HMS North Star (1824)
HMS North Star (1824)

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NameNorth Star (1824)Explanation
TypeSixth rate   
Launched7 December 1824
Builders measure501 tons
Ships book
Snippets concerning this vessels career
8 March 1837Commanded by Commodore Lord John Hay, on North coast of Spain
30 August 1841
- 8 September 1846
Commanded (until paying off) by Captain James Everard Home, East Indies (including the first Anglo-Chinese war)
20 February 1852
- September 1854
Commanded by Commander William John Samuel Pullen, particular service, part of Sir Edward Belchers expedition searching for Sir John Franklins' ill-fated 1845 North-West Passage expedition. Initially a depot ship at Beechey island, North Star took the crews of the other vessels home when they all became trapped in the ice
1 June 1854
- 17 October 1854
Commanded by Commander Sherard Osborn in Artic seas
Extracts from the Times newspaper
Sa 17 April 1852

WOOLWICH, April 16.

Lieutenant Richard V. Hamilton, of the Resolute, proceeded to Greenwich yesterday to receive the chronometers for Captain Sir Edward Belcher's Arctic expedition, and take charge of them to Greenhithe...
Several lighters will proceed down the river to the Nore to-morrow with extra stores to be put on board the Basilisk and Desperate steamers, which these vessels will convey to the edge of the ice, and then put them on board of the vessels of the Expedition.
The North Star, Commander Pullen, was taken to the middle of the stream to-day to be in readiness to be towed down to Greenhithe to-morrow by the Adder and Monkey steam vessels. The North Star is very deeply loaded, and her decks piled with split logs, to be used for firewood.
Fr 23 April 1852

SHEERNESS, Thursday Morning.

Her Majesty's paddle-wheel steamsloop Basilisk, 6, Commander G.H. Gardner, and screw steamvessel Desperate, 8, Lieutenant Stevens, left port on Tuesday, at 5 p.m., and anchored at the Nore, waiting the arrival of the vessels forming the Arctic Expedition...
Her Majesty's ships Assistance, 2, Captain Sir E. Belcher, C.B.; Resolute, 2. Captain H. Kellett, C.B.; North Star, 2, Commander William J.S. Pullen; Intrepid, 2, screw steamship, tender to the Resolute; and Pioneer, 2, screw steamvessel, tender to the Assistance, arrived at the Great Nore, from Greenhithe, at 7.30 a.m. yesterday, the first three in tow of the Lightning, the Monkey, and the African steamers respectively. At 9 a.m. Her Majesty’s steamvessel Myrtle, Mr. W.S. Bourchier master commanding, conveyed Captain C. Hope, Superintendent of the Dockyard, and senior port naval officer (pro. tem.), on a visit to Sir E. Belcher, returning at noon with the captains of the several ships, who were entertained at luncheon by Captain C. Hope. A dockyard cutter was kindly placed at the disposal of the officers belonging to the ships in port, for the purpose of affording them an opportunity of visiting the Arctic exploring squadron, of which many availed themselves. At 1 p.m. the Myrtle, with the broad pendant flying of Captain C. Hope, returned to the Nore with the officers, who came into port. Between 1 and 2 p.m. signal was made to the Basilisk, Desperate, and the other steamers to get up their steam, and at 3 o’clock the squadron weighed anchor and started on their voyage, the sailing-vessels being each in tow of a tug-vessel, and carrying with them the hearty wishes of every one for success in the enterprise in which they are engaged. The Basilisk and Desperate will accompany them to the edge of the ice, in order to render any assistance they may require.
Ma 26 April 1852

SHEERNESS, Sunday Morning, April 25.

Her Majesty’s steam-tugvessel African returned to port on Friday morning, having, when near Yarmouth on Thursday, parted company with the ships of the Arctic Expedition, under the command of Sir E. Belcher. When the African left them the North Star was under canvas, the Resolute and Assistance in tow of the Lightning and Desperate steamers.

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