HMS Hercules (1815)
HMS Hercules (1815)

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NameHercules (1815)Explanation
TypeThird rate   
Launched5 September 1815
Builders measure1750 tons
Ships book
Note1853 h.s.
Snippets concerning this vessels career
- 1837
Commanded by Captain Maurice Frederick Fitzhardinghe Berkeley, home station
16 August 1837
- January 1839
Commanded by Captain John Toup Nicolas, Lisbon
29 January 1839
- 23 November 1839
Commanded by Captain Edward Barnard, conveying troops from the West Indies to North America, and then to Lisbon
(January 1840)Out of commission at Sheerness
7 September 1852Commanded by Commander Benjamin Baynton, particular service
Extracts from the Times newspaper
Th 14 September 1848Extract of a letter from the Cape of Good Hope, dated July 1:
"Since my last I have to notice the arrival of the Hercules, 74. Master Commander Fulton, for Bombay, to load teak for the dockyards in England, 31st of May; the Arab, 12, Commander Morris, on the 11th of June, from Mozambique; the Havannah, 22, Captain Erskine, 21st of June; and the Dee steam trooper, Master Commander Filmer, on the 23d. The Havannah beat the Dee three days in the voyage from Madeira. Mrs. Stokes, wife of Captain J. L. Stokes, of the Acheron steam-sloop, died here on the 10th ult., and the Acheron sailed for New Zealand on the 15th"

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