Royal Navy obituary in the Times newspaper
Royal Navy obituary in the Times newspaper

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The following obituary for John Fellowes appeared in the Times newspaper.

Obituary in the Times newspaper
23 September 1913

Admiral Sir John Fellowes.

The death took place yesterday at Roestock Hall, near St. Albans, of Admiral Sir John Fellowes, who had been suffering for some time from heart affection.
Admiral Sir John Fellowes, K.C.B., was born on April 1, 1843, second son of the late Captain James Fellowes, R.E. (a member of the family of Fellowes, of Shotesham Park), and entered the Royal Navy in May, 1856. Before reaching commissioned rank he saw active service in the suppression of the slave trade on the East Coast of Africa, in which he was employed from 1860 to 1868. He took part in several boat engagements with piratical slave dhows, in two of which he was wounded, and he was mentioned in despatches for his conduct in an attack on the Katif Forts, Persian Gulf, in February, 1866. Three years previously he had been awarded the bronze medal of the Royal Humane Society for jumping into the water off Villa Maarc, Africa, and assisting two men to shore. He became a lieutenant on March 24, 1863, a commander on September 18, 1873, and a captain on January 29, 1880. During the Egyptian War of 1882 he was flag-captain of the Minotaur, flying the flag of the late Sir William Dowell, and received for his services the Egyptian medal, Khedive's bronze star, and the Second Class of the Order of the Medjidieh. He was again appointed flag-captain of the Minotaur in July, 1885, when Vice-Admiral Charles Fellowes hoisted his flag in command of the Channel Squadron, and in the operations in the Eastern Sudan in that year. Captain John Fellowes served as Principal Transport Officer at Suakin. For the ability with which he filled this post he was specially mentioned in the despatches of the Commander-in-Chief and Lord Wolseley, and was decorated with the C.B. In February, 1892, he was appointed an aide-de-camp to Queen Victoria, and from January, 1894, to January, 1895 (when he was promoted rear-admiral), he was Captain Superintendent of Sheerness Dockyard. He acted as umpire at the Naval Manoeuvres of 1896, and in May of the following year hoisted his flag in the MagnificentExternal link as second-in-command of the Channel Squadron, which post he filled until June, 1898. He was promoted to vice-admiral in March, 1901, and to admiral in November, 1904, but he did not again serve at sea, and was placed on the Retired List on June 8, 1905, at the age of 62. He was made a K.C.B. in the Birthday Gazette of November 9, 1903.
Sir John Fellowes was married, in 1883, to Jeannie, the daughter of Mr. W. Feetham Miller. The news of his death will be learnt with regret by a wide circle of old shipmates and friends. He was not only known as a capable officer, but was very popular, and many of those who served under him are now occupying responsible posts and positions of distinction.

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