John Franklin R.N.
John Franklin R.N.

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John Franklin R.N.Explanation
Date (from)(Date to)Personal
15 April 1776 Born (Spilsbury, Lincolnshire)
16 August 1823 Married, firstly, Eleanor Anne (died 1825), youngest daugher of William Porden, of London
5 November 1828 Married, secondly, Jane (1792-1875), daughter of John Griffin, of London
29 April 1829 Knighted
25 January 1836 K.C.H. (Knight Commander of the Oder of the Guelphs)
11 June 1847 Died (in the area of King William Island, about halfway along the Northwest Passage)
1 October 1780Entered Navy
11 February 1808Lieutenant
1 January 1821Commander
20 November 1822Captain
Date fromDate toService
14 January 1818November 1818Lieutenant and commander in Trent, hired brig, together with Dorothea, Captain David Buchan, voyage of discovery to Spitzbergen
23 May 1819September 1822Iin command of an overland exploration of the Coppermine River area of northern Canada, in which 11 of the 20 members of the pary died of starvation or exposure, or at the hands of their comrades
16 February 182526 September 1827Second, more successful, overland expedition of northern Canada
23 August 1830January 1834Captain in Rainbow (1823, sixth rate), Mediterranean
6 January 183721 August 1843Lieutenant-Governor of Van Diemen's Land (Tasmania)
3 March 184511 June 1847Captain in Erebus, patricular service (together with Terror, Francis Rawdon Moira Crozier, the ill-fated British Naval Northwest Passage Expedition, 1845-1848, led by Franklin, and sent by the Admiralty to search for a Northwest Passage beyond Lancaster Sound and Barrow Strait in the unexplored region south-west of Barrow Strait)

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