HMS Termagant (1847)
HMS Termagant (1847)

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NameTermagant (1847)Explanation
Launched25 September 1847   
HullWooden Length210 feet
Builders measure1560 tons   
Displacement2403 tons   
Fate1867 Last in commission1863
Ships bookADM 135/469   
25 September 1847Launched at Deptford Dockyard.
30 August 1852
- 6 January 1853
Commanded (from commissioning at Portsmouth until paying off at Portsmouth) by Captain George Giffard, particular service
14 June 1854
- 22 September 1854
Commanded (from commissioning at Portsmouth) by Captain Keith Stewart, conveying French troops to the Baltic (and returning with prisoners of war)
3 October 1854
- 3 August 1855
Commanded by Commodore Thomas Henderson, senior officer, West Indies
3 August 1855
- 16 March 1857
Commanded by Commodore Henry Kellett, senior officer, West Indies
- 19 September 1857
Commanded (until paying off at Portsmouth) by Lieutenant commander Colin Campbell Abercrombie Kane, to return home to pay off
27 January 1859
- 9 January 1863
Commanded (from commissioning at Portsmouth until paying off at Portsmouth) by Captain Robert Hall, Channel squadron, then (August 1859) Pacific
Extracts from the Times newspaper
Sa 9 March 1850

Portsmouth, Friday.

In Port and Fitting

In Harbour. - The Victory, Illustrious, Blenheim, Excellent, Rolla, Fairy, Fanny, and Echo.
In Dock. - The St Vincent, Winchester, Fox, Fantome, and Penelope.
In the Basin. - The Lily.
In the Steam-Basin. - The Blazer, Birkenhead, Pike, Asp, Flamer, Comet, Elfin, Victoria and Albert, Hecate, and Termagant.
Sa 20 April 1850In Harbour. - The Victory, Excellent, Illustrious, Blenheim, Fanny, and Portsmouth tenders, the Echo tug, and the Locust steam-vessel.
In Dock. - The St Vincent, Winchester, Fox, Penelope, Rapid, and Electra.
In the Basin. - The Niger, Devastation, Fantome, Griffon, and Fairy.
In the Steam Basin. - Termagant, Hecate, Victoria and Albert, Bulldog, Blazer, Flamer, Pike, Asp, and Elfin.
Ma 28 February 1859Captain A.F. Kynaston has been ordered by the Admiralty to fit the screw steam frigate Termagant with his lifeboat hooks.
Ma 21 April 1862Letters have been recently received at Plymouth from the screw steam frigate Termagant, 25, Capt. Robert Hall. The vessel was then at Panama, where the weather was found very oppressive by the officers and crew. She is usually stationed at Coibai, the climate of which is cooler, frequent communication is made between the island and the isthmus. The frigate has on board, for distribution among the Pacific squadron, 135 volunteers, chiefly from among the crew of the Conqueror. The screw steam frigate Melpomene, 51, Capt. J.F. Ewart, one of the North American and West Indian fleet, landed them near Chagres, whence they were conveyed to the shores of the Pacific by train. At the first station four of the seamen deserted, under the impression that there were mines in the immediate vicinity where they could find employment. The paddlewheel steam sloop Devastation, 6, Commander John D. M'Crea, from the southern division of the Pacific squadron, with 100 supernumeraries for ships in the northern division, was daily expected. If there was sufficient accommodation she would receive the Conqueror's volunteers from the Termagant, and convey them to the screw steam frigate Bacchante, 51, Capt. Donald M'L. Mackenzie, flag of Rear-Admiral Sir Thomas Maitland, K.C.B., which was probably at Acapulco.

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