HMS Hermes (1835)
HMS Hermes (1835)

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NameHermes (1835)Explanation
Launched26 June 1835
Builders measure716 tons
Displacement789 tons
Ships bookADM 135/228
Note1842 rebuilt as 830 bm
Snippets concerning this vessels career
9 November 1835
- 11 January 1838
Commanded (from commissioning at Woolwich) by Lieutenant William Simpson Blount, Mediterranean mail packet
29 May 1838
- 5 October 1840
Commanded by Lieutenant William Simpson Blount, Mediterranean mail packet
30 May 1843
- 26 October 1847
Commanded (until paying off at Chatham) by Lieutenant commander Washington Carr, North America and West Indies
7 January 1850
- 10 June 1854
Commanded by Commander Edmund Gardiner Fishbourne, Cape of Good Hope, then East Indies
13 June 1855Commanded by Commander Henry Coryton, North America and West Indies
21 February 1856Commanded by Commander William Everard Alphonso Gordon, Cape of Good Hope
Extracts from the Times newspaper
Th 11 March 1858Her Majesty's ship Boscawen, left Simon's Bay on the 3d of January, on a cruise to St. Helena. Ascension, and the West Coast; the Admiral, Sir F. Grey, on board. The Sappho left on the 8th for Australia. The Hermes left for East London, with the Governor, on the 19th. On the 27th Her Majesty's steamer Simoom arrived from Calcutta, and is now the only vessel of war in Simons Bay.
We 29 December 1858The Union Screw Steamship Company's mail packet Norman, Captain Boxer, has arrived. She left Simon’s Bay, Nov. 20; St. Helena, 30th; and Ascension, Dec. 4.
... Her Majesty's ship Boscawen was at Simon's Bay. The steamship Hermes was preparing to leave Table Bay, in search, of the brig Sappho. The Sardinian ship Malabar, with coal, from London for Aden, was wrecked at Table Bay on the 6th of November; crew saved.

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