Royal Navy obituary in the Times newspaper
Royal Navy obituary in the Times newspaper

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The following obituary for John Parry Jones-Parry appeared in the Times newspaper.

Obituary in the Times newspaper
20 April 1920


Rear-Admiral John Parry Jones-Parry, who died on Sunday, at Boscombe, aged 90, was one of the oldest officers of his rank in the Navy, and had been on the retired list for 46 years. He was the son of the Rev. J.P. Jones-Parry, rector of Edern, North Wales, and was born on October 7, 1829. The family is of very ancient Welsh extraction, and among its members who served in the Navy was Captain Thomas P. Jones-Parry (1784-1845), who was a midshipman in the Triumph at Camperdown. The late rear-admiral entered the Navy in 1845, and became a mate (sublieutenant) on November 17, 1851. In June of the following year he joined the Excellent, gunnery schoolship at Portsmouth, where began his practical association with naval ordnance, which resulted later in his invention of a non-recoil gun-carriage and a mantle, to protect the crew. Appointed to the Terrible in July, 1853, he served in that ship in the Black Sea throughout the war with Russia, and was present at the bombardments of Odessa and Sebastopol. While in the Terrible he was promoted to lieutenant on May 23, 1854, and nine years later he was advanced to commander. His first appointment in the latter grade was to the Cambridge, gunnery schoolship at Devonport, on May 16, 1863. Four years later he took command of the gun vessel Steady at Devonport, and from her was transferred to the gun vessel Speedwell, which he commanded on the West Coast of Africa. He became a captain on December 29, 1871, and on October 1, 1873, he retired in this rank, his subsequent promotion to rear-admiral, on January 1, 1888, being on the retired list. He was lord, of the manor of Thelwell [ should be: Thelwall], and in 1895 became a J.P. for Cheshire.

The late admiral married, first, in 1861, Catherine, the eldest daughter of Jeffreys de Winton, who died in 1895; and, secondly, Marion, daughter of Dr. Henry Roome, of Palace Gate. He had three sons and one daughter. The only member of the family at present serving in the Navy is Paymaster-Commander Sidney H. Jones-Parry, of the Woolwich, destroyer depôt ship at Devonport.

The funeral will take place at Thelwall, Cheshire, at noon on Thursday.

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