott Robert Thomas Charles 08.10.1833 Vanguard Mediterranean
Sharpe Francis 06.07.1837 Alligator Australia
Shea Henry Daniel 13.09.1832 Asia Mediterranean
Sibbald (b) George 20.12.1813   unfit
Simmie James David 12.05.1824   Royal Marines, HQ Portsmouth
Simpson, M.D. John 06.06.1839 Childers East Indies
Sinclair (b), M.D. John 10.12.1834 Excellent Portsmouth
Slight Augustus 11.07.1837   half-pay
Slight, M.D. Fred. Newell 29.04.1836 Howe (flag) Sheerness
Smith Charles 24.10.1838 Wellesley (flag) East Indies
Smith (a) Robert 11.03.1800   unfit
Somerville George Henry 12.08.1836 Pembroke Mediterranean
Somerville Thomas 18.05.1837 Ringdove North America & West Indies
Sparke John G. 24.09.1800   unfit
Sproule, M.D. Samuel 15.04.1837 Sappho North America & West Indies
Stanley Stephen Samuel 29.05.1838 Blonde Portsmouth, for East Indies
Steel Charles Deane 12.01.1837 Cyclops Woolwich, for Mediterranean
Steele James Hutchison 10.04.1837   naval hospital, Plymouth
Stevenson Robert 11.05.1829 Alert Falmouth
Stewart Hamilton 04.01.1813   unfit
Stewart (b) John 21.05.1836 Bellerophon Mediterranean
Stoddart Thomas William Pitt 23.08.1830 Serpent North America & West Indies
Stratton, M.D. Thomas 19.12.1837 Niagara Lakes of Canada
Stuart Alexander 20.07.1830 Ranger Falmouth
Suggate Henry Ezra 22.04.1800   unfit
Tait John 12.01.1838 Talavera Plymouth
Tait Thomas 03.10.1837 Beagle Australia
Taylor Joseph 04.06.1824   unfit
Thomas David 25.11.1837 Modeste Cape of Good Hope & Coast of Africa
Thomas John 02.07.1810   unfit
Thomson Thomas Richard Heywood 27.05.1837 Cockatrice South America
Thomson (c), M.D. John 16.12.1836 Tribune Mediterranean
Thomson, M.D. David 11.08.1832 Tyrian Falmouth
Todd James 09.08.1836 Conway East Indies
Tracey Henry 21.10.1831 Melville (flag) Cape of Good Hope & Coast of Africa
Traill Walter 29.08.1838 Racer North America & West Indies
Trevan Henry 16.11.1836 Blazer Mediterranean
Tucker Alfred Green Gayton 12.07.1832 Impregnable (flag) Portsmouth
Turnbull, M.D. Henry Home 13.07.1838 Pilot North America & West Indies
Tweeddale John Dunbar 20.11.1839 Pylades Plymouth, for East Indies
Urquhart Lewis Carmaichael 07.12.1838 Seringapatam North America & West Indies
Vaughan James 23.05.1837 Larne East Indies
Wallace, M.D. James William 29.08.1838 Wolverine Cape of Good Hope & Coast of Africa
Walsh Eustace James 16.08.1839 Fawn South America
Walsh James 28.12.1838 Princess Charlotte (flag) Mediterranean
Waters George Alexander 08.10.1808   unfit
Weale Edward Hill 19.11.1835   naval hospital, Plymouth
Webb Samuel William 16.12.1836 Melville (flag) Cape of Good Hope & Coast of Africa
Webster George 18.05.1807   unfit
West Maurice Thomas 13.12.1838   half-pay
Whipple Frederick James 29.09.1837 Alligator Australia
White Charles William 07.07.1829 Powerful Mediterranean
White William 27.07.1830 Thunder North America & West Indies
Whitmarsh George 10.04.1837 Skipjack North America & West Indies
Whitmarsh John 24.07.1809   naval hospital, Malta
Wilkes William David 11.11.1828 Star Falmouth
Wilkinson Charles N. 15.03.1839 Benbow Mediterranean
Wilson Daniel 20.08.1824   half-pay
Wilson, M.D. Alexander 22.02.1839   naval hospital, Plymouth
Wood, M.D. William 21.04.1838 Speedy Sheerness
Woodcock Alexander 01.03.1836 Swift Falmouth
Wright Robert 01.09.1795   unfit
Wright William Warren 08.08.1831 Rodney Mediterranean
Zimmerman Godfrey 22.08.1807   unfit
Curtis John H. 13.11.1810    
Hume Robert 01.07.1799    
M'Kee James 04.07.1803    
Smith John (b) 31.07.1804    
Taylor William 21.02.1804    
Tripe Thomas 18.02.1811    
White Griffin B. 06.11.1821    
Woolnough Josuah 23.06.1803    
Hospital Mates
Eyre William 06.03.1811   naval hospital, Plymouth
Wicks Samuel 28.09.1822   naval hospital, Haslar

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