HMS Vixen (1841)
HMS Vixen (1841)

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NameVixen (1841)Explanation
Type1st class sloop   
Launched4 February 1841
Builders measure1054 tons
Displacement1379 tons
Ships bookADM 135/499
Snippets concerning this vessels career
30 August 1841Commanded by Commander Henry Boyes, East Indies (including the first Anglo-Chinese war)
31 January 1843
- 11 July 1846
Commanded (until paying off) by Commander George Giffard, East Indies
May 1847Commanded (from commissioning at Woolwich) by Commander Alfred Phillipps Ryder, Charles Napier's Western Squadron, then taking the Portuguese ambassador, the Duke of Palmella, back to Lisbon, and Percy Doyle (the newly appointed British Minister) to Mexico, then North America and West Indies (until promoted for his service at the capture of Fort Serapaqui on the San Juan River after Colonel Salas of the Nicaraguan army had carried off two British subjects).
10 May 1848Commanded by Robert Jenner, North America and West Indies
27 March 1852
- 4 September 1855
Commanded (until paying off) by Commander Frederick Lamport Barnard, south-east coast of America
4 February 1857
- 17 February 1858
Commanded by Commander George Frederick Mecham, Pacific (until he died at Honolulu)
18 February 1858
- 8 February 1860
Commanded by Commander Lionel Lambert, Pacific (until Lambert was murdered)
9 February 1860
- 20 April 1861
Commanded (until paying off at Woolwich) by Commander Frederick William Richards, Pacific

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