John Arbuthnot Fisher R.N.
John Arbuthnot Fisher R.N.

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John Arbuthnot Fisher R.N.Explanation
Eldest child of Captain William Fisher (1811-1866) of the 78th (Highlanders) Regiment of Foot
Date (from)(Date to)Personal
25 January 1841 Born (Wavenden Estate, Ramboda, Ceylon (present-day Sri Lanka)
26 May 1894 K.C.B. (Knight Commander of the Bath)
7 December 1909 Created Baron Fisher of Kilverstone
10 July 1920 Died (London)
12 July 1854Entered Navy
4 November 1860Lieutenant
3 August 1869Commander
30 October 1874Captain
2 August 1890Rear-Admiral
8 May 1896Vice-Admiral
2 November 1901Admiral
4 December 1905Admiral of the Fleet
25 January 1911Retired Admiral of the Fleet
Date fromDate toService
29 March 186030 August 1861Acting lieutenant in Furious, commanded by Captain Oliver John Jones, East Indies and China
17 January 186227 March 1863Lieutenant in Excellent, commanded by Captain Richard Strode Hewlett, gunnery ship, Portsmouth
28 March 18632 June 1864Lieutenant in Warrior, commanded by Captain Arthur Auckland Leopold Pedro Cochrane, Channel squadron for gunnery duties
3 June 18642 November 1866Lieutenant and commander in Stork, tender to Excellent
3 November 18664 August 1869Lieutenant in Excellent, commanded by Captain Arthur William Acland Hood, gunnery ship, Portsmouth
4 August 18697 November 1869Additional Commander in Excellent, commanded by Captain Henry Boys, gunnery ship, Portsmouth
8 November 18699 May 1870Commander (2ic) in Donegal, commanded by Captain William Nathan Wrighte Hewett, taking Vice-Admiral Henry Kellett, and a replacement crew to relieve Vice-Admiral Henry Keppel and the crew of the flag-ship, Ocean, on the China station
10 May 187022 June 1872Commander (2ic) in Ocean, commanded by Captain William Nathan Wrighte Hewett, flagship of Vice-Admiral Henry Kellett on the China station
15 March 18774 June 1878Captain in Bellerophon, flagship of Astley Cooper Key on the North America and West Indies station
7 June 187822 August 1878Captain in Hercules, flagship of Astley Cooper Key, Baltic fleet (during Russian war scare)
1 January 187924 July 1879Captain in Pallas (until paying off at Plymouth), Mediterranean
6 April 18837 June 1885Captain in Excellent, gunnery ship, Portsmouth
8 June 188522 July 1885Captain in Minotaur, evolutionary squadron
23 July 188531 October 1886Captain in Excellent, gunnery ship, Portsmouth
1 November 188620 May 1891Director of Naval Ordnance and Torpedoes
21 May 18911 February 1892Admiral Superintendent of Portsmouth Dockyard
2 February 189223 August 1897Controller of the Navy and Third Naval Lord
24 August 1897May 1899Commander-in-Chief, North America and West Indies Station (flag in Renown, Captain Daniel McNab Riddel)
18 May 189929 June 1899British naval delegate to the conference that drew up the 1899 Hague ConventionExternal link
1 July 18999 June 1902Commander-in-Chief, Mediterranean (flag in RenownExternal link, Captain Hon. Hugh TyrwhittExternal link)
10 June 190230 August 1903Second Sea Lord
31 August 190320 October 1904Commander-in-Chief, Portsmouth
20 October 190425 January 1910First Sea Lord
21 October 1904 First and Principal Naval Aide-de-Camp to King Edward VII
January 1905 President of Committee on Design of Ships
30 October 191415 May 1915First Sea Lord
June 1915 Chairman of the Royal Navy Board of Invention and Research

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