Vessels of the Armada (1810) class
Vessels of the Armada (1810) class

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This table shows all vessels of the class which were carried on the books of the Royal Navy in the period 1840-1880. The total number of vessels in the class may have been higher (vessels disposed of before 1840 or acquired after 1880).

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Ajax1809.05.021864WWThird rate17617491848 screw blockship 60 guns
Poictiers1809.12.061857WWThird rate176574
Vigo1810.02.211865WWThird rate1787741827 r.s.
Egmont1810.03.071875WWThird rate176074
Armada1810.03.221863WWThird rate174974
America1810.04.211867WWThird rate1741741835 50 gun 4th rate. 1864 target
Vengeur1810.06.191843WWThird rate1765741824.02 r.s.
Conquestador1810.08.011897WWThird rate1773741831 4th rate. 1860 powder hulk.
Edinburgh1811.01.261866WWThird rate1772741491846 screw blockship 60 guns
Barham1811.07.081840WWThird rate1761741826.10 50 gun 5th rate
Hogue1811.10.031865WWThird rate1750742361849 screw blockship, 60 guns
Asia1811.12.021865WWThird rate1763741819 = Alfred. 1828 50 gun 4th rate
Duncan1811.12.021863WWThird rate1761741826 h.s.
Stirling Castle1811.12.311861WWThird rate1774741839 convict ship
Mulgrave1812.01.011854WWThird rate1726741836 lazaretto. 1844 powder hulk
Cornwall1812.01.161875WWThird rate1751741831 50 guns.1869 = Wellesley, t.s.
Dublin1812.02.131885WWThird rate1772741826 50 guns. 1845 h.s.
Gloucester1812.02.271884WWThird rate1770741832 40 gun 4th rate. 1861 h.s.
Anson1812.05.111851WWThird rate1742741831 h.s. 1844 convict ship in Tasmania
Pembroke1812.06.231905WWThird rate1758741855 screw blockship 60 guns. 1858 Coastguard. 1873 base ship at Chatham. 1890 = Forte r.s.
Devonshire1812.09.231869WWThird rate1742741849 h.s.
Medway1812.11.191865WWThird rate1768741847 convict ship
Indus1812.12.191868WWThird rate1756741818 = Bellona. 1840 h.s.
Benbow1813.02.031895WWThird rate1773721848 h.s.1859 c.h.
Cornwallis1813.05.121957WWThird rate1809741061855 screw blockship, 60 guns. 1865 jetty at Sheerness. 1916 = Wildfire, base ship
Blenheim1813.05.311865WWThird rate174774501831 h.s. 1847 screw blockship 1822 bm, 60 guns
Vindictive1813.11.231871WWThird rate1758741832 reduced to 50 guns. 1862 storeship. 1871 foundered and wreck sold
Redoubtable1815.01.261841WWThird rate175974
Defence1815.04.251857WWThird rate175474Laid down as Marathon. 1849 convict ship. 1857.07.14 burnt by accident
Hercules1815.09.051865WWThird rate1750741853 h.s.
Pitt1816.04.131877WWThird rate1751741853 c.h.
Hero1816.09.211908WWThird rate1756741816.12 = Wellington. 1862 = Akbar, t.s.
Agincourt1817.03.191884WWThird rate1747741848 t.s. 1866 hospital ship. 1870 r.s.
Russell1822.05.221865WWThird rate1751741855 screw blockship 60 guns

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