HMS Jaseur (1857)
HMS Jaseur (1857)

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NameJaseur (1857)Explanation
Launched7 March 1857
Builders measure310 tons
Ships book
Note1859.02.26 wrecked Baxo Nuovo, W.
Snippets concerning this vessels career
28 July 1857
- 4 March 1859
Commanded (from commissioning) by Lieutenant commander John Binney Scott, North America and West Indies (until wreched on the Ronconebas Reef, 200 miles south-east of Jamaica; all saved)
Extracts from the Times newspaper
We 20 April 1859A court-martial was held yesterday on board Her Majesty's ship Victory, in Portsmouth harbour, for the trial of Lieutenant-Commander John Binney Scott, Mr. Moss, second master, and Stephen Gruett, ordinary seaman (lookout-man on the night in question), for the loss of Her Majesty’s screw steam gunboat Jaseur, on the Baxo Nuevo shoal, during the passage of that vessel from Port Royal to Greytown, at 10 30 p.m. on the 26th of February last. The Court was composed of Captain George T. Gordon, C.B., Her Majesty’s ship Hannibal, and commanding Steam Reserve, president; Captains R. Harris, Britannia; R.S. Hewlett, C.B., Excellent; H. Caldwell, C.B., Mersey; T. Wilson, St. Vincent; and E. Heathcote, Doris. Mr. Hillier officiated as Deputy-Judge Advocate. After hearing the evidence adduced by the prosecution as against Mr. Moss, the second master, and Stephen Gruett, ordinary seaman, and the evidence brought forward by the said Mr. Moss and Stephen Gruett in their defence, the Court, after the most careful deliberation, severally acquitted the prisoners of the charge brought against them. The Court then proceeded with the trial of Lieutenant John Binney Scott, the commander of the Jaseur, on the same charge. The result was that Lieutenant Scott was acquitted. The master and gunner were recommended to the Admiralty for their conduct after the wreck.
Tu 25 July 1871The following vessels of war are now on their passage home for the purpose of being put out of commission and their crew paid off: - The Forte, 24, 2,364 tons, 400-horse power, Capt. H. Fairfax, flagship of Rear-Admiral J.H. Cockburn, commanding the East India squadron, and the Nymph, 4, 1,084 tons, 300-horse power, Commander R. Adams, from the East Indies; the Charybdis, 17, 1,506 tons, 400-horse power, Capt. A.M'L. Lyons, from the Pacific; the Virago, 6, 1,053 tons, 200-horse power, paddlewheel steamer, Commander H.S. Sandys, from Australia; the Jaseur, 5, 427 tons, 80-horse power, Commander C.F. Hotham, and the Lee, 5, 431 tons, 80-horse power, Commander C. S. Fitton, from the Mediterranean; and the Vestal, 4, 1,081 tons, 300-horse power, Commander W.R. Kennedy, and the Myrmidon, 4, 695 tons, 200-horse power, Commander H.L. Holder, for North America and the West Indies. The Dryad, 4, 1,086 tons, 300-horse power, Commander G. Parsons, is to be paid off and re-commissioned at Bombay, and the Rapid, 3, 672 tons, 150-horse power, Commander the Hon. F.L. Wood, at Malta.

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