Royal Navy obituary in the Times newspaper
Royal Navy obituary in the Times newspaper

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The following obituary for William Gore-Jones appeared in the Times newspaper.

Obituary in the Times newspaper
30 May 1888By the death of Admiral William Gore Jones, C.B., which occurred on the 28th inst., at 26, Ashburn-place, S.W, at the age of 62, one of the bravest of Her Majesty's naval officers has passed away. Admiral Jones was born on March 12, 1826, and entered the Royal Navy as a cadet in 1841, receiving his sub-lieutenant's commission in 1847. He previously served, in 1845 and 1846, as midshipman in the Osprey during the war in New Zealand, and was afterwards wrecked in that vessel on the west coast of the island. On the breaking out of the Crimean war the deceased officer was second lieutenant of the Firebrand, then stationed in the Black Sea, and bravely commanded her boats and men in several landing expeditions, among the principal of which may he noted that of commanding a volunteer party, and effectually destroying the Russian military establishments between the Danube and the Dniester, and again in a successful night attack on the Russian position at the Sulina mouth of the Danube, when the Russian commanding officer was captured. For his distinguished conduct upon these occasions he was mentioned in despatches. He now rapidly rose in promotion in his old ship the Firebrand, and acted as her first lieutenant in the attack of the fleet on Sebastopol in October, 1854, and was specially promoted to the rank of commander for the conduct displaced by him on that occasion. Admiral Jones commanded the Firebrand for eight months during the war, a period which included the terrible hurricane and the whole of the first winter. He received for his services the Crimean and Turkish medals, the Sebastopol clasp, the 5th Class of the Medjidié (being promoted to the 3d Class in March, 1870), and was created a Knight of the Legion of Honour. He had served as flag captain on the Indian and China stations, and as inspector of training ships, being also a Naval Attaché at Washington from 1873 to 1879. He received a good service pension in 1871, and was created a C.B. in June, 1877. His commissions bore date lieutenant, 1848; commander, 1854; captain, 1861; rear-admiral, 1877; and vice-admiral, 1882. The deceased officer was the son of the late Mr. John Gore Jones, of Sligo, and married in 1838 Agnes, the daughter of the late Mr. Serjeant Spankie, M.P. for Finsbury.

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