HMS Victor Emmanuel (launched as Repulse, 1855)
HMS Victor Emmanuel (launched as Repulse, 1855)

The Royal Navy

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NameVictor Emmanuel (launched as Repulse, 1855)Explanation
TypeSecond rate TypeTwo-decker
Launched27 September 1855   
HullWooden Length230 feet
PropulsionScrew Men860
Builders measure3087 tons   
Displacement4814 tons   
Fate1899 Last in commission1874
Class  Class (as screw)Agamemnon
Ships bookADM 135/493   
27 February 1855Launched as Repulse at Pembroke Dockyard.
4 December 1855= Victor Emanuel (upon his visiting the ship).
27 July 1858
- 11 November 1859
Commanded (from commissioning at Portsmouth) by Captain James Willcox, Channel squadron, then (March 1959) Mediterranean
11 November 1859
- 6 May 1862
Commanded (until paying off at Portsmouth) by Captain William John Cavendish Clifford, Mediterranean
18 November 1873
- 26 January 1875
Commanded (from commissioning at Portsmouth) by Captain George Henry Parkin, hospital ship at Cape Coast Castile during the Ashanti campaign, then receiving ship, Hong Kong (arriving 11 December 1874 and replacing Princess Charlotte).
July 1875
- 1 March 1876
Commanded by Commodore John Edward Parish, senior naval officer, Hong Kong
1 March 1876Commanded by Commodore George Willes Watson, senior officer, Hong Kong
14 February 1884
- 1887
Commanded by Commodore George Digby Morant, Commodore-in-Charge of dockyard and naval establishments, Hong Kong
30 September 1897Paid off.

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