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Royal Navy obituary from the Times newspaper

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The following obituary for David Price appeared in the Times newspaper.

Obituary from the Times newspaper
6 December 1854Rear-Admiral D. Price, who committed suicide in the Pacific, had seen some active and severe service. He served as midshipman of the Ardent, at Copenhagen, in 1801; midshipman of the Centaur, which captured four French frigates in 1806, and in the boats of that vessel at the bombardment of Copenhagen, in 1807, and a second time in the boats of the Centaur, in cutting out a despatch boat under Moen Island, where he was slightly wounded, and in that ship, at the capture of a Russian 74-gun ship, in 1808; lieutenant of the Ardent in 1809; twice prisoner to the Danes, when protecting convoys in the Great Belt; lieutenant of the Hawk at the destruction of a French frigate, the Amazone, and capture and destruction of a French convoy and three armed brigs off Marcouf; and commanded the boats in bringing off some transports and a 10-gun brig in the face of a heavy fire from the shore. He served in the gig of the same ship in attacking a French convoy and a French schooner; was on this occasion a second time severely wounded; from 1811 to the termination of the war he served in various expeditions and engagements, including a night attack upon New Orleans, where he was wounded a third time. He was also an the boats at the attack upon Fort Bowyer, in Mobile Bay, at the capture of transports, &c., and bore the flag announcing peace. He had been officially mentioned eight times and gazetted three.

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