Anglo-Chinese War ("Opium war") of 1838 - 1842
Anglo-Chinese War ("Opium war") of 1838 - 1842

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W.L. Clowes on the First Anglo-Chinese War ("Opium war") of 1838 - 1842

Vessels of the Royal Navy, and of the Hon. East India Company's service, engaged in the operations in China, 1839-42

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Ships. M* Guns. Commanders. Remarks.
H.M. Ships:-
Algerine * 10 Lieut. Thos. Hy. Mason. Com. June 8th, 1841. From Oct. 10th, 1841, Lieut. Wm. Heriot Maitland.
Alligator * 26 Com. Aug. Leop. Kuper (actg. Capt.). Later, Com. Pat. Jno. Blake (actg. Capt.). From Jan. 14th, 1841, Com. (and Capt.) Sam. Perkins Pritchard.
Apollo, trp. s. * 46 Com. Chas. Frederick.  
Belleisle, trp. s. * 72 Capt. Jno. Kingcome.  
Bentinck, surv.   10 Lieut Rich. Collinson. Com. June 18th, 1841. See Plover.
Blenheim * 72 Capt. Sir Humph. Fleming Senhouse, Kt. Died in com. June 14th, 1841. Capt. Thos. Herbert (K.C.B. Oct. 14th, 1841). See Calliope
Blonde * 42 Capt. Thos. Bourchier. C.B. June 29th, 1841.
Cambrian   36 Capt. Hy. Ducie Chads, C.B.  
Calliope * 26 Capt. Thos. Herbert. From June 14th, 1841, Capt. Aug. Leop. Kuper (C.B. Jan. 21st, 1842).
Childers * 16 Com. Edw. Pellew Halsted.  
Clio * 16 Com. Edw. Norwich Troubridge (actg. Capt.).  
Columbine * 16 Lieut. Thos. Jordaine Clarke (actg. Com.). Com. June 3rd, 1840; Capt. June 8th, 1841. From Oct. 16th, 1841, Com. Wm. Hy. Anderson Morshead.
Conway * 26 Capt. Ch. Ramsay Drinkwater Bethune. C.B. July 29th, 1841.
Cornwallis * 72 R.-Ad. Sir Wm. Parker, K.C.B.; Capt. Peter Richards. See Wellesley.
Cruiser * 16 Com. Hy. Wells Giffard. Capt. June 8th, 1841. From Oct. 16th, 1841, Com. Jos. Pearse.
Dido * 18 Capt. Hon. Henry Keppel.  
Druid * 44 Capt. Hy. Smith, C.B.  
Endymion * 44 Capt. Hon. Fredk. Wm. Grey.  
Harlequin * 16 Com. Lord Fras. Jno. Russell.  
Hazard * 18 Com. Chas. Bell.  
Herald * 26 Capt. Joseph Nias. C.B. June 29th, 1841.
Hyacinth * 18 Com. Wm. Warren. Capt. May 6th, 1841. From Aug. 14th, 1841, Com. Geo. Goldsmith.
Jupiter, trp. s. * - Master Robt. Fulton. Later, Master Geo. B. Hoffmeister.
Larne * 18 Com. Aug. Leop. Kuper. From Jan. 17th, 1840, Capt. Pat. Jno. Blake.
Louisa, tender   - Mate Thos. Carmichael. Lieut. June 8th, 1841. Wrecked, 1841.
Melville * 72 R.-Ad. Hon. George Elliot, C.B.; Capt. Hon. Rich. Saunders Dundas. During earlier operations.
Modeste * 18 Com. Harry Eyres. Capt. May 6th, 1841; C.B. Oct. 14th, 1841. Later, Com. Rundle Burges Watson.
Nimrod * 20 Com. Chas. Anstruther Barlow. Capt. June 8th, 1841; C.B. Oct. 14th, 1841. Later, Com. Jos. Pearse. Later, Com. Fredk. Hy. Hastings Glasse.
North Star * 26 Capt. Sir Jas. Everard Home, Bt.  
Pelican   18 Com. Chas. Geo. Elers Napier. Capt. Nov. 1st, 1841.
Plover, surv. * - Com. Rich. Collinson.  
Pylades * 18 Com. Talavera Vernon Anson. Capt. June 8th. 1841. Later, Com. Louis Symonds Tindal.
Rattlesnake, trp. s. * 28 Master William Brodie. Died in com. Later, Master Jas. Sprent.
Samarang * 26 Capt. Jas. Scott. C.B. June 29th, 1841.
Sapphire, trp. s. * 28 Master Geo. Wm. Nembhard.  
Starling, surv. cutt. * 6 Lieut. Hy. Kellett. Com. May 6th, 1841.
Sulphur, surv. * 8 Com. Edward Belcher. Capt. May 6th, 1841; C.B. Oct. 14th, 1841.
Vixen, padd. * 6 Com. Hy. Boyes.  
Volage * 26 Capt. Hy. Smith. From June 30th, 1840, Com. Geo. Aug. Elliot (actg. Capt.). Later, Capt. Wm. Warren, and, on Aug. 30th, 1841, Capt. Sir Wm. Dickson, Bart.
Wanderer * 16 Com. Edw. Norwich Troubridge. Later, Com. Steph. Grenville Fremantle.
Wellesley * 72 R.-Ad. Sir Fredk. Lewis Maitland, K.C.B.; Capt. Thos. Maitland. From Jan. 17th, 1840, Commod. Sir J.J.G. Bremer, Kt., C.B., with Capt. Maitland. Later, flag of R.-Adm. Sir Wm. Parker, (V.-Adm. Nov. 23rd, 1841).
Young Hebe, tender   - Mate Rich. Robt. Quin. Later, Lieut. Wm. Cotterell Wood.
H.E.I. Co.'s ships:-
Atalanta   -    
Auckland, str.   - Com. R. Ethersey, I.N.  
Aurora   -    
Enterprise   -    
Madagascar, str.   - Capt. Dicey, I.N. Burnt by accident, 1841
Medusa, str.   - Lieut. W. H. Hewitt, I.N.  
Nemesis, str.   2 Master Wm. Hutcheon Hall, R.N. Lieut. Jan. 8th, 1841.
Phlegethon, str.   4 Lieut. Jas. Johnstone M'Cleverty, R.N.  
Pluto, str.   - Lieut. Jno. Tudor, R.N.  
Proserpine, str.   - Com. Jno. Jas. Hough, R.N.  
Queen, str.   2 Actg. Master Wm. Warden, R.N.  
Sesostris, str.   4 Com. H.A. Ormsby, I.N.  
Tenasserim, str.   - Actg. Master A.P. Wall, R.N.  

* Medals were granted to these ships

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